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Parsram Zia Ja Mashahoor Kalam 
Famous songs of Lyricist/Poet Parsram Zia in soothing voice of Mahesh Chander 
Singer(s): Mahesh Chander 
Format: ACD 
Release: 2013 

(7 Full Songs available for Listening)


Sangeet Acharya Master Chander Academy

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IDSong TitleOperations
1 Tuhinje Shahar Mein Ayus 
 By Mahesh Chander,
2 Suhina Pahinje Ankhkiyun 
 By Mahesh Chander,
3 Dil Aahe Hathan Mein 
 By Mahesh Chander,
4 Hiya Aas Atham 
 By Mahesh Chander,
5 Kalejo Muhinjo Huje 
 By Mahesh Chander,
6 Dil Hunaji Ain Muhinji 
 By Mahesh Chander,
7 Tuhinje Sira Jo Kasam 
 By Mahesh Chander,