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Julie Tejwani's Photo

Julie Tejwani (Actor, Director, Dubbing)

Other Name: Jyoti Tejwani

City: Ulhasnagar

State: Maharashtra

Country: India

Birthday: 06 Sep

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Details of the Artist:

Julie Tejwani is Sindhi Drama and Movie Artist from Ulhasnagar. She has also acted in many Sindhi Movies. Julie is associated to Sindhi stage for more than 25 years as an Actor, Director and Technical Artist. She has also worked in television industry for more than 15 years as an editor, sound recordist, dubbing director, director. Julie can help in directing a commercial film. who runs an Advertisement Agency named JULI-E.T. (Julie entertainment television). Julie also works as Commercial Dubbing artist for leading channels like Cartoon Network, Pogo, Disney, Nickelodeon, Hungama, Discovery. She has acted in character based Sindhi telefilm "Bhuri". She has directed Many famous Dramas like "Deewan Gordhandas Goplani","Suhina Sindhi", "I Love U", "Haane Diyar Raaj Kandyun". "Sindhyat Ji Khushboo"

Video's of Julie Tejwani:

Junior Sindhi Idol - SSB Gaye Budhaye | Julie Tejwani

Junior Sindhi IDOL | Musical Contest | Julie Tejwani

'Alle Munhinja Maruada' | Recreated | ft. Julie Tejwani and Jaishree Thawani

Ekla Chalo Re Recreated By Julie Tejwani and SSS team

Zindagi ChalTera Shukriya Ft.Julie Tejwani

Ghar Guru-A-Jo Dar Ft. Kaki Kalaan (Julie Tejwani)

OnePlus Nord ft Kaki kalaan (Julie Tejwani)

Fashion jo Jalwo ft. Kaki Kalaan (Julie Tejwani)

Social Media and Relations ft. Kaki Kalaan (Julie Tejwani)

Shradh Rituals ft. Kaki Kalaan (Julie Tejwani)

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