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Paru Chawla (Poet)

Mrs Paru Chawla was born on 19th July 1932 in Sindh. She was the eldest child born into a middle class family with her father Mr Deepchand Lalwani working in the railways. She was the most pampered child by virtue of being the 1st born and eldest in the family. Her unconditional love for her father is unmatchable and her personality went through a complete change after she lost her father suddenly in the year 1967 when he was just 50 plus,and Paru was in her mid-thirties then. Paru who was an atheist till then overnight turned towards God and Spirituality. That was the time she started reading the “Guru Granth Sahib” at home in the memory of her beloved father nd for 43 years nonstop (record breaking period). she has been doing Chownki and Bhogsahib on her father ‘s Death Anniversary. Paru always maintains that the seed of hard work was sown into her by her loving mother and father taught her the lessons of honesty and always being busy. After completing her matriculation at the age of 17 years she started working to contribute towards the family income as her father was the sole earning member. Although Paru did not get an opportunity of attending formal college education ,she is a responsible member of the family took over the responsibility of education, jobs, marriage of her 6 siblings and as her father was no more. Paru played an equally important role in looking after Thakur’ s 3 brothers as soon as she got married to Thakur. Paru has sacrificed her youth in taking care of all her family members and ofcourse her own 3 children (2 daughters and 1 son)

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 19-Jul

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