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Loto Mankhey Aane De by Raj Juriani

Loto Monkhey Aane De by Raj Juriani Recorded on 19-Sept-2015 at Puj Chaliha Sahib Jhulelal Mandir. Party consisting of Jhamandas Bhagtani, Satram Rohra, Suman Khemlani, Raj Juriani & Vijay Wadhwa

Keywords:Chaliha Sahib,Raj Juriani,Satram Rohra Music Party,Sindhi Song,Sindhi Folk Song

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Naga Panchami (Gogro)



During those days whenever the snake charmer brought snakes, they were given some Dakhshna and also milk for the snakes. Nagpanchami is also called Gogro. It is a folklore from Kutch and Gujarat.

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