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Hede Hede Hede Ta Nihar by Ramesh Rajpal

Hede Hede Hede ta Nihar by Ramesh Rajpal. Our very own Sindhi Rock N Roll song from Abana Movie, 1958. Remembering Parsram Zia Sahib on his 110th Birthday. Lyrics: Parsram Zia Sahib. Originally sung by Asan Mirani & Team for the Abana Movie.

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Demand DD Sindhi Channel to preserve Sindhi Language

The time has come for Sindhis to jointly demand 24 hours DD Sindhi Channel from the PM Narendra Modi using social media. Each of us should message and write to him everyday demanding for the Sindhi Channel, to keep our language and identity alive. Many people have met I&B officers but nobody has been able to get a sanction of even 2 hours time slot of Doordarshan with proper budgets for the same. The writ petition was filed on 4th September 2015 by Shri Ram Jethmalani. The judge asked prasar bharati to file an affidavit as why they are not giving the channel to Sindhis. Till this date, they have not replied. The next date of the case is 11th April 2019. Let us jointly flood the social media handles of Shri Narendra Modi with our messages demanding the channel. There are more than 65 lakhs Sindhis in India and we can send atleast 25 lakhs of messages by social media to the PM Narendra Modi. Details to message/write to the PM: Narender Modi Office Address- South Block, Raisina Hill, New Delhi-110011, India Narendra Modi Office Phone Numbers- +91-11-23012312 Narendra Modi Office Fax Numbers- +91-11-23019545,23016857 Narender Singh Modi Ji Residence Office Address- 7 Race Course Road, Narendra Modi Official Website- Narender Modi Social Profiles Page Link- Narende modi Facebook Page Link- Narendra Modi YouTube Channel- Narendra Modi Google Plus Account- Narendra Modi Twitter Account- Narender Modi Instagram Page Link- Narender Modi LinkedIn Page Link- Share with others & Do subscribe We promote Sindhi through internet and media ie Television. Pls watch our 'Sindhi Sangat Kids' channel on youtube and Subscribe. Enjoy and stay connected with us!! Subscribe to Sindhi Sangat channel for Sindhi Programmes

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Kanga Dijain Piryun Khe

Old is Gold. Some of the Sindhi old songs have very catchy tunes. We revive these songs and one such song is sung by Sahnila Ali and Saral Roshan in our event SINDHYAT JA RANG held on 6th Dec 2013 in Dubai. This song is from film Abana (1958). Event Organised by Asha Chand for Sindhi Sangat. DO SUBSCRIBE TO THIS CHANNEL.

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Asha Chand recites Narayan Shyam's Poetry

Narayan Shyam's poetry in the voice of Asha Chand. "Narayan Shyam" the poet of hope and affirmation occupies an unequalled position among the Sindhi poets of today. He received Sindhi Sahitya Academy Award in 1970. He has contributed some of his great works to the Sindhi Community. Please watch, share and like. FROM SINDHU WORLD Masters and critics of the Sindhi language and literature have a common view about the famous Sindhi poet Narayan Shyam that he the only one after the Shah Sahib who not only have control on language and expression but he is the ocean of vocabulary even in Farsi also. Narayan Shyam was born as the son of Dewan Gokuldas and Jamunadevi Nagwani on 22 July 1922 at a small village Khahi Kasim of Taluka Naushahro Feroze of Nawabshah district in Sindh. As he grow the freedom movement gets more and more stronger, at the time of partition in 1947 he was working as teacher of Persian [Farsi] language at his birth village. After the partition family was shifted to India and Narayan completed his B.A. from Mumbai University. Soon he was in service of post and telegram department in the accounts section as a clerk. His poetry was unique in the sense that when he started his literary journey he was lover boy of the critics but after the partition his language become so easy to understand that he become darling of masses. During the entire period from 1953 to 1988 [Time span of his first and last publication] though he wrote only 11 books but still his every word and line is still worth to watch. I would like to quote just four lines from his book "Wari-a-Bharyo Paland" for which he was honored with prestigious "Sahitya Academy Award" in 1970. “Saro Dinhu Kanda Rahiya Bar Nandi-e-bhar Rand Sanjhi Mahal Chhade Uthiya Wari-a-Bharyal Paland” He retired from service 1980 as the Head clerk and has worked as the convener of Sahitya Academy from 1978 to 1987. He died on 10 January 1989 at Delhi. LITERARY WORK – PUBLICATIONS O

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A J Uttam Interviewed by Dr. Arjan Sikayal

Sindhi Sahit Ji timurti Video documentary was produced by Asha Chand and Bina - Geeta Khiani in year 2000. One of the three best known literary figures and freedom fighter Shri A. J. Uttam is being interviewed by Dr. Arjan Sikayal. Shri A. J. Uttam was an outstanding progressive writer, critic, journalist, editor and very well known for outspoken, consistent well studied and documented opinion. In fact he was called the walking, talking and living encyclopedia of Sindhi literature. Shri A. J. Uttam (Or Assandas Jethanand Uttamchandani) was born on 16th December 1923 in Hyderabad Sindh (now in Pakistan). He formed a progressive writers group in 1946 in Hyderabad - Sindh, which held weekly literary study classes in which famous writers like Lekhraj Aziz, Professor M. U. Malkani, Tirth Basant, Prof. Gehimal Mulchandani and Kalyan Advani & revolutionary poet Haider Bux Jatoi and others participated/attended. Here he also interacted with other progressive artists like A.K. Hangal, Gobind Malhi, Shaikh Ayaz, Anand Golani and others. For some more information visit :A. J. Uttam was one of the pioneers of the first premier literary and cultural organization - Sindhi Sahit Mandal which was formed in January 1949 under the presidentship of Prof. M. U, Malkani in Bombay, the well-known dramatist and Historian. A. J. Uttam held the post of General Secretary and Vice President. The Mandal encouraged upcoming writers. Here many writers sent their writings to weekly study class. The Sindhi Sahit Mandal eventually evolved as the seat of Sindhi literary and cultural activities. It started the Sindhi language recognition movement in 1952 with five writers committee including Mr. A. J. Uttam. It held annual sammelans which included cultural programmes by Bhagwanti Navani, Smt. Sundri Uttamchandani, Savita Babani, Shivo Ramnani, Loku Hemrajani, Moti Prakash & others. Here young, enthusiastic and energetic writers and artists took part along with senior and elder writers and e

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Prabhu Wafa Documentary - عظيم شاعر پرڀو وفا

Prabhu Jotumal Chhugani 'wafa' was a great poet of Sindhi. His poetry has made him immortal. He was born on 19th Sep 1915 in Larkana, Sindh. His poetry is sung by almost all the leading Sindhi Singers. I was in regular contact with him. My mother Sundri Uttamchandani always showed her poems to him and seeked his advise.Prabhu 'wafa' wrote 8 books and received many awards for his great work. He received Sahitya Akademi Award in 1981 on his book 'Surkh gulab Surha Khuwab' سُرُخ گلاب ، سُرها خواب Sindhis should feel proud of such a poet whoes creations have been sung by almost all the singers. Dada Ram Panjwani was always singing 'Kashat Kashala Katba Wenda hiku thi Hiku Hiku thi...' ڪشٽ ڪشالا ڪٽبا ويندا هڪ هڪ ٿي هڪ هڪ ٿي.... This documentary starts with his beautiful poem sang by Kajal Chandiramani. This tune was composed by Rati Chuggani brother of Shri Prabhu wafa. Kajal has song especially for this work of ours. his books are : Jhankaar 1958, Parwaaz 1962, surkh Gulab Surha Khwab 1980, Maan Azal Ji Unch Ahiyan [title song] 1990, Toon Sagar Maan Lehar 1993, Aeena ain Akas 1994, Siju Lahan Te aa, Paigam 1983. Sindhi Sangat has produced this documentary with financial assistance from NCPSL. Dr. Moti Prakash did the scripting and Asha Chand did direction.Shri Mohan Gehani was all over with us.

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Bharat Amarnani about Dada Amar Trust Activities in Bangalore

Rev. Dada Amar can be described as a Mystic with a Mission. From a tender age he was attracted to the Divine. In 1951, he met Sadhu T.L Vaswani, founder of the Mira Movement and this contact left a deep impression on his mind. Giving up a lucrative career, he dedicated his life to the service of God. Mr. Bharat Amarnani (Dada Amar's nephew) from Bangalore talks about Dada Amar Charitable Trust and the activities they have been doing in order to help Sindhis in Bangalore. The activities Dada Amar had started and are going on till date are: Dada Amar Satsang Dada Amar Centre for Cerebral Palsied Children Amar Dham Borewells Juvenile Diabetic Camps Education Medical Assistance Assistance to Orphanages & Old Age Homes Know more about these activities on Get regular updates of the activities being handled by the trust on their facebook page Share with others & Do subscribe We promote Sindhi through internet and media ie Television. Pls watch our 'Sindhi Sangat Kids' channel on youtube and Subscribe. Enjoy and stay connected with us!! Subscribe to Sindhi Sangat channel for Sindhi Programmes You can also visit us at Sangat Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Download for Free 'LEARN SINDHI' app on Mobile- and Learn Sindhi Website of the most illustrious Sindhi short story writer

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Cheti Chand Aayo Aa | Sindhi song | Lyrics in Description | Raj Juriani 195

Cheti Chand Aayo Aa Karaoke link : Song : Cheti Chand Aayo Aa Singer : Raj Juriani - 9324364000 Lyrics : Kishin Juriani LYRICS: Cheti chad aayo aa, muhinjo jhulan jaao aa Varyoon lakhen wadhayoon Jagga khe taaran aayo aa Muhinjo jhoolan jaao aa varyoon lakhen... Sindhu nagar ja thya bhaag bhalaara Jit rahan tha muhinja sindhi pyara Galia galia men tha ajju behrana khajjan Baidyoon dhukad baaja pya thaa tootaara wajan Jhoolan bhag banayo aa muhinjo... Pehren number khaan suhini sargas nikrandee Parsram jee toli wah jee chhejja harandee Beharano sajala gaadee agyaan halandee Golan fanoosann roshnyoon San chamkandi diso netajiee band chha ta rang jamaaya aa varyoon... Bazaryoon gharan maan the thee gulla fulla warkha Parsadan men chana kohara ain peela chokhkha Baar budho mayee bahiyee nachanda halan tha Pehenje pyare lalan agyaan jhumryoon hanan tha Lalan mehara wasayee aa har KA dil khush daadi aa varyoon.. Saari duniya ja sindhi laal agyaan jhukan Mana joon muradoon sukha sara pala men paayeen Panjda gaaye jyot jagaaye laal khe rijhayiieen Anna wadhan shaal sindhi pallawa tha payeen Sikka wadhaina aayo aa dilyoon milaina aayoa aa varyoon,,, ====================== Sindhi Songs | Raj Juriani : Sindhi JUKEBOX : Sindhi Song for Cheti Chand : Dubai Live Performance Sindhi Melo : Sindhi Jhulelal Songs | Raj Juriani : Live Performance | Raj Juriani: Saral Sindhi Bhajans | Kishin Juriani Sindhi Songs | Kishin J

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Meri kahani bhoolne wale tera jahan aabaad rahe film Deedar - Kishin Juriani 150

Meri kahani bhoolne wale tera jahan aabaad rahe film Deedar 1951 - Kishin Juriani film----Deedar.(1951) cast Dilip kumar---Nargis. music-- naushad ali lyrics ......shakeel badayuni Film song by....mohammed rafi Live song by Kishin Juriani Subscribe Now: Watch More: Raj Juriani - 9324364000

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Tribute To HH : Presented By Vandana Nirankari | Jatin Vaswani | Nirankari Songs

In Loving Memory of His Holiness Nirankari Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj (23rd February 1954 - 13th May 2016 Song Credits Singers : Vandana Nirankari, Jatin Vaswani Music : Jatin Vaswani Video : Tanooj Saini Orginal Credits Song : Meherbaan Lyrics: Vivek Shauq Ji Song : Leke pyar aaye si Singer : Maghar Ali Song - Rehbara Singer - Kamal Khan Lyrics - Shah Ali Music - BMV Studioz (Himanshu Honey) Costume Designer ☞ Me.era Fashion Studio Editor - Honey Virk Video - Imran Ahmed Online Promotions : Rambo Network Song : Antaryami nu Singer : suresh wadekar Music : shubhdeep singh Song Lyrics: Rehbara o mere Rehbara Rehbara o mere Rehbara Meherbaan na tujsa koi meherbaan.... Leke pyar aaye si, saanu pyar de gaye Sadai Zindagi nu Sona kirdar de gaye Leke pyar aaye si haan pyar aaye si ... Kaise karoon yeh bayan, kitna hai mujhpe Karam Jabse hua hu tera Mit gaye hai sare bharam.. Kaise karoon yeh bayan, kitna hai mujhpe Karam Jabse hua hu tera Mit gaye hai sare bharam.. Kaisi muskaan Teri Badi unchi shaan Teri Kaisi muskaan Teri Badi unchi shaan Teri Yaadein athaa teri Mere Rehbara Mere Rehbara Rehbara Rehbara Mere Rehbara Mere Rehbara Antaryami Khe Dassaan Kedo Haal Diljo Antaryami Khe Dassaan Kedo Haal Diljo Antaryami Khe Dassaan Kedo Haal Diljo Antaryami Khe Dassaan Kedo Haal Diljo #nirankari #tribute #babaHardevSinghJi #NirankariSongs #nirankarisongs #shukrana #quarantine #antaryaminudasa #santnirankarimission #nirankarigeet #newnirankarigeet #rehbara #meherbaan


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