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Popati Hiranandani Interviewed By Nand Chuggani

Prof. Kumari Popati Hiranandani was born on 17th Sep 1924. She wrote many books. This one book which sindhis must read is 'Sindhis, the scattered treasure'. We have given first chapter for you all to read. Introduction to this book is written by Dada Ram Jethmalani. Mohan Gehani in his Monograph on Popati Hiranandani has written: Dadi Popati Hirananadani's [1924-2005] literary contribution speaks about her indomitable spirit. She was not only active as an able organizer who constantly was on move to mobilize the community for the cause of 'Sindhyat' but had also contributed a sizeable body of literature connected with movement of 'Sindhyat' and her unflinching commitment to Sindhi community. What shall we consider legacy of Popati Hiranandani? Is not she still a contemporary? The value of literature can only be gauged by the time span it endures. It is common that dry leaves and grass float over the surface of the current whereas pearls are found down in deep. May be after a few generations some deep diver will come and bring out the pearls of Popati's writings on the surface. Their brilliance and splendor will itself proclaim its value!

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