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Mohit Lalwani (Singer)

City: Mumbai

State: Maharashtra

Country: India


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Mohit Lalwani was born on 21st December, 1986 as the son of Shri Vijay lalwani who is a property consultant at Delhi. From the early childhood Mohit was inspired with singing skills of mother and dreaming about a career in music industry, Beside completing his graduation as student of Ramjas college he has also completed Music [Hons] from the Music faculty of Delhi University. Mohit has shared his silky, soft, touchy voice with renowned singers like Sonu Nigam, Sunidhi Chouhan, Mica and many more during many stage shows/ live performances. During his college life he won many prizes and award for his singing skills. He has a truly unmatched singing style and is a born performer and charmer on stage. Collectively, his charm and voice have won the hearts of thousands across the globe. Let it be a corporate event, a public show, wedding or any other type of occasion, Mohit dazzles the crowd.

Video's of Mohit Lalwani:

Mohit Lalwani - Sindhi Asaanji Boli

Mohit Lalwani - Thar Mata Thar

Tomein Aahe muhinjo Hik Kam Dholan | Mohit Lalwani | Sur Chander Ja 2018

Dil Tuhinji Muhinji Hik Aa | Mohit Lalwani | Sur Chander Ja Raat Chander Ji 2018

Mohit Lalwani - A True Sindhi Rockstar

Cho tho Yaar Niharein Ghur Kare - Mohit Lalwani

Mohit Lalwani - Tomein Ahe Muhinjo

Mohit Lalwani

Mohit Lalwani & Jaishree (Payal) Bathija on 105th Birth Anniversary of Master Chander

Mohit Lalwani - Sur Chander Ja, Raat Chander Ji

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