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THE KIRYANA STORE | Sindhionism | Sindhi Kirana Scenes Funny

Buy Sindhionism Merchandise : Sindhionism Presents “ KIRYANA STORE “ This video is a funny take on things that usually happen in a Kiryana store. Do like comment and share if you did. Credits Written & Developed by : Dirven Hazari. DOP : Gulshan Rupraj Editor : Dirven Hazari On Spot Production : Deepak Lulla Location : Ulhasnagar Cast : Dirven Hazari Anil Purswani Naresh Ramchandani Deepak Lulla Gulshan Rupraj Vinay Matani Hitesh Wadhwa Arzoo yadav This Video is powered by GREEN SURFER LED. To know more , Check out : About Sindhionism : Sindhionism is an Online Entertainment Channel Founded by Mr.Dirven Hazari for Producing Content exclusively in Sindhi Language thereby Entertaining the masses and Connecting the community with the Language. Channel Head : Dirven Hazari For Enquiries :

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