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Shal Sindhi Toon by Drshika Advani

Shal Sindhi Toon maane jawani by Drshika Advani On centenary year of Prabhu Wafa (1915 - 2015)

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Dr.Arjan Sikyal - Interview

Born on 5th November, 1919 at Sadhuja, Distt. Nawabshah Sindh (now in Pakistan), Dr. Arjan Detaram Nathani known as Dr. Arjan Sikayal in field of Literature. He was a multifaceted personality - a doctor, a writer, a poet and a journalist. Interviews by Bineeta Nagpal, His contribution in the field of Sindhi Literature has been great and valuable in the form of his novels, articles and poems. He has written about 30 books covering various subjects and branches of literature like poetry, novels, biographies, criticism, essasys, articles and texts on Ayurveda. Some of his works have been translated in Hindi and Gujarati. Recipient of Uttam Sahit Award 2009. He was honoured by receiving Gold Medal from Satkar Samiti of Sindhu Nagar. Many organizations, like Delhi Sindhi Academi, Rajasthan Sindhi Academi, Ram Panjwani Trust, Friends of Overseas Sindhis and Aseen Sindhi Dubai honoured Dr. Sikayal. He has also remained Special Executive Magistrate (S.E.M.). Recently, he has received Life Time Achievement Award (Year 2009) from National Council for Promotion of Sindhi Language (NCPSL), New Delhi. He left for Heavenly Abode on 19/08/2012

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Dada Ram Panjwani Episode

Sindhi Sangat Presents Our Cultural Ambassador, Dada Ram Panjwani (20.11.1911 - 31.03.1987). Anchor: Moomal Punjabi. Brought to you by Asha Chand. Share with others & Do subscribe. We promote Sindhi through internet and media i.e, Television. To watch more videos, copy the links below: Sindhi Promotion- K TV News Report Interview of Lachhman Bhatia 'Komal' Meeting in Sindhunagar on 8th March 2017 Learn Sindhi Pahaka (Proverbs 001-050) Learn Sindhi Pahaka (Proverbs 051-100)

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Prabhu Wafa Documentary - عظيم شاعر پرڀو وفا

Prabhu Jotumal Chhugani 'wafa' was a great poet of Sindhi. His poetry has made him immortal. He was born on 19th Sep 1915 in Larkana, Sindh. His poetry is sung by almost all the leading Sindhi Singers. I was in regular contact with him. My mother Sundri Uttamchandani always showed her poems to him and seeked his advise.Prabhu 'wafa' wrote 8 books and received many awards for his great work. He received Sahitya Akademi Award in 1981 on his book 'Surkh gulab Surha Khuwab' سُرُخ گلاب ، سُرها خواب Sindhis should feel proud of such a poet whoes creations have been sung by almost all the singers. Dada Ram Panjwani was always singing 'Kashat Kashala Katba Wenda hiku thi Hiku Hiku thi...' ڪشٽ ڪشالا ڪٽبا ويندا هڪ هڪ ٿي هڪ هڪ ٿي.... This documentary starts with his beautiful poem sang by Kajal Chandiramani. This tune was composed by Rati Chuggani brother of Shri Prabhu wafa. Kajal has song especially for this work of ours. his books are : Jhankaar 1958, Parwaaz 1962, surkh Gulab Surha Khwab 1980, Maan Azal Ji Unch Ahiyan [title song] 1990, Toon Sagar Maan Lehar 1993, Aeena ain Akas 1994, Siju Lahan Te aa, Paigam 1983. Sindhi Sangat has produced this documentary with financial assistance from NCPSL. Dr. Moti Prakash did the scripting and Asha Chand did direction.Shri Mohan Gehani was all over with us.

Keywords:Prabhu Wafa,sindhi Sangat,Moti Prakash,Mohan Gehani,Asha Chand,Prabhu jotumal Chhugani,Prabhu Chhuggani,Kajal Chandiramani,Maan Azal Ji Unch ahiyan,مان ازج جي اُڃ آهيان,پرڀو وفا,آشا چاند

Haane Dheear Raj Kandiyun Promo2 Sindhu Sakha Sangams

SINDHU SAKHA SANGAMS NEW PROMO OF -'HAARE DHEEYAR RAJ KANDIYUN' ON SUNDAY 11TH JUNE 2017 @ 7.30PM, at TOWN HALL-ULHASNAGAR -3. ================================================== SONG COURTESY : KOSHI LALVANI =================================================== SO BOOK YOUR DONOR CARDS NOW ON THESE NUMBERS 9819471491, 9322282903, 9822779108, 9819151610 ====================================================


Sindhu Sakha Sangams initiative Say No To Free Passes

If you are a Real Sindhi..then buy the donor cards and enjoy Sindhi play. Sindhu Sakha Sangams 'HAANE DHEEAR RAAJ KANDIYUN' on Sunday 11th june 2017 @ 7-30 pm at town Hall, Ulhasnagar-3. =================================================== SO BOOK YOUR DONOR CARDS NOW ON THESE NUMBERS 9819471491, 8623060000, 9822779108, 9819151610 ====================================================


Haane Dheear Raaj Kandiyun Promo SINDHU SAKHA SANGAMZ

SINDHU SAKHA SANGAM proudly announces a Sindhi Comedy Play with a SOCIAL message of *BETI BACHAO ABHIYAN* -'HAARE DHEEYAR RAJ KANDIYUN' ON SUNDAY 11TH JUNE 2017 @ 7.30PM, at TOWN HALL-ULHASNAGAR -3. LET'S TOGETHER keep SINDHYAT ALIVE and Be THERE to enjoy the show and have a memorable evening. =================================================== SO BOOK YOUR DONOR CARDS NOW ON THESE NUMBERS 9819471491, 9322282903, 9822779108, 9819151610 ====================================================

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Sindhi Drama Workshop In Ulhasnagar



The Sindhi Drama Workshop

{ *For Sindhis Only* } Do you think you have an Actor within you ? Is your stage confidence very low ? Are you interested in theatre ? Do you want to learn behind the Curtains & On stage process of Creativity ? Are you looking for some Professional Experts to guide you ? Hurray! Why Hurray ? Because, We have got those Professional experts for you !!! Yay! We have got those Professionals to teach you : *On Stage & Camera Acting* *Scripting* *Voice Modulation* *Body Language* *Confidence & Team Building* *Dance* *Make up* *Lightning Techniques* And Many other little Hacks,Tips & Tricks These Professionals are experts of Sindhi,Hindi,& Marathi Theatre & All this is going to Happen at *The Sindhi Drama Workshop* An Exclusive workshop for Sindhi Community for Development and enrichment of Sindhi Language among Sindhi Youth So if you are an Sindhi and a Theatre enthusiast This workshop is for you. And one more thing These Professionals will teach you all this at *Free of Cost* Free of Cost ? Why ? Because This Workshop is Happening under *NCPSL* (National Council for Promotion of Sindhi Language) And the Workshop is managed by *Sindhu Sakha Sangam* Now quickly check these details : *Exclusively for Sindhi Community* *10 days free workshop* *10am to 1pm *Swami Hansumani College Hall,Netaji Chowk,Unr-04* For further queries, Contact our Coordinators +91 8623060000 +91 7875047000 +91 9322282903 +91 9819151610


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