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Sukhmani Sahib-Sindhi Lyrics | Ashtpadi-24/24 | Bhagwanti Navani | Parsram Zia

Sukhmani Sahib with Sindhi Lyrics, Ashtpadi 24/24 in voice of Bhagwanti Navani. Original Sukhmani Sahib was written by Guru Arjandevji who was 5th Guru. Sindhi Translation work is done by Parsram Zia. Bhagwanti Navani famous Sindhi Singer gave her sweet voice for Sindhi Sukhmani Sahib early in 80s. Today Sukhmani Sahib is heard in almost every Sindhi home. It is considered as secret of Happiness in any Sindhi Home. Play this video in your home from our channel to charge the home / shop / office atmosphere with positive energy.

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