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Kaajal Chandiramani Photo

Kaajal Chandiramani (Singer)

Kaajal Chandiramani born on 13-Nov-1965 is grand daughter of Prof. Ram Panjwani. She did schooling from Mount Carmel High School, Ahmedabad. Kaajal has exceptional classical voice quality and sung good amount of Sindhi Music Albums. Her song 'Titr Tez Uddar' has been widely acclaimed song produced by Sindhi Sangat Group.

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 13-Nov
Bhagat Kanwar Ram Photo

Bhagat Kanwar Ram (Singer, Bhagat, Sufi poet)

Bhagat Kanwar Ram (13th April 1885 – 1 November 1939 ) at village Jarwar of sakhar (Shakur) district. He was a Sindhi singer and Sufi poet. it was said when Bhagat Kanwar Ram Sahib sang people would forget about everything. People used to offer lot of money and jewels to Bhagat Kanwar Ram Sahib while he sang but Bhagat Kanwar Ram Sahib never kept even a penny for himself or for his family out of that money. He would instead distribute it amongst the poor and needy people because he believed that his touching voice was a gift of God to Him. He was a humble, generous and compassionate man. He wore a long kurta and a red head gear. He sang and danced at Bhagats. During Bhagat - the sessions of devotional music, singing and dance, Sant Kanwar Ram was used to sing creations of famous saints & poets Mira, Kabir and Shah Latif. It happened during the Bhagat, when Bhagat Sahib sung the "Raga Sarang" (Indian Classical Music - Raga of Rain) the clear sky started to fill with rain clouds and a heavy rain followed. Bhagat Kanwar Ram was assassinated in communal riots in Sukkur on 1st November, 1939 at Rukari (also known as Ruk) railway station. The record company HMV made record preserving 20 of the saint’s musical renditions. "Naale Alakh Je Bedo Tar Muhinjo" One of the most Famous Song Of Bhagat Kanwarram.

City: Reharki Sahib

Birthdate: 13-Apr
Drshika Advani Photo

Drshika Advani (Singer)

Drshika Advani is young Singer who has performed many shows in Sindhi, Hindi Musical Songs. She frequently performs at Sita Sindhu Bhavan. She started singing when she was only 7. She has one Sindhi Music album named "Varso"

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 20-Oct
Kanayalal Lalwani Photo

Kanayalal Lalwani (Violin Maestro)

He is a Violin Maestro and music teacher. He also knows to play Tabla and Dholak. He has been in music for more than 50 years. He came to Delhi after partition in year 1948 and worked with various Bollywood Personalities.

City: Jacobabad

Birthdate: 20-Nov
Sai Kaliram Photo

Sai Kaliram (Singer, Sufi Sant)

Sain Kaliram Sahib is from Sai Vasan Shah Darbar who is also in Singing and has wide range of Song collections. He has performed these at many locations in India and abroad.  His family is famous for belong to Saints of Rohri, Sindh and synonym to Rohriwada. They  frequently encourage audience to chant "Rakhu Rohriware te", which means "Let the Saint of Rohri take care of you".

He has performed at Sita Sindhu Bhavan, in Santacruz many times.

City: Ulhasnagar

Birthdate: 17-May
Madhukar Wadhwani Photo

Madhukar Wadhwani (Singer)

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Kamlesh Kapoor Photo

Kamlesh Kapoor (Singer)

Kamlesh Kapoor is Sindhi Singer dedicates his Music towards the sindhi community. He has variety of songs and albums in both Hindi and Sindhi language. He is working in Music industry from more than 15 years.

His real name is Kamlesh Pahuja

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 06-Nov
Vandana Nirankari Photo

Vandana Nirankari (Singer)

Vandana Nirankari is Sindhi Singer originally from Kolhapur, Maharashtra. She started singing at the age of 3 when she used to accompany her granddad for Sunday Satsangs.

She combines new age genres such as EDM, Pop and rock with Classic Sindhi Music. She has performed so many shows across the world.

She recently tied up with TIPS Music brand and released singles like "Sik Mein" which received overwhelming response on YouTube.

She is very versatile Singer and can sing in Sindhi, Hindi or even in English flawlessly.

Vandana started singing from the age of 3 or almost as she started speaking. Her father has a gifted voice, he would make her sit with him once a week at least and they would sing songs and bhajans for hours.

By College graduation she discovered the power of her voice and her elder brother encouraged her to pursue music as career. Vandanas brother came up with an idea of releasing first spiritual album Tere Ishq Nachaya and the song Mera wajood was her first recording ever, Vandana didnt have any formal training back then, neither did she know about studio recording. When the album was released, the most liked song was Mera wajood. She took this as good omenand started working further on her voice.

For Riyaaz (Practise), Vandana practices Hindustani music; classical raags and paltas/alankara along with western vocal exercises.

After her first full album launchTere Ishq Nachaya, the times in music industry changed. Because of YouTube, artists preferred releasing singles. So she started releasing solo songs, making track instantly available as it is ready.

Vandana shared that her Japan 2019 performance is the most memorable one as she pulled off an entire Cheti Chand show without any band members, chorus, all by myself, all alone on drum loops from mobile apps and minus tracks. She received huge applaud & got amazing responses from that.

Lots of people may not know this, but her surname was actually Chhabria and her rebellious grandfather changed it to Nirankari. She believe that whatever the talent that she has today and what she is today is because of her guru Baba Hardev Singh ji Maharajs blessings and his grace.  

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 12-Feb
Kanu Ratan Butani Photo

Kanu Ratan Butani (Singer)

City: Mulund, Mumbai

Birthdate: 04-Mar
Renuka Tekwani Photo

Renuka Tekwani (Singer, Actor)

Renuka Tekwani is a Singer and Actress. She is daughter of Ragini Tekwani and sister or Roshni and Anand Tekwani. She has been singing from childhood under the guidance of her mother.

She did one role in Sindhi movie  Tuhinje Pyar mein

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 27-Sep
Veena Baviskar Photo

Veena Baviskar (Singer)

Veena Baviskar is not Sindhi, but she has sung & performed many Sindhi Songs flawlessly that you won\'t realise that. She has amazing sense of music and performed on Sindhi stages in Indian and many countries abroad.

City: Ulhasnagar

Birthdate: 20-Oct
Karan Khemani Photo

Karan Khemani (Singer)

Karan is versatile Singer who performs shows in Hindi songs of Rafi & Kishore. He also has given many shows in Sindhi language. He is practising Music & Singing from the childhood. 

He has performed many times at Sita Sindhu Bhavan and recently started Master Chander show  with his song.

City: Kalyan

Birthdate: 18-Oct
Menka Lalwani Photo

Menka Lalwani (Actress)

Menka Lalwani has acted as lead actress in the Sindhi Movie \\\"Pyar Kare Dis\\\".

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Hanshika Bhatia Photo

Hanshika Bhatia (Singer)


Birthdate: 01-Jan
Priyanka Keswani Photo

Priyanka Keswani (Singer)

Priyanka Keswani is new Young Singer from Mumbai.  She is singing from the age of 8. Priyanka has successfully cleared Five levels in Classical Music  from Akhil Bhartiya Gandharva Mahavidyalaya Mandal, Mumbai.

Priyanka has also completed  Diploma course in Classical and Playback Singing from Mumbai Film Academy.

She performed on stage for time  at Puj Sindhi Panchayat, Devlali and I was felicitated with a token of appreciation.

Priyanka has given her sweet voice for two of Sindhi Nursery Rhymes Album. 

  • Bandarmal Jee Chattey 
  • Ghadial

Priyanka has worked with  Sindhi Sangat which is an International based Non Profit Organization.


City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 15-Nov
Kajal Mulchandani Photo

Kajal Mulchandani (Actress, Politician)

Kajal Mulchandani is Theatre and TV artists worked in many drama and TV serials and movies. She is very comfortable to act in Hindi and Sindhi. She has done range of many roles.

 She is also working for social issues of Ulhasnagar like bad road conditions,  dangerous buildings of Ulhasnagar. 

City: Ulhasnagar

Birthdate: 05-May
Karan Nagpal Photo

Karan Nagpal (Singer)

Karan Nagpal is Sindhi Singer. He is Famous For Doing "Mata Ki Chowki". He is From Mumbai. 

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 26-Nov
Shri Madhukar Photo

Shri Madhukar (Singer)

J.S.R Madhukar was born on 22nd February, 1971 in Shri Vrindavan Dham, Uttar Pradesh. Vrindavan Dham is accepted as the most glorious and is itself Goloka of the spiritual world. Vrindavan Dham is also historically connected to Sangeet Samrat Shri Swami Haridas Ji.

Madhukar began his training early in the Guru-Shishya tradition. His ‘Gurukul’ being his name itself and the guru his father the vocal Mastro Vraj Rasik Saint Hitshri Asudaram Ji is from Swami Haridas Parampara.

His voice has a deep, melodious resonance and a richness that touches the hearts and souls of all who hear him.

He has given numerous major performances in Sangeet Sammelans all over India and abroad, as well as multiple devotional channels.

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 22-Feb
Hiru Kandhari Photo

Hiru Kandhari (Singer)

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Prakash Bhagat Photo

Prakash Bhagat (Bhagat Singer)

Prakash Bhagat is Sindhi Bhagat Singer. He has performed at many programs in India.


Birthdate: 01-Jan
Kavita Lakhani Photo

Kavita Lakhani (Singer)

Kavita Lakhani is  vocal artist who sings Gurbaani (devotional), Sindhi folk (kalaams), Sufi and Bhajans in Punjabi, Saraiki and Sindhi. Proficient in playing the harmonium and tanpura, she performs live at concerts, cultural programs, charity events and places of worship. Her aim is to promote Sindhi language, music, art and culture.

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Radhika Motwani Photo

Radhika Motwani (Singer)


Birthdate: 01-Jan
Hrishika Gangwani Photo

Hrishika Gangwani (Dancer)


Birthdate: 01-Jan
Kalavati Lalwani Photo

Kalavati Lalwani (Singer)


Birthdate: 01-Jan
Muskan Kotwani Photo

Muskan Kotwani (Singer)

Muskan Kotwani born in Ajmer on 9th March is new Generation Sindhi Singer. She has learned the classical Music under the guidance of Guru, Pandit Vaidya & Sindhi Music from Shri Dholan Rahi Saheb. She is comfortable to sing classical, Semi Classical & Bollywood songs. 

She has sung for TV serial Ae Mere Humsafar, Song, Radhika Gori Se.

Muskan has sung "Saai Sacha Satram" released from Kanwar Dham as single and many more tracks. 

Some of her memorable shows are Youth Festival 2019 (West Zone) held in Surat.

In Udaipur she shared the stage with Drshika Advani. 

Muskan has also performed "Vande Matram" anthem infront of Chief Minister Vasundra Raje.

One of her memorable moment was to listen to Pt. Jasraj ji, singing live in a private concert at Jaipur.


City: Ajmer

Birthdate: 09-Mar

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