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Matar Pao| Kaala Vatana Chaat|Sindhi street food|Dried black peas and Pao chaat

Matar Pao or the black vatana chaat is a classic street food dish from Ulhasnagar, my home town! It is made by cooking dried black peas (Kaala Matar/Vatana) with salt and water and the curry is generally flavoured with just pepper. A spicier version is made by adding garam masala powder by many vendors. Some make it in onion gravy as well. You must try Matar Pao from Ulhasnagar Camp 5. During Chaliha Festival you will get Satvik version of this chaat (Without onions and garlic). Instead of pao, boiled arbi, potatoes could be used to make the chaat. Text recipe on the blog Green Chutney Recipe: Home made Special Chaat masala recipe: For more traditional and authentic Sindhi vegetarian, vegan recipes, check Join me at Instagram @Facebook : SindhiRasoi #matarchaat #sindhifood #matarpao

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