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Varso - My Heritage 
Drshika Advani is a passionate, budding little star who is sharing her musical heritage of Sindh, which she adores and loves to sing and celeberate.
In Loving memory of my Grant Parents, Dada Thakur Chawla, Nana Jiwat Chawla, Nanu Kamla Chawla, Dada Lachmandas Advani
Music Director: Nitesh Tiwari & Team
Male Voice: Anurag Bharti 
Singer(s): Drshika Advani 
Format: ACD 
Release: 2015 

(All the 11 tracks are available for Listening & Downloading)


Special Thanks to Mr.Bharat Harwani

'Aley Muhinja Maruara' Lyrics

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Track #6
Aley Muhinja Maruara


IDSong TitleOperations
1 Naaley Alakh Je 
 By Drshika Advani,
2 Motee Milandaseen 
 By Drshika Advani,
3 Muhinje Mithran Marun Khe 
 By Drshika Advani,
4 Chhalaro 
 By Drshika Advani,
5 Koonjyun 
 By Drshika Advani,
6 Aley Muhinja Maruara 
 By Drshika Advani,
7 Saajan Tuhinji Sika Mein 
 By Drshika Advani,
8 Parchan Shaala 
 By Drshika Advani,
9 Sindhri Muhinji 
 By Drshika Advani,
10 Laada Medley 
 By Drshika Advani,
11 Dhamaal 
 By Drshika Advani,