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Buy Sindhionism Merchandise : Sindhionism Presents “ TYPES OF CUSTOMERS " This video is a funny take on things that WE FIND PEOPLE DOING WHILE SHOPPING. Do like comment and share if you did. Credits Written & Developed by : Dirven Hazari. DOP : Akshay & Gulshan Rupraj Pre production Assistant : Aum Tharwani Edit : Dirven Hazari Sound : Deepak Lulla Makeup : Prashant Dada On Spot Production : Deepak Lulla Location : Bhagwan Collections , Santacruz Cast : Dirven Hazari Anil Purswani Yana Mirchandani Naresh Ramchandani Deepak Lulla This Video is Powered by 'Bhagwan Collections' You can shop for Wide Collection of Men and Women Attires. Find their Stores in : Santacruz | Kings Circle | Lokhandwala Also You can check them out on Instagram and Facebook! Facebook : Instagram @ : Bhagwan Collections About Sindhionism : Sindhionism is an Online Entertainment Channel Founded by Mr.Dirven Hazari for Producing Content exclusively in Sindhi Language thereby Entertaining the masses and Connecting the community with the Language. Channel Head : Dirven Hazari For Enquiries :

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