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Hiro Thakur and his writings

Hiro Thakur is a poet, writer and research scholar of eminence Sindhi poetry, critical essays and research articles are his main forte. He was born on 2nd March, 1943 in Hyderabad, Sindh. A reputed broadcaster and a journalist, Shri Hiro Thakur has also served as a Parliamentary Correspondent for one of the leading Sindhi newspaper 'Hindustan Daily', Mumbai, and has also been the Editor of 'Koonj', a literary magazine. The Sahitya Akademi has conferred Shri Hiro Thakur with two awards. The first one was in the year 2003 for his essay book Tahqiq ain Tanqid and the second one for his translated Krishna chandra joon Choond kahaniyaoon in the year 2012. He is an approved artists of all India Radio and is still working for the same. Lists of books by Shri Hiro Thakur: Goliyoon گوليون Qazi Qadan Jo Kalam قاضي قادن جو ڪلام Sindhi kalaam ain Dohira سنڌي ڪلام ۽ ڏوهيڙا Behromal Meharchand ڀيرومل مهرچند Behtareen Sindhi Mazmoom بهترين سنڌي مضمون Sindhi Akhbarnavisi سنڌي اخبار نويسي Tahqiq ain anqid تحقيق ۽ تنقيد Qalam jo Sipahi قلم جو سپاهي Daayal Awaz دٻيل آواز Indalath انڊلٺ Sugan Ahuja سڳن آهوجا Kamla Hiranand ڪملا هيرانند Roshan Minar روشن منار Translations: Krishnan Chandra joon chond Kahaniyoon Sanrachnavad Ain baad Sanrachnavad Begmat Ke Aansoo Naeen Talimi Neeti Rishan chhavro Produced by Asha Chand. Share with others & Do subscribe We promote Sindhi through internet and media ie Television. Pls watch our 'Sindhi Sangat Kids' channel on youtube and Subscribe. Enjoy and stay connected with us!! Subscribe to Sindhi Sangat channel for Sindhi Programmes You can also visit us at Sangat Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Download for Free 'LEARN SINDHI' app on Mobile- and Learn Sindhi Website of the most illustrious Sindhi short story writer

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