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Lata Bhagtani's Photo

Lata Bhagtani (Singer)

City: Mumbai

State: Maharashtra

Country: India

Birthday: 16 Oct

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Details of the Artist:

She is professional Sindhi Singer. She has worked with many prominent Sindhi Singers in last 24 years of experience. She started singing at the age of 8. Lata specialize in Sindhi Folk Songs, Qalams, Classical Songs. She is married to Sonu Vishnani and both operate together in the name of Lata Musical Group. Lata Bhagtani has voice which greatly resemblance with Kumari Bhagwanti Navani. With this she is able to recreate the magic of classical old songs of Bhagwanti Navani. She is very much famous for her Sukhmani Songs collection.

Video's of Lata Bhagtani:


Lata Bhagtani Sindhi Song - Sur Rano - 'CHHO RAT RUSI VIYE '

Satram Rohra and Lata Bhagtani Sindhi Song Ayo Rim Jim Sawan Aayo

Haal Muhinja ker budhando - Lata Bhagtani

Wah wah re rangi - Lata Bhagtani واه واه ري رنگي

Rakhu Sandlia te peru رکُ صندليءَ تي پيرُ منھنجا مور لاڏا

Jeean Jogiada by Lata Bhagtani

Aandhi'a mein jyoti - Lata & Amir

Hatha Mathe Kare - Lata Bhagtani

Lata and Amir - Peke Hali Vendisaayen

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