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Deepchand Ain Koyal 
Deepchand and Koyal is a romantic Sindhi love story with twists and turns, trials & tribulations. Be patient & listen the entire story for maximum satisfaction. You'll feel very proud and happy to know this classic story. 
Singer(s): Master Chander 
Format: ACD 
Release: 2014 

(Entire story available for listening in 7 parts on website)


'Deepchand ain Koyal ' Lyrics

Lyrics for 'Deepchand ain Koyal Part 5/7' Not found

Track #5
Deepchand ain Koyal Part 5/7

IDSong TitleOperations
1 Deepchand ain Koyal Part 1/7 
 By Master Chander
2 Deepchand ain Koyal Part 2/7 
 By Master Chander
3 Deepchand ain Koyal Part 3/7 
 By Master Chander
4 Deepchand ain Koyal Part 4/7 
 By Master Chander
5 Deepchand ain Koyal Part 5/7 
 By Master Chander
6 Deepchand ain Koyal Part 6/7 
 By Master Chander
7 Deepchand ain Koyal Part 7/7 
 By Master Chander



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