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Nao Jodo, Nao Raj Sindhi Comedy Drama

It was a memorable experience to watch "Nao Jodo, Nao Raj" Sindhi Comedy Drama at Dr. Kashinath Ghanekar Natyagrah, Thane on 17-Oct-2015. Event supported by Thane Sindhi club, Publicity Partner Radio Sindhi. Director Anil Sadani This drama is about newly married couple have troubles in relationship with extra marital affairs and past relationships. But you should not judge this drama with any photos, videos or description. It is really worth watching and experience can not be described in words or with images or videos. You'll know it only by watching it.

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Nao jodo Nao Raj Sindhi Comedy Drama

Nao jodo Nao Raj Sindhi Comedy Drama by Sindhu Laher, Anil Sadani Group to be performed at Dr. Kashinath Ghanekar Natyagrah, Thane on 17-October-2015 at 8:30pm

Keywords:Nao Jodo Nao Raj,Sindhi Comedy Drama,Anil Sadani,Sindhu Laher,Divya Gajria,Pradeep Lalwani,Sindhi Drama,Ghanekar Hall,Thane

Sindhi Sadaeen Shahukar ep #17 by Radio Sindhi - Monday 9pm

Sindhi Sadaeen Shahukar Ep #17 with Roshni & Sunil Hotwani (Ho Jamaalo Team) & Host Deepak Keswani on 25th January, 2021, Monday at 9pm IST. 2021. Mobile Apps that change your life. Live Smarter. Wealth Creation Stories, Tips N Tricks & Learn future Tech with Fun.

Keywords:Mobile Apps,Sindhi Show,Deepak Keswani,Hojamaalo,Sunil Hotwani,Roshni Hotwani,Sindhi Mobile Apps,Swiggy,Zomato,Learn Sindhi,Sindhi Tipno,Radio Sindhi,Indian Mobile Apps,Umang,Digital Locker

Sindhi Sadaeen Shahukar ep #4 by Radio Sindhi

Sindhi Sadaeen Shahukar ep #4 - with Dr. Anju Motwani, Roshni & Sunil Hotwani & Host Deepak Keswani. Wealth Creation Stories, Tips N Tricks & Learn future Tech with Fun ======= Our Guest Speaker Dr.Anju Motwani. (Ph.D in finance) is a registered mutual fund advisor. You can connect with her on ======= Amazon Echo Input Speaker offer: Smitch WiFi RGB Speaker

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Kosa Kohar Khani Halyo | Bhagat Kanwarram Sahib | Cheti Chand 2017

Kosa Kohar Khani Halyo wyo, Bhagat Kanwarram Sahib song sung by Gurmukh Chughria at Cheti Chand melo of 2017. One in Bhagat Kanwarram costume is Shri Nandalal Chughria. Cheti Chand Melo 2017 organised by Thane Sindhi Club on 25-Mar-2017 at Kidpop School, Thane

Keywords:Gurmukh Chughria,Nandlal Chughria,JK Music,Bhagat Kanwarram,Bhagat Kanwarram Song,Sindhi Song,Cheti Chand,Cheti Chand 2017,Thane Sindhi Club,Kidpop

Sindhi Bhagat on Palav Day | Thanwar Bhagat | Chaliha Sahib 2017

Sindhi Bhagat on Palav Day | Thanwar Bhagat at Puj Chaliha Sahib Jhulelal Mandir. Recorded on 30-Aug-2017 morning on the day when 40 days fast ends and devotees come for Palav / Prayer. More information available at

Keywords:Chaliha Sahib,Thanwar Bhagat,Sindhi Song,Jhulelal,Prayer,Bhagat,Sindhi Bhagat,Ulhasnagar,Sindhunagar

Maha Behrana Sahib - Never Seen Before

Maha Behrana Sahib - Never Seen Before view of Maha Behrana Sahib at Puj Chaliha Sahib Jhulelal Mandir of Ulhasnagar/Sindhunagar on 29-Aug-2017 on the day of Matki Mela when Akhand Jyot is prayed and installed again in its heritage structure same as our ancestors prayed in Peer Goth hundreds of years back. Jai Jhulelal More information available at Background Music by Khanu Bhagat, Jethalal Chughria, Thanwar Bhagat and Chaliha Sahib Mandli.

Keywords:Chaliha Sahib,Behrana Sahib,Jhulelal Song,Khanu Bhagat,Jethalal Chughria,Chaliha Sahib 2017,Behrana,Sindhi Culture,Sindhi Ritual

Achijain Amarlal Achijain - Gurmukh Chughria | Chaliha Sahib 2017

Achijain Amarlal Achijain by Gurmukh Chughria Jhulelal Song Recorded on 17-Aug-2017 at Puj Chaliha Sahib Jhulelal Mandir

Keywords:Chaliha Sahib,JK Music,Gurmukh Chughria,Nandlal Chughria,Jhulelal Song,Sindhi Song

Tribute to Yogee Chotraney | We Sindhis | Sindhi Amaj Ji Asha | SAJA

Yogesh Chotraney Also known as We Sindhis who founded First famous Facebook Sindhi group "Sindhi - Aman Ji Asha". It was not just the group, but it was philosophy and inspiration to re-unite the Sindhis across the world. We all are very sad that he left us too early for heavenly abode on 17-May-2018. Most of the times he worked behind the scenes and very few people know him by face or voice. Today is his birthday. This video is made from his call recording on our answering machine where he explains 5 point program of Sindhu House. All of you will love it. We will remember him forever for his great work for Sindhis through internet. Praying Jhulelal Sain to bless his noble soul with peace. Jai Jhulelal

Keywords:Yogesh Chotraney,Yogee Chotraney,We Sindhis,SAJA,Sindhi Aman Ji Asha,Aman Ji Asha,Yogee,Sindhi Community,Tribute

Lal Ja Mela | Gurmukh Chughria| Cheti Chand | Thane Sindhi Club

Lal khai kela, lagan Lal Ja Mela song by Gurmukh Chughria| during Cheti Chand 2017 event organised by Thane Sindhi Club on 25-Mar-2017 at Kidpop Centre

Keywords:Gurmukh Chughria,Cheti Chand,Jhulelal Song,Thane Sindhi Club,Thane,Sindhi,Sindhi Song

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