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Dirven Hazari's Photo

Dirven Hazari (YouTuber, Comedian)

Other Name: Sindhionism

City: Ulhasnagar

State: Maharashtra

Country: India

Birthday: 18 Sep

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Details of the Artist:

Dirven A Hazari born in Ulhasnagar is Famous YouTuber, Comedian from India with the title Sindhionism. He did Pharmacy from 

Started posting videos from 29-Jun-2014 on YouTube. Soon became famous with his comedy videos.

Web Series

  • Me & Bhau


Memorable Performances 

  • In Dubai
  • Sita Sindhu Bhavan




Selling Merchandise

  • T-Shirts designed by Dirven Hazari are sold at FeeFi Store online
  •  Feefi -Est 2019
  • Thudh Jaam Aa Yaara
  • Dhoooor Vani Paye 
  • Paiso Jhaam Aa
  • Budh Sabhini Ji Halaye Pahinji
  • KOKI LOLO Love Koki Lolo
  • Budi Marr



Video's of Dirven Hazari:

Driven Hazari - Part 2

Dirven Hazari Performs in Dubai

Marriage Phase ( Part 08 ) | Sindhionism

Sindhi Dimag | My New Business .

Dad Unboxing Sindhionism Merchandise.


Me & Bhau Podcast.

Sindhionism : Mama's Startup Plan

Soch na Sake | Sindhi Version | MOhit Lalwani | Dirven Hazari | Me & Bhau | Sindhi Webseries

Web Series | Me & Bhau | Sindhi | Episode 03 | Finale

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