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Surprise Gift from Roshni Kamal Foundation

Surprise Gift from Roshni Kamal Foundation. Received this surprised gift from Roshni Kamal Foundation today. Let me open this surprise gift with you in this short video and see your reaction. Do share what do you feel about this in this video comments. #SindhiBook #bhagwadgita #sindhilanguage = = = = = = Bhagwad Geeta Book authored by Bineeta Nagpal. 18 chapters of Bhagwad Gita explained in Sindhi Devanagari Script. Released in loving memory of Sufi Kavi Master Ranjhan Saheb, Late Shri Lalchand Bhagwandas Tolani regards, Roshni Kamal Foundation. Printed by Anand Lalchandani, Impressions, Mumbai. DTP by Shobha Lalchandani. Pages 216, Price: Rs.400

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