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Arti Raj Photo

Arti Raj (Singer)

Arti Raj Chander is the granddaughter of two Sindhi legends, Sangeet Acharya Master Chander and the poet, Shri Parsram Zia. At the tender age of six, she received vocal training in classical ragas from her Grandfather Master Chander.

As a child, Aarti often accompanied her grandfather as a backup singer on All India Radio & HMV during his concerts of memorable and timeless songs.

City: New York

Birthdate: 31-Jul
Raj Juriani Photo

Raj Juriani (Singer)

Raj Juriani has been in Music & Singing since 1995. He received magnetic innocent voice in inheritance from his father (Kishin Juriani) and also went through significant coaching.

City: Ulhasnagar

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Master Chander Photo

Master Chander (Singer)

Master Chander is Legend of Sindhi Music. He was first to sing Kalams and songs related to love in Sindhi Language. Master Chander was born in Tharushah on 7-12-1907. His songs were recorded by HMV records. There must be thousands of songs sung by Master Chander, but hardly 400 songs information is available. He could very easily form the lyrics of the songs and perform a song on that in no time. That is one of the reason, they were not officially recorded and available publicaly. Master Chander had a passion for music from his childhood. Born in a Zamindar family, where singing was considered a ‘taboo’. Master Chander faced great odds in acquiring rightful place in the field of music in Sind. He was not only the most popular singer of HMV, but also a legendary figure, who brought new singing wave in Sind. He could truly be called a ‘melody’ that touched the very pulse of man who, was love lorn, distressed & disappointed. His renderings kept the audience spellbound for hours. One of his rendering ‘Rutha Ee Rahan, Para Hujen Hayati’ (Let them live longeven when they are not on good terms)was most popular. He had the knack of keeping his audience, spell bound for hours.

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 07-Dec
Gurmukh Chughria Photo

Gurmukh Chughria (Singer, Music Composer)

He is born in Ulhasnagar and started singing at Chaliha Sahib Temple at the age of 16 years. Since childhood he supported his father Jethalal Chugria in Temple Bhajan & Bhagat programs. They formed family Musical group in the name of J.K. Music and made many Sindhi Albums with Jhulelal Songs. Today Gurmukh is Professional Singer and performs in many families for Wedding Lada or Jyot Programs. He still performs most of the 40 days Chaliha Festival at Temple in late evenings. His song "Lal Ji Chaddar", "Achijain Amarlal", "Jai Jinda" & "Dihana Sawan Ja" are highly requested and played songs.

City: Ulhasnagar

Birthdate: 26-Feb
Ram Panjwani Photo

Ram Panjwani (Singer)

Sindh have the fame of being the land of Saints, Darveshs, fakirs, poets and personalities larger than life. The day of 20th November 1911 is written with the golden ink in the history of Sindh and Sindhis as on this day the great poet, singer, Bhagat and educationist Prof. Ram Panjwani was born at Larkana Sindh, in the family of Diwan Prataprai Panjwani, the famous zamidar family of the area. As the family was closely related with culture of the Sindh so this family atmosphere helped the kid to develop an attitude for the specific vision towards literature and culture of Sindh. Being part of zamidar family soon he learned the importance of heritage so become more conscious for preserving rich heritage and spiritual ideology of Sindh and Sindhi community. Prof. Ram Panjwani was a great writer and true worshiper of Sindhi literature and culture. Beside the mother tongue, Persian, Hindi, English, Urdu and Punjabi were the other languages well known to him. He Joined D. J. Sindh college Karachi as a teacher after completing his B. A. from Bombay University in the year 1934.After the partition family shifted to Bombay [Mumbai] and he joined Jai Hind college as the Head of sindhi department. soon he joined Bombay university as the first reader and went on become Head of sindhi department [from 15-06-1974 to 19-11-1976].

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Vipin Shewani Photo

Vipin Shewani (Singer)

Vipin Shewani is Famous Sindhi Sufi Singer who performs on exclusive collection of Jhulelal Songs and Mata Songs. He is famous for building spiritual connection with almighty through mesmerizing Musical songs.

City: Kalyan

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Kaajal Chandiramani Photo

Kaajal Chandiramani (Singer)

Kaajal Chandiramani born on 13-Nov-1965 is grand daughter of Prof. Ram Panjwani. She did schooling from Mount Carmel High School, Ahmedabad. Kaajal has exceptional classical voice quality and sung good amount of Sindhi Music Albums. Her song 'Titr Tez Uddar' has been widely acclaimed song produced by Sindhi Sangat Group.

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 13-Nov
Mohit Lalwani Photo

Mohit Lalwani (Singer)

Mohit Lalwani was born on 21st December, 1986 as the son of Shri Vijay lalwani who is a property consultant at Delhi. From the early childhood Mohit was inspired with singing skills of mother and dreaming about a career in music industry, Beside completing his graduation as student of Ramjas college he has also completed Music [Hons] from the Music faculty of Delhi University. Mohit has shared his silky, soft, touchy voice with renowned singers like Sonu Nigam, Sunidhi Chouhan, Mica and many more during many stage shows/ live performances.


During his college life he won many prizes and award for his singing skills. He has a truly unmatched singing style and is a born performer and charmer on stage. Collectively, his charm and voice have won the hearts of thousands across the globe. Let it be a corporate event, a public show, wedding or any other type of occasion, Mohit dazzles the crowd.


City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 21-Dec
Bhagat Kanwar Ram Photo

Bhagat Kanwar Ram (Singer, Bhagat, Sufi poet)

Bhagat Kanwar Ram (13th April 1885 – 1 November 1939 ) at village Jarwar of sakhar (Shakur) district. He was a Sindhi singer and Sufi poet. it was said when Bhagat Kanwar Ram Sahib sang people would forget about everything. People used to offer lot of money and jewels to Bhagat Kanwar Ram Sahib while he sang but Bhagat Kanwar Ram Sahib never kept even a penny for himself or for his family out of that money. He would instead distribute it amongst the poor and needy people because he believed that his touching voice was a gift of God to Him. He was a humble, generous and compassionate man. He wore a long kurta and a red head gear. He sang and danced at Bhagats. During Bhagat - the sessions of devotional music, singing and dance, Sant Kanwar Ram was used to sing creations of famous saints & poets Mira, Kabir and Shah Latif. It happened during the Bhagat, when Bhagat Sahib sung the "Raga Sarang" (Indian Classical Music - Raga of Rain) the clear sky started to fill with rain clouds and a heavy rain followed. Bhagat Kanwar Ram was assassinated in communal riots in Sukkur on 1st November, 1939 at Rukari (also known as Ruk) railway station. The record company HMV made record preserving 20 of the saint’s musical renditions. "Naale Alakh Je Bedo Tar Muhinjo" One of the most Famous Song Of Bhagat Kanwarram.

City: Reharki Sahib

Birthdate: 13-Apr
Mohit Shewani Photo

Mohit Shewani (Anchor, Entertainer)

Mohit Shewani is Sindhi Comedian also known as Kapil Sharma of Sindhis. He is from Bhopal and has performed many shows

City: Bhopal

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Paru Chawla Photo

Paru Chawla (Poet)

Mrs Paru Chawla was born on 19th July 1932 in Sindh. She was the eldest child born into a middle class family with her father Mr Deepchand Lalwani working in the railways. She was the most pampered child by virtue of being the 1st born and eldest in the family. Her unconditional love for her father is unmatchable and her personality went through a complete change after she lost her father suddenly in the year 1967 when he was just 50 plus,and Paru was in her mid-thirties then. Paru who was an atheist till then overnight turned towards God and Spirituality. That was the time she started reading the “Guru Granth Sahib” at home in the memory of her beloved father nd for 43 years nonstop (record breaking period). she has been doing Chownki and Bhogsahib on her father ‘s Death Anniversary. Paru always maintains that the seed of hard work was sown into her by her loving mother and father taught her the lessons of honesty and always being busy. After completing her matriculation at the age of 17 years she started working to contribute towards the family income as her father was the sole earning member. Although Paru did not get an opportunity of attending formal college education ,she is a responsible member of the family took over the responsibility of education, jobs, marriage of her 6 siblings and as her father was no more. Paru played an equally important role in looking after Thakur’ s 3 brothers as soon as she got married to Thakur. Paru has sacrificed her youth in taking care of all her family members and ofcourse her own 3 children (2 daughters and 1 son)

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 19-Jul
Ashok Jain Photo

Ashok Jain (Singer)

Ashok Jain is a Music Artists who teaches, performs on keyboard, Harmonium with great hold on vocals too. He can sing very nicely in Hindi or Sindhi Language. He has performed in many of the shows fo Sita Sindhu Bhavan Musical Dhamakas at Santacruz.

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 01-Jul
Drshika Advani Photo

Drshika Advani (Singer)

Drshika Advani is young Singer who has performed many shows in Sindhi, Hindi Musical Songs. She frequently performs at Sita Sindhu Bhavan. She started singing when she was only 7. She has one Sindhi Music album named "Varso"

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 20-Oct
Bhagwanti Navani Photo

Bhagwanti Navani (Folk Singer)

Bhagwanti Navani born 01, Febuary,1940, in Nasarpur Sindh, British India (now in Pakistan) was a Sindhi Folk Singer. Her voice was so melodious that till today she is refereed as \"Sindhi Koel\".

City: Nasarpur

Birthdate: 01-Feb
Sanju Bhagat Photo

Sanju Bhagat (Bhagat Singer)

Sanju Bhagat is Sindhi Bhagat Singer. He has performed at many programs in India and abroad

City: Ulhasnagar

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Amrita Lal Photo

Amrita Lal (Anchor, Singer)

Amrita Lal is Sindhi Singer & Anchor. She has performed many times at Sita Sindhu Bhavan and other stages. Amrita Lal is a daughter of Shobha & Ram Lalchandani and grand daughter of Paru Thakur Chawla. Singing and association with Sindhi Literature is something that has come to her through family links. She is famous for singing Aradhna album for Sacho Satram Darbar Reharki Sahib.She is Mother Of Aarohi Lal

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 17-Aug
Kanayalal Lalwani Photo

Kanayalal Lalwani (Violin Maestro)

He is a Violin Maestro and music teacher. He also knows to play Tabla and Dholak. He has been in music for more than 50 years. He came to Delhi after partition in year 1948 and worked with various Bollywood Personalities.

City: Jacobabad

Birthdate: 20-Nov
Jagdish Lalwani Photo

Jagdish Lalwani (Music Director, Singer)

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Meenakshi Vaswani Photo

Meenakshi Vaswani (Singer)

City: Delhi

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Ghansham Vaswani Photo

Ghansham Vaswani (Singer)

Ghanshyam has given several outstanding performances. He has traveled to number of countries all over the world. He was also invited at Sindhi Sammelans held in U.S.A. He has sung and composed music for the popular Dance Ballet in Sindhi “Sindh Muhinjee Amma” (Sind Is My Mother). He is much sought after artiste at most Sindhi cultural programme. After having initial training from his father Santdas Vaswani (who was also a great Sindhi & Shastrya Singer), he received further comprehensive training from renowned stalwarts, like Ghazal Samrat Jagjit Singh, Sushila Pohankar and Pt. Rajaram Shukla. He is also a renowned Urdu Ghazal singer and has won several laurels.

Gifted with a melodious voice, Ghansham S Vaswani comes as a discovery from the well known ghazal maestro duo Shri Jagjit Singh & Smt. Chitra Singh. Born to Smt. Tulsi & Shri. Santu Vaswani, a popular singer of Sindhi Sufi Music, Ghansham has had initial exposure to music at home. In spite of having a highly qualified academic background, Ghansham has chosen music as his main line of pursuit. After initial training in classical music from Ustad Aaftab Ahmed Khan, Pt. Ajay Pohankar, Dr. Sushila Pohankar and Pt. Rajaram Shukla, has had the added and able guidance and blessings from Shri. Jagjit Singh, who was also his mentor. When Shri Jagjit Singh introduced Ghansham on LP Records, films and television he was making no tall claim.

Ghansham has been regulary performing all over the country and abroad. Having toured Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Bankok, Singapore, Dubai, South Africa, Canada and USA. 

Ghansham is a top grade artist of Doordarshan & Akashwani (AIR) and regularly performs for Radio Concerts all over India and Doordarshan programmes, the latest being a programme titled, “Living Legends”.

He has featured in most of the T. V. musical shows to name a few

  • Mehfil
  • Sugam Sangeet
  • Aarohi, Tarana
  • Sham-e-Ghazal
  • Madhurima
  • Ghazal Ke Saaye
  • Regional Music Concert
  • Sindhi Programmes

Rendered songs for many feature films in Hindi

  • Ankush(Itni shakti hamein dena dataa)
  • Kalka, Satwaan Aasmaan etc., in Sindhi
  • Hal Ta Bhajee Haloon
  • Ammi Ya Mummy
  • Ker Kahinjo etc.

Sung for T. V. Serials

  • Ramayan
  • Kahan Gaye Who Log
  • Bharat Ke Shaheed
  • Circus
  • Manoranjan
  • Aathwan Rang
  • Dil Chahta Hai
  • Urdu Bazaar
  • Urdu Hai Jiska Naam
  • Yadein Radio Ceylon Ki 

Many popular commercials (Jingles) to his credit, noteworthy being

  • Maruti Car jingle ‘Mera Sapna Meri Maruti’
  • the popular song ‘Mile sur mera tumhara’

Composed music for

  • Asha Bhonsle (T. V. serial ‘Abinetri’)
  • Jagjit Singh (T. V. serial ‘Bebas’)
  • Suresh Wadkar,
  • Vinod Radhod,
  • Kavita Krishnamorty,
  • Vinod Saigal,
  • Meenakshi Vaswani (for the Punjabi film ‘Jogi’),
  • Kavita Krishnamorty (T. V. serial ‘Chhomantra’)
  • Vinod Saigal (T. V. Serial ‘Urdu Hai Jiska Naam’)

Ghansham created news by composing music for Ghazal album ‘Forget Me Not’ (T-Series) sung by his guru and mentor the Ghazal maestro Shri Jagjit Singh. This is the only time that Jagjitji has sung a complete album for an individual composer. 

He has sung and composed music for a very successful popular dance ballet in Sindhi

  • Sindh Munhiji Amaa
  • Amma Jo Peengho
  • Aseen Bi Kuchh Aahiyoo
  • Sindhu Dhara,
  • Roopmaya

He has scored music for the ‘Sindhi Quami Tarano-Aandhi Mein Jyot Jaagaa-in wara Sindhi’ and a short film ‘Hemu Kalani’. Lately he has composed music for a Sindhi film, ‘Pyaar Kare Dis’, with songs sung by Jagjit Singh, Shaan, Richa Sharma, Roopkumar Rathod, Saud Khan and Shilpa Vaswani.

Ghansham S Vaswani specialises in live performances, be it whether a Ghazal, Bhajan or Sindhi contemporary music. He is lucky to have all the members of his family deeply involved in music. His wife Meenakshi is an accomplished T. V., film playback singer in her own right. She also accompanies Ghansham in his concerts. His daughter Shilpa is a very talented singer and his son Gaurav is an accomplished Key Board player, arranger and music director - a well knit Sangeet Pariwar.

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 24-Aug
Gope Chander Photo

Gope Chander (Singer)

Gope Chander is elder son of Master Chander.Settled in USA, since many years, Gope has kept Sindhi folk & modern music alive there. He presents his legendary father Master Chander’s musical renderings with fervour & distinction.

City: New York

Birthdate: 31-Dec
Anil Chander Photo

Anil Chander (Singer, Investment )

City: New York

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Sai Kaliram Photo

Sai Kaliram (Singer, Sufi Sant)

Sain Kaliram Sahib is from Sai Vasan Shah Darbar who is also in Singing and has wide range of Song collections. He has performed these at many locations in India and abroad.  His family is famous for belong to Saints of Rohri, Sindh and synonym to Rohriwada. They  frequently encourage audience to chant "Rakhu Rohriware te", which means "Let the Saint of Rohri take care of you".

He has performed at Sita Sindhu Bhavan, in Santacruz many times.

City: Ulhasnagar

Birthdate: 17-May
Madhukar Wadhwani Photo

Madhukar Wadhwani (Singer)

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Vijay Wadhwa Photo

Vijay Wadhwa (Singer, Music Composer)

Vijay Wadhwa is professional Singer who performs in Sindhi and Hindi shows. As the name suggests his voice suits a lot to Amitabh Bachchan Songs. He can perform on any Bollywood song instantly without much preparation. He has also given music to many Sindhi songs.

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 02-Oct
Mahesh Chander Photo

Mahesh Chander (Singer, Music Composer)

Mahesh Chander was born on 30-Sept-1942 in Tharushah, Sindh undivided India. After Partition he settled in Mumbai, India. He is younger son of Master Chander Sahib and born with velvet voice. 


Mahesh Chander is famous for his Sindhi Musical performances and Urdu Ghazal. He has sung Ghazal for Bollywood Films and also has Urdu Ghazal albums attributed to him.

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 30-Sep
Neeru Asrani Photo

Neeru Asrani (Actor, Comedian, Anchor)

Neeru Asrani is veteran Drama Artists and Actor. He has acted in many mainstream Ads, Television Serials and Bollywood movies. He has anchored so many shows. He organises the Drama festival under the banner of Nu Sindhu Art Academy. Some of his dramas are Chandu Chandwani, Khatamithro, Shah e Maat.

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 28-May
Lata Bhagtani Photo

Lata Bhagtani (Singer)

She is professional Sindhi Singer. She has worked with many prominent Sindhi Singers in last 24 years of experience. She started singing at the age of 8. Lata specialize in Sindhi Folk Songs, Qalams, Classical Songs. She is married to Sonu Vishnani and both operate together in the name of Lata Musical Group. Lata Bhagtani has voice which greatly resemblance with Kumari Bhagwanti Navani. With this she is able to recreate the magic of classical old songs of Bhagwanti Navani. She is very much famous for her Sukhmani Songs collection.

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 16-Oct
Manjushree Assudani Tejwani Photo

Manjushree Assudani Tejwani (Singer)

Manjushree Assudani Tejwani is blessed with sweet voice. She has sung many songs in Sindhi Albums and also performed on stage in India and abroad.

City: Nagpur

Birthdate: 17-May
Jatin Udasi Photo

Jatin Udasi (Musician, Singer)

Jatin Udasi is famous Sindhi Singer. He belongs to the family of Sindhi Music Performers well known as Katni Balak Mandli. Originally from Katni, but settled in Mumbai.


City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 27-Dec
Jatin Vaswani Photo

Jatin Vaswani (Musician, Singer)

City: Bhopal

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Saral Roshan Photo

Saral Roshan (Singer, Music Composer)

Saral Roshan (Roshan Murpani) is Singer by profession. He is from Amravati, Maharashtra, settled in Mumbai. He sings Sindhi and Hindi Song collection on various events. His voice is appreciated with Mohd Rafi songs, Ghazals, Sindhi Kalams and new Bollywood songs. He has given music to three Sindhi movies. Haliyo Aa Putt Actor Thiyan, Trapadd Teshion Tey, Suhiney Kanwar Ji Kahani

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 08-Sep
Kamlesh Kapoor Photo

Kamlesh Kapoor (Singer)

Kamlesh Kapoor is Sindhi Singer dedicates his Music towards the sindhi community. He has variety of songs and albums in both Hindi and Sindhi language. He is working in Music industry from more than 15 years.

His real name is Kamlesh Pahuja

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 06-Nov
Kishin Juriani Photo

Kishin Juriani (Singer & Drawing Teacher)

Kishin Juriani born in Larkana, Sindh of United India is now settled in Ulhasnagar and professional Singer. He and his son Raj Juriani owns a Music band with the name of Raj Music Party. They have performed many shows all over the world.

City: Ulhasnagar

Birthdate: 08-Jan
Satram Rohra Photo

Satram Rohra (Film Director, Singer)

He has directed many notable Sindhi and Hindi films , including Hal Ta Bhaji Haloon Movie (1984), Shera Daku and Jai Santoshi Maa. Satram Rohra is a versatile stage artiste. He is a renowned singer of Sindhi ‘soofi kalams’ folk songs and comedy songs. He keeps his audience spell bound for hours. He in the company of famous Singer, Bhagwanti Navani under the banner of ‘Kalakar Mandal’ (founded by prolific writer & dramatist Shri Gobind Malhi) enthralled Sindhi audience with soul stirring folksongs and Sindhi ‘Bhagat’ (mixture of song, dance & folktale). Satram Rohra has also sung songs as Play Back Singer for these Sindhi movies : 1. \'Jhulelal\' 2. \'Hal Ta Bhajee Haloon\' 3. \'Shal Dheeyar Na Jaman\' 4) \'Ladlee\' he has produced block buster movies like 1. Shera Daku (Hindi Language) 1. Jai Santoshi Maa (Hindi Language) 2. Hal Ta Bhajee Haloon (Sindhi Language)

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 16-Jun
Shweta Lalwani Photo

Shweta Lalwani (Emcee,Host)

Shweta Lalwani born on 29, September hails from New Delhi and Professional Anchor/Emcee/Host/Trainer at Freelancer. She is sister of Mohit Lalwani, Indian Idol top 10, Season 4.

City: New Delhi

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Pinky Maidasani Photo

Pinky Maidasani (Singer)

Pinky Maidasani is Professional Singer who performs in shows and sings in Hindi, Punjabi & Sindhi Songs. She has created jingles and given her voice to many corporate Advertisements.

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 18-Jun
Geeta Khanwani Photo

Geeta Khanwani (Singer)

Geeta Khanwani is a Sindhi Singer from Salala, Oman. She has sung many Sindhi Albums recorded videos for her songs in 4k quality.


City: Salalah

Birthdate: 05-Apr
Ajay Bajaj Photo

Ajay Bajaj (Singer)

He born on 26, Octomber is Spiritual Singer and blessed with clear and loud voice. He can perform Programs like mata ki jyote, sindhi lada, Mahindi party etc.

City: Bhusawal

Birthdate: 26-Oct
Hanisha Alwani Photo

Hanisha Alwani (Singer)

Hanisha Alwani is a Singer and philanthropist from Sint Maarten. She is involved in many humanitarian activites. She likes to sing whenever she has some time. She is daughter of Shri Ram Buxani.

City: Philipsburg

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Vandana Nirankari Photo

Vandana Nirankari (Singer)

Vandana Nirankari is Sindhi Singer originally from Kolhapur, Maharashtra. She started singing at the age of 3 when she used to accompany her granddad for Sunday Satsangs.

She combines new age genres such as EDM, Pop and rock with Classic Sindhi Music. She has performed so many shows across the world.

She recently tied up with TIPS Music brand and released singles like "Sik Mein" which received overwhelming response on YouTube.

She is very versatile Singer and can sing in Sindhi, Hindi or even in English flawlessly.

Vandana started singing from the age of 3 or almost as she started speaking. Her father has a gifted voice, he would make her sit with him once a week at least and they would sing songs and bhajans for hours.

By College graduation she discovered the power of her voice and her elder brother encouraged her to pursue music as career. Vandanas brother came up with an idea of releasing first spiritual album Tere Ishq Nachaya and the song Mera wajood was her first recording ever, Vandana didnt have any formal training back then, neither did she know about studio recording. When the album was released, the most liked song was Mera wajood. She took this as good omenand started working further on her voice.

For Riyaaz (Practise), Vandana practices Hindustani music; classical raags and paltas/alankara along with western vocal exercises.

After her first full album launchTere Ishq Nachaya, the times in music industry changed. Because of YouTube, artists preferred releasing singles. So she started releasing solo songs, making track instantly available as it is ready.

Vandana shared that her Japan 2019 performance is the most memorable one as she pulled off an entire Cheti Chand show without any band members, chorus, all by myself, all alone on drum loops from mobile apps and minus tracks. She received huge applaud & got amazing responses from that.

Lots of people may not know this, but her surname was actually Chhabria and her rebellious grandfather changed it to Nirankari. She believe that whatever the talent that she has today and what she is today is because of her guru Baba Hardev Singh ji Maharajs blessings and his grace.  

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 12-Feb
Siya Pahuja Photo

Siya Pahuja (Singer)

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 05-Dec
Kanu Ratan Butani Photo

Kanu Ratan Butani (Singer)

City: Mulund, Mumbai

Birthdate: 04-Mar
Koshi Lalvani Photo

Koshi Lalvani (Singer)

Koshi Lalwani is famous Sindhi Singer, director of Sindhi Film The Awakening. 

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 12-Jan
Dada Jairam D. Hirani Photo

Dada Jairam D. Hirani (Singer, Musician)

Dada Jairam D. Hirani was a great singer, musician and music teacher to many students. One of his famous student who sings well and recognises this is Harsha Talreja

Dada Jairam D. Hirani lived in Ulhasnagar and performed bhajans at many darbars.

City: Ulhasnagar

Birthdate: 17-Sep
Indru Atma Photo

Indru Atma (Singer)

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Harshaa Talreja Photo

Harshaa Talreja (Singer)

Harsha Talreja Makhijani is Professional Singer who has learned Music from her guru Shri Jairamdas Hirani. She has performed at many events including one at Sita Sindhu Bhavan.  Harsha Talreja has released one Sindhi Music CD titled "Unhan Sa Dil Lagi" 

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 16-Nov
Kumar Soni Photo

Kumar Soni (Singer)

Kumar Soni is famous Singer from Ulhasnagar doing shows for more than 25 years

City: Ulhasnagar

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Ramesh Hemrajani Photo

Ramesh Hemrajani (Singer)


Birthdate: 01-Jan
Shivani Vaswani Photo

Shivani Vaswani (Singer)

Shivani Vaswani is professional Singer who performs in Sindhi and Hindi. She is daughter of Ghansham Vaswani and Meenakshi Vaswani. She has performed in many countries. She has sung Sindhi Album with title "Maruada" & "Subah Ke Dard" in Hindi a tribute to Begum Akhtar

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 26-Jun
Roshni Tekwani Photo

Roshni Tekwani (Singer)

Roshni Tekwani is Superb Sindhi Singer with Music Education in Classical. She has performed more than 100 shows in India and also few abroad. She is daughter of Ragini Tekwani and learned a lot about music from her Mother. 

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 19-Dec
Renuka Tekwani Photo

Renuka Tekwani (Singer, Actor)

Renuka Tekwani is a Singer and Actress. She is daughter of Ragini Tekwani and sister or Roshni and Anand Tekwani. She has been singing from childhood under the guidance of her mother.

She did one role in Sindhi movie  Tuhinje Pyar mein

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 27-Sep
Ragini Tekwani Photo

Ragini Tekwani (Singer)

Ragini Tekwani is professional Sindhi Singer who has been performing shows across India and abroad. These days her children Roshni, Renuka & Anand accompany her for performance

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 10-Nov
Parsram Zia Photo

Parsram Zia (Literature)

Parsram Zia is very famous Sindhi Poet, Translator and Teacher. He gave his entire life to Sindhi Literature. 

Sindhi Sukhmani Sahib translation is one of his finest work a true gift to Sindhi Community. Many of songs written by him became famous in the voice of Master Chander Sahib. Parsram Zia and Master Chander were very close friends.

City: Ulhasnagar

Birthdate: 11-Jul
Sangita Lalla Photo

Sangita Lalla (Singer)

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 02-Jan
Nandlal Chughria Photo

Nandlal Chughria (Singer)

City: Ulhasnagar

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Bhagat Thanwar Photo

Bhagat Thanwar (Bhagat)

Bhagat Thanwar is old Bhagat Singer given performances all over the world.

City: Ulhasnagar

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Anil Bhagat Photo

Anil Bhagat (Bhagat, Singer)

Anil Bhagat is famous for his Bhagat songs & stories. He has performed bhagat programs across India and abroad

City: Ulhasnagar

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Dinesh Rohra Photo

Dinesh Rohra (Dancer, Choreographer )

Dinesh Rohra is professional Dancer / Choreographer from Ulhasnagar. He teaches dance and Zumba at his own classes in Ulhasnagar known as Zest. He has performed and choreographed for many prestigious events.

City: Ulhasnagar

Birthdate: 18-May
Vishwajeet Soni Photo

Vishwajeet Soni (Comedian)


Birthdate: 01-Jan
Julie Tejwani Photo

Julie Tejwani (Actor, Director, Dubbing)

Julie Tejwani is Sindhi Drama and Movie Artist from Ulhasnagar. She has also acted in many Sindhi Movies. Julie is associated to Sindhi stage for more than 25 years as an Actor, Director and Technical Artist. She has also worked in television industry for more than 15 years as an editor, sound recordist, dubbing director, director. Julie can help in directing a commercial film. who runs an Advertisement Agency named JULI-E.T. (Julie entertainment television). Julie also works as Commercial Dubbing artist for leading channels like Cartoon Network, Pogo, Disney, Nickelodeon, Hungama, Discovery. She has acted in character based Sindhi telefilm "Bhuri". She has directed Many famous Dramas like "Deewan Gordhandas Goplani","Suhina Sindhi", "I Love U", "Haane Diyar Raaj Kandyun". "Sindhyat Ji Khushboo"

City: Ulhasnagar

Birthdate: 06-Sep
Veena Baviskar Photo

Veena Baviskar (Singer)

Veena Baviskar is not Sindhi, but she has sung & performed many Sindhi Songs flawlessly that you won\'t realise that. She has amazing sense of music and performed on Sindhi stages in Indian and many countries abroad.

City: Ulhasnagar

Birthdate: 20-Oct
Parmanand Pyasi Photo

Parmanand Pyasi (Comedian)

Parmanand Pyasi is Legend of Sindhi Comedy. He is leading the Sindhi Comedy King position from last 4 decades now.

City: Vadodara

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Lakhan Gurdasani Photo

Lakhan Gurdasani (Singer)

City: Thane

Birthdate: 30-Apr
Ashok Sundrani Photo

Ashok Sundrani (Comedian)

He is from Satna, Madhya Pradesh, India. He became famous with his stand up comedy show Great India Laughter Challenge performed in front of Navjot Singh Siddu and Shekhar Suman. He also visited Dubai to perform standup comedy in Sindhi in 2007 and 2008 for Sindhi Sangat Show.

City: Nagod

Birthdate: 19-Sep
Karan Khemani Photo

Karan Khemani (Singer)

Karan is versatile Singer who performs shows in Hindi songs of Rafi & Kishore. He also has given many shows in Sindhi language. He is practising Music & Singing from the childhood. 

He has performed many times at Sita Sindhu Bhavan and recently started Master Chander show  with his song.

City: Kalyan

Birthdate: 18-Oct
Girish Sadhwani Photo

Girish Sadhwani (Singer)

A competent and a versatile singer Girish Sadhwani is truly a multifaceted talent. Born & brought up in Mumbai Girish is a contestant of Indian Idol season 6 & has become a favourite amongst the masses across the globe for his unique voice & personality. Girish is trained under Pt. Askaran Sharma - Indian classical music, Samantha Edwards - Western Music, Anand Sharma - contemporary music.

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 21-Feb
Thakur Chawla Photo

Thakur Chawla (Writer, Organiser)

Thakur Chawla ji was key person to organise shows at Sita Sindhu Bhavan for more than 25 years. He wrote so many literary books which became famous. He provided platform to many Singers, Authors, Poets and Musicians.


City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 18-Feb
Menka Lalwani Photo

Menka Lalwani (Actress)

Menka Lalwani has acted as lead actress in the Sindhi Movie \\\"Pyar Kare Dis\\\".

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Naresh Udhani Photo

Naresh Udhani (Director, Producer)

City: Ahmedabad

Birthdate: 22-Nov
Hanshika Bhatia Photo

Hanshika Bhatia (Singer)


Birthdate: 01-Jan
Komal Meerchandani Photo

Komal Meerchandani (Singer)

Komal Meerchandani is a vocalist and performer, from Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh).Komal  and Abhishek Mukherjee tied the knot in year 2018

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 24-Nov
Neha Udasi Photo

Neha Udasi (Singer)

Neha Udasi is a professional Singer from Mumbai. She is performing since 2014 and given many show all over India.

City: Ulhasnagar

Birthdate: 18-Jun
Kunal Chughria Photo

Kunal Chughria (Singer)

Kunal Chughria became famous in childhood when he sung the song \"A B C D Maa Chawan Jhulelal Maan Chawan\" Song written by his grandfather Shri Jethalal Chughria. Then onwards he has sung many Sindhi Songs which became famous. He performs Musical shows at Puj Chaliha Sahib Jhulelal Mandir along with his uncle Gurmukh Chughria

City: Ulhasnagar

Birthdate: 05-Sep
Anand Tekwani Photo

Anand Tekwani (Singer)

Anand Tekwani is young gifted Sindhi Singer. He has very good voice. He is son of Professional Singer Smt. Ragini Tekwani and brother of Roshni and Renuka Tekwani. He performed very well in First Sindhi Idol contest of India.

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 29-May
Ganesh Sewani Photo

Ganesh Sewani (Singer)

Ganesh Sewani performs regularly at Puj Chaliha Sahib Mandir during the Chaliha Festival. He also does musical shows with Sindhi songs.

City: Ulhasnagar

Birthdate: 01-Feb
Suman Khemlani Photo

Suman Khemlani (Singer)

Suman Khemlani is famous Sindhi Singer from Ulhasnagar who has performed at many places in India and abroad.

City: Ulhasnagar

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Jai Hero Photo

Jai Hero (Actor)

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Jaanvi Ramnani Photo

Jaanvi Ramnani (Drama Artist, Dancer)

Jaanvi Ramnani has highly expressive face with amazing dance talent. She has performed in shows in India and all over the world.

Jaanvi and Kishin Ramnani tied the knot in year 2009.

City: Ulhasnagar

Birthdate: 16-Jun
Anil Sadani Photo

Anil Sadani (Actor, Director)

Anil Sadani is highly skill Theatre artist. He has performed on stage and also directed many Drama shows.

He is very famous for his role as Daulat in Deewan Gordhandas Goplani.

He has directed the Show "Nao Jodo, Nao Raaj", "Mann Mohini Maswari"


City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 10-Feb
Jethalal Chughria Photo

Jethalal Chughria (Singer)

City: Ulhasnagar

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Harish Chander Photo

Harish Chander (Singer)

Harish Chander / Dhamwani is elder son of Shri Gope Chander & grandson of Master Chander Sahib. He lives in United States and performs in Sindhi programs around New York and New Jersey regularly

City: New York

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Bhagat Khanuram Photo

Bhagat Khanuram (Bhagat)

Bhagat Khanuram was very famous & respected Bhagat at Puj Chaliha Sahib Mandir.

City: Ulhasnagar

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Divya Chandiramani Photo

Divya Chandiramani (Singer)

Divya Chandiramani is young Sindhi Singer, dancer and multi talented personality

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Jagdish Mangtani Photo

Jagdish Mangtani (Singer, Music Director)

City: Baroda

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Pooja Vazirani Photo

Pooja Vazirani (Singer, Anchor)

Pooja Vazirani is Professional Sindhi Singer from Ahmedabad with Master Degree holder in Hindustani Classical Music and currently learning Hindustani Classical Music in Guru Shishya Parampara from Padmashree Shubha Mudgal Ji. She also performs Sindhi Folk Music and a Freelance Sindhi Anchor with GTPL's Sindhi TV and have hosted shows Kala Ain Kalakar - Season 1 and 2 and Sur Sindh Ain Hind Ja Season 1 and 2.

City: Ahmedabad

Birthdate: 27-Apr
Ratan Rangwani Photo

Ratan Rangwani (Actor, Writer & Director)

Ratan Rangwani is Actor, Writer & Director from Ahmedabad. He has received many awards for his exemplary work. Few of these are. Best Actor award for Short film Ajnabee Dost. Best Supporting Actor for his role in serial Sankalp, Best Actor award for his drama Kahi Gadbad Hai. Recently he has performed key role in Sindhi Movie \"Shaheed Kanwar\". He has acted in 75 films which are in Gujarati, Hindi & Sindhi Languages.

City: Ahmedabad

Birthdate: 19-Aug
Neal Talreja Photo

Neal Talreja (Singer, Music Composer)

Neal Talreja is a versatile Artist, Singer and Music Composer from Mumbai, IndIa famous by the name Rockstar Neal. He is performing Music shows from last 10 years. He has giving memorable 450+ live shows in India and Abroad. Neal specialises in Live concerts, Bollywood Unplugged, Weddings, Corporate events, Charity events, Sindhi Folk, Private Events, Product Launch and Branding Events.

He is 27 and is a energetic Performer who takes the stage by storm and loves performing in front of huge crowds.

He has performed shows with 25000+ audience for Cultural Gathering of Sindhis from all across India. Neal has also acted in Two Short Films and Seven Music Videos. He has a Team of Professional Musicians and Artists for Exceptional Musical Experience for his Audience. He wish to take Sindhi Music to a new Dimensions through his innovative music experiments and blend of classical, sindhi folk and modern day music into his Songs.

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 14-Jul
Mukesh Sukhwani Photo

Mukesh Sukhwani (Singer, Standup Comedian)

Mukesh Sukhwani is professional Sindhi Singer and comedian. He is famous for hosting DJ Lada, Mata Ji Jyot, Behrana Sahib, Standup Comedy. He has performed in many Sindhi Movies and released many Albums. Director of Kings Orchestra.

City: Ulhasnagar

Birthdate: 08-Feb
Girish Ahuja Photo

Girish Ahuja (Actor, Comedian, Anchor)

Girish Ahuja born on 10th June is Sindhi Theater Artist and also worked in Sindhi Movies. He is actively associated with Sindhi Theater since 1995. His most acclaimed role is twin personality in drama Deewan Gordhandas Goplani, where he pulls the crowd with his one second role switch talent. He acted as innocent Goddu and Short Tempered Deewan in this play. He has acted in dramas, Deewan Gordhandas Goplani by Julie Tejwani, Aunty No 1 by Anil Sadani, Man Mohini Maswadi by Anil Sadani. He has also acted in Sindhi Movies Vaaeesar Ee Gum & Zindagi hik Natak

City: Thane

Birthdate: 10-Jun
Nisha Chelani Photo

Nisha Chelani (Singer)

Nisha Chelani is versatile  Singer from Indore who performs shows in Sindhi and Hindi Music around India. She has learned the music from childhood and has very sweet voice.

Nisha specialises in Live concerts, Sindhi Folk, Bollywood retro and unplugged songs. She has performed in many Hindi  & Sindhi Music shows. Her stage performances are livelier which brings excitement in audience. Her sweet balanced voice is something you must experience in person. She is working towards re-introduction of  Sindhi Folk music in to the livese of Sindhis around Indore and many Sindhi Localities. 

She is a energetic Performer who can take the stage by storm and confident to perform infront of  huge crowds.

City: Indore

Birthdate: 22-May
Neha Peswani Photo

Neha Peswani (Writer, Actor, Director)

Neha Peswani (Asha Rohra) is veteran drama Actor and director. She has acted and directed many Sindhi Dramas and Movies. 

She started her Drama Career in year 1985. First Drama "Babu Halyo Shaadi Karan" written, directed and acted in this Drama.  Asha Rohra has also learned Sindhi Bhagat and performs on Sindhi Bhagat shows.  In year 1993, Neha Peswani learned Sindhi Bhagat through Sindhology workshop in Adipur.  She was declared as first Sindhi Lady Bhagat during this workshop.

Neha Peswani started Sindhu Jyot Mandir group in year 1980.

Worked in Many Drama Groups

  • Sindhunagar Sahitya Kala Sangam - Raman Rajpal
  • Jhulelal Charitable Trust - Thane
  • Bharatiya Sindhu Sabha
  • Sindhu Kala Group by Jaswant Singh
  • SP Menghani Kala Sindhu Group
  • Neeru Art Academy - Niranjan Asrani

Worked in Sindhi Movies

  • Nau Mukhi - Directed and Acted, Writer Dada Tikmani
  • Ehssaas
  • Jeevan Chkra - Dhanushdhari Banner
  • Jeevan Saathi - Dhanushdhari Banner
  • Joy Ta Muhinjee - Jyoti Kala Sangam - PB Chand
  • Jaal Kare thi taal - Jyoti Kala Sangam - PB Chand
  • Mawali Mulka Ja wali - Jyoti Kala Sangam - PB Chand

Acted in Jaswant Kumar Dramas

  • Harfan Maula
  • Joy ta pahinjee
  • The Game
  • Sapnan Jo Saudagar


City: Thane

Birthdate: 10-Jan
Rajeshkumar Valechha Photo

Rajeshkumar Valechha (Singer)

Rajeshkumar Valechha is singing from the ave of 10 year. He is P. Pratham in vocal & P.Puran from Gandharva Sangeet Mahavidyalay, Ahmedabad in year 1998-99.

He has done playback singing for the Sindhi movies "Vardaan" & "Duniya Dil Varan Ji".

He has performed on many stages in Ahmedabad and other cities. He has performed at Sita Sindhu Bhavan in Mar-2012 & July-2017. Rajesh Valechha is also interviewed by DD Girnar  in year 2015 & GTPL Sindhi TV under the title Kala Ain Kalakar Season-2 (2017) 


City: Ahmedabad

Birthdate: 02-Sep
Harshita Khemani Photo

Harshita Khemani (Singer)

Harshita Khemani is young sensation with great command over singing and Music.

She has performed many times at Sita Sindhu Bhavan.

She won Sindhi IDOL 2 organised by SSB in year 2018


City: Kalyan

Birthdate: 26-Jul
Priyanka Keswani Photo

Priyanka Keswani (Singer)

Priyanka Keswani is new Young Singer from Mumbai.  She is singing from the age of 8. Priyanka has successfully cleared Five levels in Classical Music  from Akhil Bhartiya Gandharva Mahavidyalaya Mandal, Mumbai.

Priyanka has also completed  Diploma course in Classical and Playback Singing from Mumbai Film Academy.

She performed on stage for time  at Puj Sindhi Panchayat, Devlali and I was felicitated with a token of appreciation.

Priyanka has given her sweet voice for two of Sindhi Nursery Rhymes Album. 

  • Bandarmal Jee Chattey 
  • Ghadial

Priyanka has worked with  Sindhi Sangat which is an International based Non Profit Organization.


City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 15-Nov
Gopal Vishnani Photo

Gopal Vishnani (Bhagat Singer)

Gopal Vishnani is Sindhi Bhagat singer specialises in Sufi and Sindhyat Songs. He is from Ulhasnagar-2 and performed at many functions since year 2011.

He has Learned music from his daadi Paari Tolani from childhood, but took up music as carrer little late.

He has performed Sindhi Musical show in Dubai organised by Dada Tolaram Vatnani. He has also performed at Sita Sindhu Bhavan, Santacruz, Mumbai.


City: Ulhasnagar

Birthdate: 05-May
Mohini Mahtani Photo

Mohini Mahtani (Singer)

Mohini Mahtani was born on 16-June-1941 in Hyderabad Sindh. She was approved Sindhi Singer on All India Radio.

She loved to sing from childhood. She participated in various Singing competitions and awarded with Medals and Trophies in School.

She got married to Mr. Gulabrai Thawardas Mahtani in year 1965. He was also Music lovered and admired the melodieous singing of his wife. He gave whole hearted suppport and encouragement to start Singing as Hobby which turned out to be profession later.

Mohini Mahtani started singing as hobby at the age of 27. She have stage performances in Andheri Sindhi Panchayat lead by President Mr. Bhagtani & secretary Mr. Sajnani who were very encouraging. As she considered this as serious profession she started learnt classical Music & practised the songs for 4 to 6 hours per day on harmonium.

She started giving private performances for Gurbani Shabd, Ladas, Behrano Sahib, Sindhi Bhajans all the devotional songs. 

Mohini Mahtani travelled to many countries for performing Sindhi Programs. She performed in Singapore, Malasia, Jakarta, Pennang, Thailand, Bali. She became famous soon and was invited for Lada Ceremony performances.

She used to give service at Radha Soami Satsang (Beas) at Mumbai, Bandra Satsang Ghar for 35 years.

Mohini Mahtani had three children, One Son and Two daughters. She lost her son in sudden heart attack. One of her daughter has settled in Pune with her family and younger daughter has settled in Andehri Mumbai with family.

Mohini Mahtani became All India Radio Approved Singer at the age of 35 which was a great achievement in the era of Dada Ram Panjwani & Bhgawanti Navani. She was honoured by Dada Murij Manghnani (President of Bharatiya Sindhu Sabha & Andheri Sindhi Panchayat) for bringing laurels to the Sindhi community as there was no other Sindhi Radio approved singer at that time.


City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 16-Jun
Uma Lalla Photo

Uma Lalla (Singer)

Uma Lalla is professional Sindhi Singer with classical background

City: New Delhi

Birthdate: 11-Mar
Nirmal Mirchandani Photo

Nirmal Mirchandani (Singer, Music Composer)

Nirmal Mirchandani is famous Singer from Mumbai. He has sung and performed with renowed Sindhi Artists like Prof. Ram Panjwani, Bhagwanti Navani.

A Mumbai-born Sindhi Indian, Nirmal Mirchandani grew up between the family which was inclined to Music, his father Mr. Mohan L. Mirchandani used to have musical evenings in his house where various singers like Gulam Ali, Rajendra Mehta Neena Mehta, C. H. Atma, Chandru Atma, Mahesh Chandur, Ghansham Vaswani, Bhupendra and Mitali Singh, Talat Aziz, Parvez Mehdi, would come and perform. 


Nirmal started his career by playing Tabla along with his brother Kishore on Harmonium and sister Soni Mirchandani (Kirpalani), the well known sindhi singer. They have served the Sindhi society with many sindhi laadas, sindhi programs, sindhi song recordings, etc. with Bhagvanti Navani, Dada Ram Panjwani, Mahesh Chandur, Satram Rohra, Ramesh Rajpal,  Chandru Atma, Ghansham Vaswani, & Bhajan Samrat Anup Jalota. 

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 21-Dec
Soni Kirpalani Photo

Soni Kirpalani (Singer)

Soni Kirpalani is Sindhi Singer performed in many shows.

City: New Jersey

Birthdate: 25-Jun
Kajal Mulchandani Photo

Kajal Mulchandani (Actress, Politician)

Kajal Mulchandani is Theatre and TV artists worked in many drama and TV serials and movies. She is very comfortable to act in Hindi and Sindhi. She has done range of many roles.

 She is also working for social issues of Ulhasnagar like bad road conditions,  dangerous buildings of Ulhasnagar. 

City: Ulhasnagar

Birthdate: 05-May
Deepak Keswani Photo

Deepak Keswani (Promoter of Sindhyat)

Deepak Keswani born in simple middle class family did schooling & graduation from Ulhasnagar city. From the childhood he wanted to do something exceptional to help the community. 

Deepak Has provided IT solutions to many clients across the world through well known companies like Blue Star Infotech Ltd & Atos for two decades.

  • 1995 completed the education and started the career in Information Technology (IT) Field.
  • 1999 - Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP)
  • 2006 - Sun Certified Web Component Developer 
  • 2017 - Started D-KAY Consultancy to offer Application development service to prospective clients.

Awards & Recognitions :

  • 2012 - Hoshiyar Sindhi by Sangeet Acharya Master Chander Academy
  • 2016 - Sayhog Sahyadri Sindhu Award by Doordarshan 
  • 2019 - Appreciation Award by Rotary Club of Ulhasnagar Midtown

Developed many websites and applications to promote Sindhi Language and culture

Mobile Apps for Android and Apple Devices

  • Sindhi Tipno
  • Radio Sindhi
  • Sindhyat
  • Chaliha Sahib 

Link to Mobile Applications


City: Thane

Birthdate: 02-Oct
Lavi Bhagat Photo

Lavi Bhagat (Bhagat)

Lavi Kamal Bhagat is Youngest Sindhi Bhagat And Stage Performer

City: Ajmer

Birthdate: 27-Jun
Abhishek Mukherjee Photo

Abhishek Mukherjee (Musician/Band)

Abhishek Mukherjee is a professional singer based out of the finance capital of IndiaMumbai. He has performed at countless shows across India. He has performed alongside big celebrities like Sonu NigamJaved AliShankar MahadevanBappi LahiriKavita Krishnamurthy, etc.  Abhishek and Komal Meerchandani tied the knot in year 2018

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Vandana Lalwani Photo

Vandana Lalwani (Actress and Dancer)

Vandana Lalwani is an Indian television actress, who grabbed the people heart by her mind blowing acting. Moreover, she is the wife of well-known actor Aman Verma. She also appeared in various television shows and advertisements as well. She also appeared in a some of the famous TV serials such as Savdhaan India, Kesariya Balam Aavo Hamare Des and Bitto.

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 04-Aug
Jyotsna Pahlajani  Photo

Jyotsna Pahlajani (Singer)

Jyotsna Pahlajani  is famous  singer. Originally she is from Gwalior. She has sung many songs with Jatin Udasi.

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Mohit Budhwani Photo

Mohit Budhwani (Singer)

Mohit Budhwani is young famous singer.Originally he is from Amravati.He is vocalist at Alchemy.

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 28-Jun
Mohit Vanvari Photo

Mohit Vanvari (Singer)

Mohit Vanvari is Famous child singer. He has Sung Many Songs in Sita Sindhu Bhavan And also performed in Junior Sindhi  Idol.

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Aksha Jeswani Photo

Aksha Jeswani (Singer)

City: Kolhapur

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Yana Tekchandani Khilnani Photo

Yana Tekchandani Khilnani (Singer)

Yana Tekchandani is 2nd Price Winner of Juior Sindhi Idol Seaon - 2.  She is 11 years old and She is from Mumbai. 

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Aarohi Lal Photo

Aarohi Lal (Singer)

Aarohi Lal is Daughter of Amrita Lal . She has Sung Many Songs at Sita Sindhu Bhavan And also performed in Junior Sindhi  Idol  Season II.

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Soniya Nihalani Photo

Soniya Nihalani (Singer, Actress, Host)

Soniya Nihalani is young dynamic MULTI TALENTED Artist. She is trained As Classical vocalist As well as theater Actress. She is also An art of living faculty And Former Radio jockey with 92.7 Big FM. She is an international yoga trainer certified by government of India As well YOGA ALLIANCE USA.She is Daughter Of Famous Sindhi Comedian Parmanand Pyasi.

City: Vadodara

Birthdate: 15-Jan
Karan Nagpal Photo

Karan Nagpal (Singer)

Karan Nagpal is Sindhi Singer. He is Famous For Doing "Mata Ki Chowki". He is From Mumbai. 

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 26-Nov
Jaikishin Talreja Photo

Jaikishin Talreja (Singer)

City: Gwalior

Birthdate: 23-Dec
Hero Parwani Photo

Hero Parwani (Actor,Dancer)

Hero Parwani is the finest actor /dancer/ choegrapher of sindhi theatre and movies.He is Member of Sindhu Sakha Samgam Group and also worked in "Son Of Sindhi" Movie

City: Ulhasnagar

Birthdate: 30-Aug
Gulshan Makhija Photo

Gulshan Makhija (Actor)

Gulshan Makhija is Sindhi Actor .He is Member of Sindhu Sakha Samgam Group.

City: Ulhasnagar

Birthdate: 12-Oct
Rajesh Punsi Photo

Rajesh Punsi (Dancer,Choreagrapher)

Rajesh Punsi is Dancer and Choreagrapher. He is also Member of  Sindhu Sakha Sangam.

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 14-Feb
Madan Jumani Photo

Madan Jumani (Director,Writer)

Madan Ramchand Jumani was born on 21st December, 1934 in Karachi Sindh in United India.

Madan Jumani daada, an unsung hero of the Sindhi cinema, passed away on the 30th January 2017. He was a multi-faceted personality and changed the face of Sindhi cinema through his contributions. He was an institution in himself.. He had also adopted Bhavna Rajpal as his granddaughter.He was the director of the first Sindhi colour cinemascope film of India "Hal ta Bhajee Haloon".


City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 21-Dec
Chanda Virani Photo

Chanda Virani (Actor,Singer)

Chanda Virani is Sindhi Actor, Singer,voice over,dubbing artist creative HD Sindhudarhan. She has also acted in filmsTV serials and she is ExAirIndian .

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 11-Aug
Nari Sawlani Photo

Nari Sawlani (Singer,Author)

Nari Sawlani is a successful businessman and entrepreneur as chairman of Radiant Traders and Royal Gardens Centre. Radiant Traders is a group of companies dealing in trading, retail and service segments of Dubai that has been operational for over five long decades. And this multi-million dirham business which has brought him much success and to his family was built with passion and hard-work right here in Dubai.He is athor of Dubai Creek: Past and Present .He has also Sponsered many shows at sita sindhu bhavan.  

City: Dubai

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Neha Israni Photo

Neha Israni (Singer)

Neha Israni has Sung Many Songs at  Sita Sindhu Bhavan.

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Mahesh Khatri Photo

Mahesh Khatri (Singer)

Mahesh Khatri is famous for singing "Hari Om Namo Narayana Dhuni" at Sita Sindhu Bhavan.


Birthdate: 01-Jan
Krisha Khilwani Photo

Krisha Khilwani (Singer, Actor)

Krisha Khilwani is sindhi child artist. She is student of St. Xaviers Adipur Kutch. She has sung many songs and  also participated in  3rd International Sindhi Nursery Rhymes Competition 2018.

City: Adipur

Birthdate: 25-Nov
Jagdish Shahdadpuri Photo

Jagdish Shahdadpuri (Actor,Producer)

Jagdish Shahdadpuri is famous sindhi actor and producer. He has performed many sindhi comedy dramas and also worked in sindhi movies like "Hee Kahado Pyaar", "Shaheed Kanwar".He is Husband of Meena Shahdadpuri

Started working in Drama from the year 1970.

He has acted in Sindhi, Hindi & Gujarati Nataks.

Worked in 8 Sindhi Movies.


Actor, Writer, Director, Poet & Flim Maker

Associated with
Literary award winner from NCPSL ( Delhi ) by SIMIRTI IRANI

Rs 1,00,000/= trophy, certificate, momento

17 books published on folk literature with Lilaram Ruchandani

On other sujects Orignal 9 books published by Sindhi Sahit Academy GUJ STATE & INDUS IND FOUNDATION Delhi

7 books are awarded



leading role in 7 Cinema Scope SINDHI FILMS namely

  • QARZ


Television films


Acted in 37 Sindhi one act ,
7 full length sindhi &
3 hindi drama


Rtd. from

At present : Accountant in NGO

Mailing Address

D-1 " Kalakar Bhawan "
Saibaba Society B/D :
Sadhu Vaswani School
P. O. : Sardar Nagar

City: Ahmedabad

Birthdate: 13-Jan
Meena Shahdadpuri  Photo

Meena Shahdadpuri (Actress)

Meena Shahdadpuri is famous sindhi actress . She has performed many sindhi comedy dramas and also worked in sindhi movies like "Hee Kahado Pyaar", "Shaheed Kanwar".He is Wife of Sindhi Actor  Jagdish Shahdadpuri


Qualifications : BCom CAIIB

Profession : Retired as special assistant from State bank of India.

Hobbies : Acting writing poems dramas stories and anchoring etc.

Co-curricular activities : approved a drama artist at All India Radio.
played so many dramas on Doordarshan.

Awards… won awards for literary books by Gujarat Sahitya academy and other Institutions also.

Written 6 books on poetry and a book on prose.

Working in Sindhi movies i.e Shahid Kunwar VARDAN khil Suhina khil Yuga Purusha Swami Teonram Zindagi Hick Kalakaar ain etc
Worked in so many plays at Gtpl.

Working as an Artist since 1976. Worked as an assistant director And actor under the banner “Rang karam theatre”

City: Ahmedabad

Birthdate: 07-Sep
Sheela Vasandani Photo

Sheela Vasandani (Singer)

Sheela Vasandani is sindhi singer.She has sung many songs at sita sindhu bhavan and also worked in sindhi movie "Zahar Pyaar Jo".

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Shri Madhukar Photo

Shri Madhukar (Singer)

J.S.R Madhukar was born on 22nd February, 1971 in Shri Vrindavan Dham, Uttar Pradesh. Vrindavan Dham is accepted as the most glorious and is itself Goloka of the spiritual world. Vrindavan Dham is also historically connected to Sangeet Samrat Shri Swami Haridas Ji.

Madhukar began his training early in the Guru-Shishya tradition. His ‘Gurukul’ being his name itself and the guru his father the vocal Mastro Vraj Rasik Saint Hitshri Asudaram Ji is from Swami Haridas Parampara.

His voice has a deep, melodious resonance and a richness that touches the hearts and souls of all who hear him.

He has given numerous major performances in Sangeet Sammelans all over India and abroad, as well as multiple devotional channels.

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 22-Feb
Asha Bhavan Photo

Asha Bhavan (Singer)

Asha Bhavan is sindhi singer. She has performed in many shows and also sung many songs at sita sindhu bhavan.


Birthdate: 01-Jan
Yogesh Nagdev Photo

Yogesh Nagdev (Singer)

Yogesh Nagdev is sindhi singer.He has sung many ghazals  and also performed at sita sindhu bhavan.

City: Bhopal

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Neetu Matai Photo

Neetu Matai (Singer)

City: Delhi

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Dayal Asha Photo

Dayal Asha (Writer,Singer,Educationist)

Dr. Dayal Asha is a very popular personality, attached to many social cultural and religious institutions, more particularly to Swami Shanti Prakash Ashram, Ulhasnagar.Dayal is a poet and also a singer, who primarily entertains religious gatherings. He has devoted greater part of his life in the educational field.  He reached the highest position of the Principal, Chandibai Masukhlani College, at Ulhasnagar from where he has retired recently at few years back.


City: Ulhasnagar

Birthdate: 16-Dec
Deepa Wadhwani  Photo

Deepa Wadhwani (Singer)


Birthdate: 01-Jan
Champa Israni Photo

Champa Israni (Singer)


Birthdate: 01-Jan
Mulchand Ramchandani Photo

Mulchand Ramchandani (Singer)

City: Adipur

Birthdate: 01-Oct
Hiru Kandhari Photo

Hiru Kandhari (Singer)

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Pawan Kumar Photo

Pawan Kumar (Singer)

Pawan Kumar is famous sindhi singer. He has performed in many shows.


Birthdate: 01-Jan
Sushila Devi Photo

Sushila Devi (Singer)


Birthdate: 01-Jan
Mohan Vallecha Photo

Mohan Vallecha (Singer)


Birthdate: 01-Jan
Uttam Gurnani Photo

Uttam Gurnani (Singer)

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Ratna Hinduja Photo

Ratna Hinduja (Singer)

Ratna Hinduja is a professional singer. She has performed at sita sindhu bhavan,

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Mukesh Bhagat  Photo

Mukesh Bhagat (Bhagat Singer)

Mukesh Bhagat is Sindhi Bhagat Singer. He has performed at many programs in India and abroad.

City: Ulhasnagar

Birthdate: 05-May
Khushi Matai Photo

Khushi Matai (Singer)

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 06-Jun
Murli Makhija Photo

Murli Makhija (Singer)


Birthdate: 01-Jan
Laxmandas Ludhani Photo

Laxmandas Ludhani (Promoter Of Sindhyat)

Mr. Laxman Ludhani supports and plays an active role in promoting Sindhi culture and music at the centre.

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Rajan Vaswani Photo

Rajan Vaswani (Singer)


Birthdate: 01-Jan
Nivedita Chetwani Photo

Nivedita Chetwani (Singer)

Nivedita Chetwani is sindhi child artist. She has also received prize for winning the storytelling competition at Sita Sindhu Bhavan.


City: Pimpri

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Simran Bhagchandani Photo

Simran Bhagchandani (Singer)

Simran Nanik Bhagchandani is sindhi child artist. She has also participated in Sindhi Sangat Storytelling Competition held in 2016.


Birthdate: 01-Jan
Lata Tharwani Photo

Lata Tharwani (Singer)

Lata Tharwani is professional sindhi singer. She has also performed at Sita Sindhu Bhavan.

City: Ajmer

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Ghanshyam Bhagat Photo

Ghanshyam Bhagat (Bhagat Singer)

Ghanshyam  Bhagat is Sindhi Bhagat Singer. He is From Ajmer. He has performed at many programs in India.

City: Ajmer

Birthdate: 08-Aug
Ramesh Oberoi Photo

Ramesh Oberoi (Singer)

Ramesh Oberoi is Famous For Jagran and stage shows from 30 years.Ramesh oberoi brings Spiritual Feel to every devotee of Maa Bhagwati.He is President of Maa Vaishno Devi trust.

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 07-Jan
Prakash Bhagat Photo

Prakash Bhagat (Bhagat Singer)

Prakash Bhagat is Sindhi Bhagat Singer. He has performed at many programs in India.


Birthdate: 01-Jan
Naresh Malani Photo

Naresh Malani (Singer)

Naresh Malani is famous for Jagran. He has performed. He has performed at many programs in india and abroad.

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 11-Mar
Raju Aswani Photo

Raju Aswani (Singer)


Birthdate: 01-Jan
Kiran Moorjani Photo

Kiran Moorjani (Singer)

Kiran born on October 21st, is a Vocalist / Singer, daughter of Master Kanayalal Lalwani, (Violinist), Sindhi Artist and has been trained in Hindustani Classical Music. She did her education from Vivekanand Education Society, Chembur.

City: New Jersey

Birthdate: 21-Oct
Sushi Ahuja Photo

Sushi Ahuja (Singer)

Sushi Ahuja is professional singer. She has performed at many shows in India.


Birthdate: 01-Jan
Bhagwan Chawla Photo

Bhagwan Chawla (Singer)


Birthdate: 01-Jan
Kundan Kukreja Photo

Kundan Kukreja (Singer)


Birthdate: 01-Jan
Neha Chawla Photo

Neha Chawla (Singer)


Birthdate: 01-Jan
Poonam Bajaj Photo

Poonam Bajaj (Singer)


Birthdate: 01-Jan
Shri Manohar Photo

Shri Manohar (Singer)


Birthdate: 01-Jan
Jagdish Lacchani Photo

Jagdish Lacchani (Writer,Principal)

Dr. Jagdish Lachhani is a writer of considerable eminence having written over a dozen and half books.  His subjects of special interest are literary criticism and children’s literature.  In the latter, ten titles are to his credit and a couple of awards in his pocket.   ‘Sahitya Jee Parakh’ is his outstanding contribution in critical field for which he has fetched 2 Awards, one from the Maharashtra State Sindhi Sahitya Academy and the other from the National Council for Promotion of Sindhi Language.Apart from Sindhi, he has been writing in Hindi language and contributing his articles to well known magazines, such as ‘Dharmayug’‘Nav Bharat Times’, ‘Rashtra Bhasha’, ‘Jannasatta & one or two more.  He is a dedicated educationist having spent 39 long years in teaching profession without a break.

City: Sind

Birthdate: 04-Dec
Jaya Asrani Photo

Jaya Asrani (Actress,Drama Artist)

Jaya Asrani is famous drama artist. She has performed at many sindhi programs and she has also worked in sindhi movie "Pyar Kare Dis". She is wife of  famous sindhi artist  Neeru Asrani.

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 31-Jan
Ramesh Rajpal Photo

Ramesh Rajpal (Singer)

Ramesh Rajpal is professional singer. He has performed at many shows in India.

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Shobha Ailsinghani Photo

Shobha Ailsinghani (Dancer)

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Suresh Tahiliani Photo

Suresh Tahiliani (Singer)

Suresh Tahiliani has sung many songs at Sita Sindhu Bhavan.

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Jyoti Kewalramani Photo

Jyoti Kewalramani (Singer)

Jyoti Kewalramani has performed many times at SIta Sindhu Bhavan.

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Naresh Maleja Photo

Naresh Maleja (Singer)

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Rani Udasi Photo

Rani Udasi (Singer)

Rani Udasi has performed many times at Sita Sindhu Bhavan.She is famous for singing Gurubani.

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Jharna Mirchandani Photo

Jharna Mirchandani (Singer)

Jharna Mirchandani is professional singer. She has performed at many shows in India.

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Rachit Mirchandani Photo

Rachit Mirchandani (Singer)

Rachit Mirchandani is sindhi child artist.He has participated at Junior SIndhi Idol Season II.  He is Son of Famous Singer Nirmal Mirchandani

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Chaitanya Multani Photo

Chaitanya Multani (Singer)

Chaitanya Multani is sindhi child artist. He has participated in Junior Sindhi Idol Season II. He has also performed at Sita Sindhu Bhavan.

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Diksha Mangtani Photo

Diksha Mangtani (Singer)

Diksha Mangtani is sindhi child artist. She has also performed at Khilan Mana Aahe  - Sindhi Standup Comedy Competition and Sindhi Idol show.

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Naresh Dhanani Photo

Naresh Dhanani (singer)

Naresh Dhanani is Sindhi Singer. He has performed many times at Sita Sindhu Bhavan.

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Ashok Manwani Photo

Ashok Manwani (Comedian)

City: Bhopal

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Kavita Lakhani Photo

Kavita Lakhani (Singer)

Kavita Lakhani is  vocal artist who sings Gurbaani (devotional), Sindhi folk (kalaams), Sufi and Bhajans in Punjabi, Saraiki and Sindhi. Proficient in playing the harmonium and tanpura, she performs live at concerts, cultural programs, charity events and places of worship. Her aim is to promote Sindhi language, music, art and culture.

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Parmanand Budhwani Photo

Parmanand Budhwani (Singer)

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Sagar Sharma Photo

Sagar Sharma (Singer)

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Radhika Motwani Photo

Radhika Motwani (Singer)


Birthdate: 01-Jan
Rama Pahilajani Photo

Rama Pahilajani (Singer)


Birthdate: 01-Jan
Sunita Vaswani Photo

Sunita Vaswani (Singer)


Birthdate: 01-Jan
Shaman Bhagat Photo

Shaman Bhagat (Bhagat Singer)

Shaman Bhagat was very famous Bhagat Singer. He had performed at many shows in India.He used to Perform with Thanwar Bhagat.

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Hrishika Gangwani Photo

Hrishika Gangwani (Dancer)


Birthdate: 01-Jan
Rajkumar Amitabh Bakhtiani Photo

Rajkumar Amitabh Bakhtiani (Actor)

Raj Bhagtani is famous for look alike of Amitabh Bachchan, bollywood actor. He has Performed at Sita Sindhu Bhavan.

He has also performed at many more stages and online shows

City: Ulhasnagar

Birthdate: 10-Mar
Dushyant Ahuja Photo

Dushyant Ahuja (Singer)


Birthdate: 01-Jan
Vashu Sharma Photo

Vashu Sharma (Singer)


Birthdate: 01-Jan
Vasu Brijwani Photo

Vasu Brijwani (Singer)


Birthdate: 01-Jan
Kalavati Lalwani Photo

Kalavati Lalwani (Singer)


Birthdate: 01-Jan
Shubham Nathani Photo

Shubham Nathani (Singer)

In the Sindhi Fraternity, Shubham Nirankari (Nathani) is no less than a Singing Sensation, always humble and keeping the sindhyat in his heart. His vision is to promote the sindhi culture and make it reach to masses. His zeal and passion towards promoting sindhi culture with the help of his mesmerising voice makes him unique and acts as a stand out factor for him. He truly believes in the spiritual ideology of the Nirankari mission which inspired him in the first place towards singing.

He is trained in the classical singing under the guidance of Mr. Dilip Lalwani ji and is being currently mentored by Ustad Mohd. Salim Allahwale khan ji.

The list of feathers in his cap is long but the most standout one was that he was conferred with the title of Sindhu Idol in 2016 which was organized by Sindhi Sahitya Academy , Madhya Pradesh. He also won the "Sugam Sangeet" competition organized at district level in bhopal. He secured 1st runner up position in Sindhi Bhajan competition organized by Akhand Sindhu Sansar , Madhya Pradesh.

He is an exceptional performer and has done many programs in various cities like Guwahati, Bhopal, Satna ,Ulhasnagar, Kanpur, Gandhidham, Lucknow, Jabalpur, Prayagraj , Gorakhpur, Ajmer etc.

Recently He also had an opportunity to perform at Sita Sindhu Bhavan, Santacruz which is prestegious platform to sing for any artist.


City: Bhopal

Birthdate: 04-Feb
Rajan C. Jhangiani Photo

Rajan C. Jhangiani (Singer, Music Composer)

Mr. Rajan Jhangiani a gazetted officer, serving Indian Government , is a versatile personality. He has not only been working for the government but also is a renowned and prominent figure in the Sindhi Community.

Because of his outstanding contribution towards the Sindhi Art and Culture by way of his exceptional singing, music composing and acting.   He received his initial sangeet training from his mother late Smt. Lila Chander Jhangiani, a celebrated and esteemed Sindhi Sufi and folk singer,  actor, music director.

Later on he  completed his Sangeet Praveen Degree in Hindustani Vocal Music from Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad.   He has been performing and enthralling his audiences by his Sindhi Sufi Kalams , Sindhi folk and Gazals  time and again.  He has also acted in many Sindhi stage plays. 

He has been conferred with many honours and awards by umpteen Sindhi Organisations  He is presently a member of the prestigious Sindhi Academy, Delhi.

City: Delhi

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Arudhan Batra Photo

Arudhan Batra (Singer, Music Composer)

Arudhan Batra originally from Ghotki, Sindh, born on 1st July is famous name in Music Industry Now. He has now settled in Nagpur and performs in many shows on ground and online also.

He specialises in Indian Classical & Unplugged Music. He has many memorable shows to his credit which he performed in Raipur, Igatpuri & Hyderabad.

He also can be seen performing in many online live shows on Facebook & YouTube

City: Nagpur

Birthdate: 01-Jul
Drashti Jeswani Kukreja Photo

Drashti Jeswani Kukreja (Singer,)

Drashti Jeswani Kukreja, born in Gwalior on 13th June is New generation Sindhi Music artist. She shifted to Nagpur after the marriage. She has done BA in music , MBA in Media Management.


  • Reality shows 
  • Sur Kshetra (top 15 all India )
  • Bharat ki shaan (top 32 all India )
  • X factor (top 100)

Winner in Competitions

  • Sindhu Idol (Gwalior)
  • Voice of Gwalior
  • Udbhav Surtal

One of her proudest moment was to perform Infront of Maharaja Schindhias in Gwalior.

She has also performed in many of online events which is growing virtual platform for Sindhis in these days.

  • Kanwar Dham
  • Sindhi Papad Club
  • Live AJ kal with Mohit shewani
  • Global Sindhi

Art of living singer -performed Infront of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji in international ashram (Bangalore )

Albums and covers

  1. Bediya wara Ada re Muhana
  2. Ek pyaar Ka nagma hai
  3. Duaa
  4. Mai tumhara
  5. Recorded famous title tracks of bhojpuri serial (mahuaa TV)

Currently Drashti Jeswani Kukreja takes assignment as Freelance Singer and travel for Sindhi Shows. She also specialises in Hindi Bollywood Music and Spiritual Musical Shows

City: Nagpur

Birthdate: 13-Jun
Soumya Panjwani Photo

Soumya Panjwani (Singer)

Soumya Panjwani, born on 6th March in Kanpur is a new Generation Sindhi Music Artist. Singing songs on keyboard is like an effortless job for her. Her soulful singing and hands on keyboard or Harmonium is something worth watching. 

Soumya started singing at the age of 5 & her parents Mrs. Jagrati & Mr. Jaiprakash Panjwani always supported her in musical journey.

Soumya has done Prabhakar from Prayag Sangeet Samiti ( Allahabad , UttarPradesh ).

Currently she is persuing Masters Degree in Music Vocals from Kanpur University. She is capable of performing Musical Events in multiple languages like Sindhi, Hindi, Punjabi and English.

Soumya likes to sing Sindhi Songs, Kalams, Ghazals & Classical Music. She is also well versed in Bollywood Songs. She has performed in various cities like Raipur, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Jaipur, Lucknow, Jhansi and Gwalior.

During the lockdown Soumya has also performed live on many Facebook pages and YouTube Channels.

She has also given her voice to some of the devotional bhajans from Prem Prakash Granth. One Bhajan that has given tremendous recognition to soumya as a singer is "JAB GOVIND KE GUN GAOGE TAB BHAGWAT KE MAN BHAOGE"

She was in the top 15 contestants of Big Golden Voice Competition by 92.7 Big Fm.

City: Kanpur

Birthdate: 06-Mar
Muskan Kotwani Photo

Muskan Kotwani (Singer)

Muskan Kotwani born in Ajmer on 9th March is new Generation Sindhi Singer. She has learned the classical Music under the guidance of Guru, Pandit Vaidya & Sindhi Music from Shri Dholan Rahi Saheb. She is comfortable to sing classical, Semi Classical & Bollywood songs. 

She has sung for TV serial Ae Mere Humsafar, Song, Radhika Gori Se.

Muskan has sung "Saai Sacha Satram" released from Kanwar Dham as single and many more tracks. 

Some of her memorable shows are Youth Festival 2019 (West Zone) held in Surat.

In Udaipur she shared the stage with Drshika Advani. 

Muskan has also performed "Vande Matram" anthem infront of Chief Minister Vasundra Raje.

One of her memorable moment was to listen to Pt. Jasraj ji, singing live in a private concert at Jaipur.


City: Ajmer

Birthdate: 09-Mar
Kishan Ramnani Photo

Kishan Ramnani (Anchor & Actor, Theatre)

Kishan Ramnani born on June 1 is Sindhi Artist who performs on stage in various forms of Drama, Dance & Compering. His height is 5ft. 6” with average built. He can perform very well in English, Hindi & Sindhi & holds more than 20 years of stage experience.

City: Ulhasnagar

Birthdate: 01-Jun
Jeetu Vazirani Photo

Jeetu Vazirani (Actor)

Jeetu Vazirani from Ulhasnagar has worked in many Sindhi Films, Dramas & Serials. He is actively working in Industry from the year 2005.

He has worked as an Actor in the industry for more than 17 years, theatre artist, regional movie actor. He has done shows for Star Plus TV, Colors TV, Sony TV in recent years.

He has also performed on stage in Dubai in Asha Chands show

Height : 6 feet

Languages comfortable to act in:Sindhi, Hindi, Marathi, punjabi, English, Haryaanvi, Rajasthani ( Marwaadi) , Gujrati, Bhojpuri (accent)

Certified Artist with Card by CINTA

Performed in TV Serials 

  • CID for SONY TV
  • Balika Vadhu for COLORS
  • Laut Aao Trisha for & TV
  • Savdhaan India for LIFE OK
  • Adaalat for SONYTV
  • Crime Patrol for SONYTV
  • Shh Phir koi hai for STAR PLUS
  • Mithwa - phool kamal ke for STAR PLUS (Negative lead)
  • Zindagi Ki Hakeekat se Aamna Saamna for COLORS
  • Veer Shivaji for COLORS
  • Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya for SonyTV
  • Dil toh Happy hai ji for Star Plus

Regional Performances

  • 6 Sindhi movies as a lead
  • 8 sindhi telefilms.
  • Won the best actor award for International sindhi film - Pahinjo Hikdo he yaar aa. .

Jeetu Vazirani Directed these Plays

  • Aseen Natak Natha Kayoon
  • Atrangi Re
  • All India Police Station
  • Humien Ghar Chahiye ( Hindi play) 

Hindi feature film

  • Zindagi Tumse (Realeased all over India on 1st Novemeber 2019

Print Shoots and TVC

  • Lenovo
  • Bajaj Platina

Instagram Page:


City: Ulhasnagar

Birthdate: 27-Sep
Roshni Hotwani Photo

Roshni Hotwani (Actress)

Roshni Hotwani originally from Katni now settled in Ulhasnagar is famous for making funny viral videos on social media. She was very famous on TikTok with lakhs of followers until platform became inaccessible in India.

She along with Sunil Hotwani made Hojamalo group which makes short funny videos online

City: Ulhasnagar

Birthdate: 01-Oct
Sunil Hotwani Photo

Sunil Hotwani (Actor)

Sunil Hotwani born on 8th April in Ulhasnagar is famous for making funny Sindhi short videos. He along with Roshni Hotwani had TikTok profile with lakhs of followers.

After closing of TikTok he has made Hojamaalo brand for fun in Sindhi and has YouTube Channel, Facebook Page, instagram profile

City: Ulhasnagar

Birthdate: 08-Apr
Arjan Bhambhani Photo

Arjan Bhambhani (Singer, Writer)

Arjan Bhambhani did his schooling from Mahatma Gandhi High School of Kubernagar, Ahmedabad. He completed his Matriculation in 1960. He did B.A in 1965 from L.D Arts College of Ahmedabad.

He also achieved degree in Law in 1968. Arjan Bhambhani was Senior Audit Officer (Gazetted Officer) during Jun-1992 to Sept-2002 in Ahmedabad. He left for heavenly abode after severe heart attack on 15-March-2012.

City: Ahmedabad

Birthdate: 05-May
Anila Sunder Photo

Anila Sunder (Classical Dancer)

Anila Sunder is famous for her Dance Performances across the world on many ballets designed by her. She started performing Kathak and Sindhi Dance forms from year 1971 and performed in many places like London, Nigeria, Lagos, Accra & Sweden, Oslo, Copenhagen, Amsterdam & Luxembourg. She has given more than 1000 performances globally.

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 11-Nov
Mahindar Chimnani Photo

Mahindar Chimnani (Standup Comedian)

Mahindar Chimnani is standup comedian with very unique style of comedy. He is from Ulhasnagar and performed at many stages. He is the first prize winner of "Khilan Manna Aahe" Contest.

City: Ulhasnagar

Birthdate: 30-May
Vani Jasuja Photo

Vani Jasuja (YouTuber)

Vani Jasuja is young YouTuber who makes inspiring videos in Sindhi Language. She is studying in Jhulelal Trust School Ulhasnagar-2 and has her own YouTube channel with followers.

YouTube channel:- Little Rose Fairy

Noteworthy memorable Performances / Events

  • Interview with Kishan Uncle on Sindhi Papad Club
  • Video with Asha Chand Aunty
  • Sindhi poem on Sindhi Sangat Kids YouTube Channel

City: Ulhasnagar

Birthdate: 11-Dec
Inderlal Udasi Photo

Inderlal Udasi (Singer)

Shri Inderlal Udasi ji has sung many spiritual albums.

  • Satguru asanjo Nanakshah
  • Mahir vase Jhulan ji
  • Sufi Kalaam
  • Duniya Darveshan ji

He has performed at many places, Darbar Sahib Halani & Gobind dham Manjhand darbar in khar road Mumbai, Jhulelal mandir Unr1, Mukti kiran mandir , Nirmal dham Pune , Teunram Ashram & Vimla jivan Jhulelal Hindu Temple Pune . Jhulelal Mandir Mulund Colny west Mumbai.

City: Ulhasnagar

Birthdate: 17-Mar
Sangeeta Bapuli Photo

Sangeeta Bapuli (Poet, Actor, Director)

Sangeeta is theatre artist and also organiser of many Sindhi programs in Kolkata.

She is very comfortable in many languages English, Hindi, Sindhi and Bānglā

She write poetry which is very expressive and appreicatiated.

Sangeeta leads Kolkata Theatre Lovers Group and has organised many shows and online events.

City: Kolkata

Birthdate: 01-Feb
Priya Gyanchandani Photo

Priya Gyanchandani (Singer, Anchor, Theatre)

Priya is new generation singer from Bhopal. She completed Post Graduation from BU university 

Priya has done Anchoring for many shows and she is also Theatre Artist. 

Working in Sindhi movie "Shal Yaad Rakhau" as a dubbing Artist.

Priya has released albums

  • Sindhi Gurunanik Album
  • Acho mili sab jgumriyun Payunn
  • Shlok mehla-9,
  • Etro ta kaja muhinja Malik) / Sindhi Rakhi Geet


She has performed at many locations across India.

City: Bhopal

Birthdate: 14-Jun
Usha Shahani Photo

Usha Shahani (Singer, Actor)

Usha Shahani is Sindhi Singer from Delhi. She is also in acting.

Usha Shani has done Post Graduation in law and Cultural Informatics

She has received awards for Singing.

She is associated with Sindhi Academy of Delhi

City: Delhi

Birthdate: 25-Dec
Ena Lakhmani Photo

Ena Lakhmani (Singer, Anchor Writer)

Ena Lakhmani is a new Age Singer from Basti city of UP, India. She is a Singer, Anchor, Poetess as well as Writer.

She have performed in several events as host as well as Singer. She sings Sindhi songs , Bollywood , Bhajans , classical , folk , sufi songs.

She did her Graduation from Gorakhpur University and started her prepration for Indian Adminstrative Services . She have wrote more than 100 poems On - Motivation , Life , Society , peoples etc .


During lockdown she started Singing and giving Live performances which was appriciated by large number of people on social media . She started learning Classical Music. Ena is Social Activist too she loves to serve society and needy.

Ena is Vice Persident in Human Save life Foundation which serves the Road emergency and also a Member of Rehab Plus Society which Serves Differently Abled Childrens . Ena also provided Taekwondo Self Defence Training to large number of Girls .

City: Basti

Birthdate: 28-Aug
Samarpit Golani Photo

Samarpit Golani (Singer, Composer, Producer)

Samarpit Golani is a professional singer based out of the finance capital of India, Mumbai. He was trained in Indian classical music by Pandit SK Shukla and Suresh Tamankar. At a very young age, Samarpit won many hearts and awards such as the Lata Mangeshkar Award, ETV Fankar Award, Master Madan Award, and got awarded by Arjun Singh on a national level.
He is a versatile singer; his Sufi music and ghazals adore the listeners. He also excels in Bollywood music that makes the audience dance till the show ends. Samarpit has worked with celebrities like Hrithik Roshan, Arfeen Khan, Sara Khan, etc. He is currently working on their projects as a music composer/producer/singer.
Samarpit Golani projects
  • Jiye Sindhudi
  • Labels - Zee Music 
  • Shemaroo 
  • Star Bharat All India Radio

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 21-Jan
Neetu Kewalramani Photo

Neetu Kewalramani (Singer, Journalist, Writer)

Neetu Kewalramani is a new generation Singer from Nagpur with classical Music Background

She is learning Classical and Light Music from Surmani Pt. Prabhakar Dhakde ji (Guruji). She is very passionate about Muisc and Singing as profession. She can perform in different Languages like Sindhi, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali and Punjabi with ease. 

Neetu has done Masters in mass communication & journalism, Masters in hindi literature and now Persuring Ph.D. in hindi literature. Thesis topic is comparative study on Hindi and Sindhi Stories. 

She is doing Classical and Harmonium study from Ghandharva Vidyalaya, Mumbai. 

So far she has released two Sindhi Solo Songs.One bhajan is on kanwardham page and other one is on her youtube channel.


City: Nagpur

Birthdate: 07-Aug
Nandlal Hinduja Photo

Nandlal Hinduja (Sindhi Writer, Poet)

Nandlal Hinduja is famous Sindhi Writer & Poet from Mumbai.

He is professionally qualified with degrees BA. in Sindhi & History and MA, M Ed., D Ed.

Nandlal Hinduja collection of Stories

  1. Parwaz (Short Stories) - 1990
  2. Hamraz (Short Stories) - 1991
  3. Naazo - Andaaz (Short Stories) - 1992
  4. Zindigi Jo Markaz (Short Stories) - 1993
  5. La-Jawab (Question on Secrecy of Life & Anand Aswers -1996 
  6. Khushboi (Sindhi Essays) - 1999
  7. Excellent Replies ( A series of 555 Questions & Answers) -2001
  8. Roobaroo (poetry Book) -2001
  9. Dil-Bar ! Hin Duniya - 2004
  10. The Last Page (Short Stories) - 2007

Story Writer of Khat Mithiro (First Sindhi Video Filim by : Five Fingers Mumbai).


City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 05-Apr
Honey Pamnani Photo

Honey Pamnani (Singer)

Honey likes to don multiple hats and have had an unconventional journey chartered by her love for learning and doing things beyond her comfort zone. A Public Policy Consultant with the Corporate office of Ministry of Skill Development, she recently received the Young Alumni Achiever Award 2021 from her college IIT Kharagpur.

An artist at heart, she has a flair for music, writing and history. She has launched her youtube channel Spiritual_vocalist to traverse a journey of finding hope, healing wounds and spreading love through some soulful music.



B.E ( IET-DAVV, Indore), LLB (IIT Kharagpur), Young India Fellowship ( Ashoka University)



City: Delhi

Birthdate: 03-Feb
Lila C. Jhangiani Photo

Lila C. Jhangiani (Singer)

Music is what she breathed and lived for, Smt. Lila Chander Jhangiani. Infact she worshiped music like one worships a deity. Since childhood,she had been actively singing in sindhi tikanas and sindhi panchayat programmes and famous auditoriums throughout India she even has rendered a programme in Leh also.

She had passed her audition in music and drama from Al India Radio, Delhi in the year 1966 and was graded as a B HIGH artist. In drama dialogue delivery audition she was ranked as B HIGH grade artist. She had been singing on A.I.R. and Doordarshan TV, Delhi Ahmedabad, Bombay, Jaipur, Kutch, Bhuj and Bhopal etc. and also performed in many dramas on A.I.R. with co artists the living legend Shri Lachman Bhatia (Komal) and the famous sisters Veena and Shalini Shringi. She had been invited to perform in many concerts in Bhopal Bombay, Ahmedabad many times.

Lila Jhangiani has been honoured and felicitated with innumerable awards from renowned Sindhi institutions like Sindhu Bhawan, Sindhi Gurudwaras, and Sindhi Panchayats throughout Delhi. Her main awards were CHAMAN and Ratan Award from Sindhu Bhavan Sindhi Society.
She has arranged many stage Dramas for Mehran Group, NavJeevan, Sindhu Kala Sangam. Some of the names being:
  1. Jhetho Metho
  2. Zaal Kare Thi Tal
  3. Mawali Mulk Ja Wali
  4. Sindhi Minister
  5. Khapai Dil Tan Achi Mil
  6. Ammi Yaa Mummy.
She was honoured by Late Prof. Ram Punjwani for her famous drama Zaal Kare Thi Taal  and Mavaali Mulk Jaa Wali in Bombay. She has received many mementos and awards for other dramas, also.
She has also provided play back singing in films namely:
1. Ammi Yaa Mummy
2. Ker Kehinjo
The film Ammi Yaan Mummy begins with her playback song Doolah tuhinjı mehar maya saan  Music for the video film Zaal kare thi taal is also ready for release. She had given playback and recorded songs for many cassettes with her Sangeet Maestro and Guru, Dada Kan Mothihar. With Gods grace, she herself had released two of her own music albums in Sindhi Language viz:-
  1. Collection of 10 Sindhi songs released by the revered Dada Suresh Keswani- Chairman of Sindhi Academy.
  2. Baksh Medi Taqseer- Collection of 10 Nuri Bhajans and geets released by revered Dada J P Vaswani on the 136th Birth anniversary of Dada Vaswani at Sadhu Vaswani Mission Moti Bagh, New Delhi.
Apart from these two, her third album a collection of Sindhi Kalams and gazals could not be completed because of her untimely death on 13th April 2016.
Music was in her veins and heart till she breathed her last. She retired as a Class I officer from M/o Communications and despite her busy job profile did regular riyaaz and her husband C.H. Jhangiani, a Class I officer himself lent her his full unconditional support. C.H. Jhangiani himself is a great singer, percussionist and a stage artist. 
She was felicitated with a cash reward, a memento and a pakkhar by Sindhi Academy, Delhi in recognition of her contribution to promote Sindhi art and culture. She was nominated as Chief Guest a number of times on various occasions by the same Academy. She was conferred with the Sher-e-Sind award by the Delhi Pradesh Sindhi Sabha in 2006.

City: Delhi

Birthdate: 07-Jul
Dirven Hazari Photo

Dirven Hazari (YouTuber, Comedian)

Dirven A Hazari born in Ulhasnagar is Famous YouTuber, Comedian from India with the title Sindhionism. He did Pharmacy from 

Started posting videos from 29-Jun-2014 on YouTube. Soon became famous with his comedy videos.

Web Series

  • Me & Bhau


Memorable Performances 

  • In Dubai
  • Sita Sindhu Bhavan




Selling Merchandise

  • T-Shirts designed by Dirven Hazari are sold at FeeFi Store online
  •  Feefi -Est 2019
  • Thudh Jaam Aa Yaara
  • Dhoooor Vani Paye 
  • Paiso Jhaam Aa
  • Budh Sabhini Ji Halaye Pahinji
  • KOKI LOLO Love Koki Lolo
  • Budi Marr



City: Ulhasnagar

Birthdate: 18-Sep

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