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Arti Raj Photo

Arti Raj (Singer)

Arti Raj Chander is the granddaughter of two Sindhi legends, Sangeet Acharya Master Chander and the poet, Shri Parsram Zia. At the tender age of six, she received vocal training in classical ragas from her Grandfather Master Chander.

As a child, Aarti often accompanied her grandfather as a backup singer on All India Radio & HMV during his concerts of memorable and timeless songs.

City: New York

Birthdate: 31-Jul
Master Chander Photo

Master Chander (Singer)

Master Chander is Legend of Sindhi Music. He was first to sing Kalams and songs related to love in Sindhi Language. Master Chander was born in Tharushah on 7-12-1907. His songs were recorded by HMV records. There must be thousands of songs sung by Master Chander, but hardly 400 songs information is available. He could very easily form the lyrics of the songs and perform a song on that in no time. That is one of the reason, they were not officially recorded and available publicaly. Master Chander had a passion for music from his childhood. Born in a Zamindar family, where singing was considered a ‘taboo’. Master Chander faced great odds in acquiring rightful place in the field of music in Sind. He was not only the most popular singer of HMV, but also a legendary figure, who brought new singing wave in Sind. He could truly be called a ‘melody’ that touched the very pulse of man who, was love lorn, distressed & disappointed. His renderings kept the audience spellbound for hours. One of his rendering ‘Rutha Ee Rahan, Para Hujen Hayati’ (Let them live longeven when they are not on good terms)was most popular. He had the knack of keeping his audience, spell bound for hours.

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 07-Dec
Kaajal Chandiramani Photo

Kaajal Chandiramani (Singer)

Kaajal Chandiramani born on 13-Nov-1965 is grand daughter of Prof. Ram Panjwani. She did schooling from Mount Carmel High School, Ahmedabad. Kaajal has exceptional classical voice quality and sung good amount of Sindhi Music Albums. Her song 'Titr Tez Uddar' has been widely acclaimed song produced by Sindhi Sangat Group.

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 13-Nov
Paru Chawla Photo

Paru Chawla (Poet)

Mrs Paru Chawla was born on 19th July 1932 in Sindh. She was the eldest child born into a middle class family with her father Mr Deepchand Lalwani working in the railways. She was the most pampered child by virtue of being the 1st born and eldest in the family. Her unconditional love for her father is unmatchable and her personality went through a complete change after she lost her father suddenly in the year 1967 when he was just 50 plus,and Paru was in her mid-thirties then. Paru who was an atheist till then overnight turned towards God and Spirituality. That was the time she started reading the “Guru Granth Sahib” at home in the memory of her beloved father nd for 43 years nonstop (record breaking period). she has been doing Chownki and Bhogsahib on her father ‘s Death Anniversary. Paru always maintains that the seed of hard work was sown into her by her loving mother and father taught her the lessons of honesty and always being busy. After completing her matriculation at the age of 17 years she started working to contribute towards the family income as her father was the sole earning member. Although Paru did not get an opportunity of attending formal college education ,she is a responsible member of the family took over the responsibility of education, jobs, marriage of her 6 siblings and as her father was no more. Paru played an equally important role in looking after Thakur’ s 3 brothers as soon as she got married to Thakur. Paru has sacrificed her youth in taking care of all her family members and ofcourse her own 3 children (2 daughters and 1 son)

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 19-Jul
Gope Chander Photo

Gope Chander (Singer)

Gope Chander is elder son of Master Chander.Settled in USA, since many years, Gope has kept Sindhi folk & modern music alive there. He presents his legendary father Master Chander’s musical renderings with fervour & distinction.

City: New York

Birthdate: 31-Dec
Anil Chander Photo

Anil Chander (Singer, Investment )

City: New York

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Mahesh Chander Photo

Mahesh Chander (Singer, Music Composer)

Mahesh Chander was born on 30-Sept-1942 in Tharushah, Sindh undivided India. After Partition he settled in Mumbai, India. He is younger son of Master Chander Sahib and born with velvet voice. 


Mahesh Chander is famous for his Sindhi Musical performances and Urdu Ghazal. He has sung Ghazal for Bollywood Films and also has Urdu Ghazal albums attributed to him.

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 30-Sep
Parsram Zia Photo

Parsram Zia (Literature)

Parsram Zia is very famous Sindhi Poet, Translator and Teacher. He gave his entire life to Sindhi Literature. 

Sindhi Sukhmani Sahib translation is one of his finest work a true gift to Sindhi Community. Many of songs written by him became famous in the voice of Master Chander Sahib. Parsram Zia and Master Chander were very close friends.

City: Ulhasnagar

Birthdate: 11-Jul
Thakur Chawla Photo

Thakur Chawla (Writer, Organiser)

Thakur Chawla ji was key person to organise shows at Sita Sindhu Bhavan for more than 25 years. He wrote so many literary books which became famous. He provided platform to many Singers, Authors, Poets and Musicians.


City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 18-Feb
Komal Meerchandani Photo

Komal Meerchandani (Singer)

Komal Meerchandani is a vocalist and performer, from Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh).Komal  and Abhishek Mukherjee tied the knot in year 2018

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 24-Nov
Harish Chander Photo

Harish Chander (Singer)

Harish Chander / Dhamwani is elder son of Shri Gope Chander & grandson of Master Chander Sahib. He lives in United States and performs in Sindhi programs around New York and New Jersey regularly

City: New York

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Divya Chandiramani Photo

Divya Chandiramani (Singer)

Divya Chandiramani is young Sindhi Singer, dancer and multi talented personality

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Nirmal Mirchandani Photo

Nirmal Mirchandani (Singer, Music Composer)

Nirmal Mirchandani is famous Singer from Mumbai. He has sung and performed with renowed Sindhi Artists like Prof. Ram Panjwani, Bhagwanti Navani.

A Mumbai-born Sindhi Indian, Nirmal Mirchandani grew up between the family which was inclined to Music, his father Mr. Mohan L. Mirchandani used to have musical evenings in his house where various singers like Gulam Ali, Rajendra Mehta Neena Mehta, C. H. Atma, Chandru Atma, Mahesh Chandur, Ghansham Vaswani, Bhupendra and Mitali Singh, Talat Aziz, Parvez Mehdi, would come and perform. 


Nirmal started his career by playing Tabla along with his brother Kishore on Harmonium and sister Soni Mirchandani (Kirpalani), the well known sindhi singer. They have served the Sindhi society with many sindhi laadas, sindhi programs, sindhi song recordings, etc. with Bhagvanti Navani, Dada Ram Panjwani, Mahesh Chandur, Satram Rohra, Ramesh Rajpal,  Chandru Atma, Ghansham Vaswani, & Bhajan Samrat Anup Jalota. 

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 21-Dec
Soni Kirpalani Photo

Soni Kirpalani (Singer)

Soni Kirpalani is Sindhi Singer performed in many shows.

City: New Jersey

Birthdate: 25-Jun
Kajal Mulchandani Photo

Kajal Mulchandani (Actress, Politician)

Kajal Mulchandani is Theatre and TV artists worked in many drama and TV serials and movies. She is very comfortable to act in Hindi and Sindhi. She has done range of many roles.

 She is also working for social issues of Ulhasnagar like bad road conditions,  dangerous buildings of Ulhasnagar. 

City: Ulhasnagar

Birthdate: 05-May
Yana Tekchandani Khilnani Photo

Yana Tekchandani Khilnani (Singer)

Yana Tekchandani is 2nd Price Winner of Juior Sindhi Idol Seaon - 2.  She is 11 years old and She is from Mumbai. 

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Chanda Virani Photo

Chanda Virani (Actor,Singer)

Chanda Virani is Sindhi Actor, Singer,voice over,dubbing artist creative HD Sindhudarhan. She has also acted in filmsTV serials and she is ExAirIndian .

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 11-Aug
Champa Israni Photo

Champa Israni (Singer)


Birthdate: 01-Jan
Mulchand Ramchandani Photo

Mulchand Ramchandani (Singer)

City: Adipur

Birthdate: 01-Oct
Mohan Vallecha Photo

Mohan Vallecha (Singer)


Birthdate: 01-Jan
Simran Bhagchandani Photo

Simran Bhagchandani (Singer)

Simran Nanik Bhagchandani is sindhi child artist. She has also participated in Sindhi Sangat Storytelling Competition held in 2016.


Birthdate: 01-Jan
Bhagwan Chawla Photo

Bhagwan Chawla (Singer)


Birthdate: 01-Jan
Neha Chawla Photo

Neha Chawla (Singer)


Birthdate: 01-Jan
Jagdish Lacchani Photo

Jagdish Lacchani (Writer,Principal)

Dr. Jagdish Lachhani is a writer of considerable eminence having written over a dozen and half books.  His subjects of special interest are literary criticism and children’s literature.  In the latter, ten titles are to his credit and a couple of awards in his pocket.   ‘Sahitya Jee Parakh’ is his outstanding contribution in critical field for which he has fetched 2 Awards, one from the Maharashtra State Sindhi Sahitya Academy and the other from the National Council for Promotion of Sindhi Language.Apart from Sindhi, he has been writing in Hindi language and contributing his articles to well known magazines, such as ‘Dharmayug’‘Nav Bharat Times’, ‘Rashtra Bhasha’, ‘Jannasatta & one or two more.  He is a dedicated educationist having spent 39 long years in teaching profession without a break.

City: Sind

Birthdate: 04-Dec
Jharna Mirchandani Photo

Jharna Mirchandani (Singer)

Jharna Mirchandani is professional singer. She has performed at many shows in India.

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Rachit Mirchandani Photo

Rachit Mirchandani (Singer)

Rachit Mirchandani is sindhi child artist.He has participated at Junior SIndhi Idol Season II.  He is Son of Famous Singer Nirmal Mirchandani

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Chaitanya Multani Photo

Chaitanya Multani (Singer)

Chaitanya Multani is sindhi child artist. He has participated in Junior Sindhi Idol Season II. He has also performed at Sita Sindhu Bhavan.

City: Mumbai

Birthdate: 01-Jan
Priya Gyanchandani Photo

Priya Gyanchandani (Singer, Anchor, Theatre)

Priya is new generation singer from Bhopal. She completed Post Graduation from BU university 

Priya has done Anchoring for many shows and she is also Theatre Artist. 

Working in Sindhi movie "Shal Yaad Rakhau" as a dubbing Artist.

Priya has released albums

  • Sindhi Gurunanik Album
  • Acho mili sab jgumriyun Payunn
  • Shlok mehla-9,
  • Etro ta kaja muhinja Malik) / Sindhi Rakhi Geet


She has performed at many locations across India.

City: Bhopal

Birthdate: 14-Jun

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