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Dal Jo Chilro| Savory pancakes from Leftover Dal

Whenever there would be some leftover mung dal, this is what Ma, my MIL would make. The dal when refrigerated over night would get dense ( else she would boil the leftover dal, till dense) and she would add besan or atta for the binding. Chilro or savory pancakes were then made by cooking portions of this on a hot tawa, on low heat. Hubby loves this and hence I often make some extra mung dal for dinner to make the chilra for next morning breakfast. I mostly add suji ( Semolina) instead of besan as it makes the pancakes more crispy. Also adding a tbsp of hot ghee to the batter renders a lovely flavor to the crisp pancake. You can add some more salt, pepper etc, if required. You can have it with Roti, bread or as it is. Some chutney or ketchup goes well with the Chilra. For more authentic, traditional and homestyle Sindhi recipes do check the following links: Join me at Instagram @Facebook : SindhiRasoi #dal #leftovers #pancakes


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