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New Sindhi Songs 
New kind of Sindhi Songs Composed and Sung by Vijay Wadhwa 
Singer(s): Vijay Wadhwa 
Format: ACD 
Release: 2018 

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Vijay Wadhwa

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IDSong TitleOperations
1 Paise te Zamano dis aa Deewano 
 By Vijay Wadhwa,
2 Picnic Aahe Pyaran Jee 
 By Vijay Wadhwa,
3 Bholenaath Bhandari sang Parvati aa Pyari 
 By Vijay Wadhwa,
4 Bhole Kyo aa Upkaar, Sabai thyaa ahyun Shahokar 
 By Vijay Wadhwa,



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