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Mohini Mahtani's Photo

Mohini Mahtani (Singer)

City: Mumbai

State: Maharashtra

Country: India

Birthday: 16 Jun 1941

DOE: 13 Jun 2011

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Details of the Artist:

Mohini Mahtani was born on 16-June-1941 in Hyderabad Sindh. She was approved Sindhi Singer on All India Radio.

She loved to sing from childhood. She participated in various Singing competitions and awarded with Medals and Trophies in School.

She got married to Mr. Gulabrai Thawardas Mahtani in year 1965. He was also Music lovered and admired the melodieous singing of his wife. He gave whole hearted suppport and encouragement to start Singing as Hobby which turned out to be profession later.

Mohini Mahtani started singing as hobby at the age of 27. She have stage performances in Andheri Sindhi Panchayat lead by President Mr. Bhagtani & secretary Mr. Sajnani who were very encouraging. As she considered this as serious profession she started learnt classical Music & practised the songs for 4 to 6 hours per day on harmonium.

She started giving private performances for Gurbani Shabd, Ladas, Behrano Sahib, Sindhi Bhajans all the devotional songs. 

Mohini Mahtani travelled to many countries for performing Sindhi Programs. She performed in Singapore, Malasia, Jakarta, Pennang, Thailand, Bali. She became famous soon and was invited for Lada Ceremony performances.

She used to give service at Radha Soami Satsang (Beas) at Mumbai, Bandra Satsang Ghar for 35 years.

Mohini Mahtani had three children, One Son and Two daughters. She lost her son in sudden heart attack. One of her daughter has settled in Pune with her family and younger daughter has settled in Andehri Mumbai with family.

Mohini Mahtani became All India Radio Approved Singer at the age of 35 which was a great achievement in the era of Dada Ram Panjwani & Bhgawanti Navani. She was honoured by Dada Murij Manghnani (President of Bharatiya Sindhu Sabha & Andheri Sindhi Panchayat) for bringing laurels to the Sindhi community as there was no other Sindhi Radio approved singer at that time.


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