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Shri Ram Naikji's Sindhi Book launch "Charaiveti Charaiveti", Halanda Halo

Shri Ram Naikji launches his Sindhi Book "Charaiveti Charaiveti", Halanda Halo Translation of Book "Charaiveti Charaiveti" organized on 3-March-2019 at Raj Bhavan, Governor House, Mumbai. Both the Governors of Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh were present for the book launch. Shri Ram Naikji and Shri C. Vidyasagar Raoji graced the occasion. Translation by : Sukhram Das (Sukhdev Sadhwani) 8/9 Sindhis in life of Shri Ram Naik 1. Rajpal Puri, Rashtriya Swayam Sevank Sang Prant Pracharak 2. Kishinchand Chelaram College 3. Jamatmal Wadhwani, Head of Jana Sangh 4. Dr. Vasudev Shringi, Borivali Jana Sangh 5. Surendra Shringi 6. Shri Hashu Advani, BJP - Vidaan Sabha 7. Dr. Suresh Advani, Oncologist for cancer treatment 8. Shri Atal Bihari Vachpaye, PM of India 9. Shri Lal Krishin Advani, Lok Sabha

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Cheti Chand



Celebration of the birth of the Avatar of Water god (Varun Devta) Sai Uderolal, popularly known as Jhulelal . So much has been said and written about it that it would be superfluous to mention the event again. In Sindh the beginning of the New Year was considered Cheti Chand . Some businessmen opened new account books on Cheti Chand; many however, did that on the eve of Diwali. On the full moon day, people used to go to a river or lake and offer 'Akho' with a pinch of rice mixed with milk and flour. If there was no river or 'Darya', the ritual was performed at a well. Even Sindhi Sikhs go to temples or Gurudwaras, because Guru Nanak's birthday also falls on Pūrnima.

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