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Prabhu Wafa Documentary - عظيم شاعر پرڀو وفا

Prabhu Jotumal Chhugani 'wafa' was a great poet of Sindhi. His poetry has made him immortal. He was born on 19th Sep 1915 in Larkana, Sindh. His poetry is sung by almost all the leading Sindhi Singers. I was in regular contact with him. My mother Sundri Uttamchandani always showed her poems to him and seeked his advise.Prabhu 'wafa' wrote 8 books and received many awards for his great work. He received Sahitya Akademi Award in 1981 on his book 'Surkh gulab Surha Khuwab' سُرُخ گلاب ، سُرها خواب Sindhis should feel proud of such a poet whoes creations have been sung by almost all the singers. Dada Ram Panjwani was always singing 'Kashat Kashala Katba Wenda hiku thi Hiku Hiku thi...' ڪشٽ ڪشالا ڪٽبا ويندا هڪ هڪ ٿي هڪ هڪ ٿي.... This documentary starts with his beautiful poem sang by Kajal Chandiramani. This tune was composed by Rati Chuggani brother of Shri Prabhu wafa. Kajal has song especially for this work of ours. his books are : Jhankaar 1958, Parwaaz 1962, surkh Gulab Surha Khwab 1980, Maan Azal Ji Unch Ahiyan [title song] 1990, Toon Sagar Maan Lehar 1993, Aeena ain Akas 1994, Siju Lahan Te aa, Paigam 1983. Sindhi Sangat has produced this documentary with financial assistance from NCPSL. Dr. Moti Prakash did the scripting and Asha Chand did direction.Shri Mohan Gehani was all over with us.

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