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Dhodho Chatni for Alifbe of Sindhi food#22

The 22nd letter of the AlifBe series is ڍ in Arabic Sindhi, ढ in Devanagari and in Roman Sindhi it is Dh as in Dhaka/ or Dhokla. And the corresponding Sindhi dish is Dhodho Chatni or chutney served with patted jowar roti, a revered Prasad at the Sadhu Bella Ashram in Mumbai. For the recipe kindly click on the following link:

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#sindhi# maffi de by #gurmukh chughria

live performance at chaliha sahib mandir by gurmukh jethalal group 9822244307

Keywords:sindhi bhajan,gurmukh,chaliha sahib,jhulelal bhajan,cheti chand

#sindhi comedy song# Rupaiye jo ma rezo matayo by #gurmukh chughria sung comedy song

sindhi comedy song live by gurmukh chughria this song is one of favourate song of my father gurmukh jethalal group for all types of function 9822244307


#moral values# jaisi karni waisi bharni by #gurmukh chughria

this is one of favourate song live programe at chaliha sahib mandir gurmukh jethalal group 9822244307

Keywords:bhajan,gurmukh chughria

#sindhi #mathe te matki khani by #gurmukh chughria

live programme at chaliha sahib mandir gurmukh jethalal group for all type of functions 09822244307

Keywords:bahrano sahib,gurmukh chughria,jethalal party

#sindhi# Jhulelal chalisa by #gurmukh chughria

Jhulelal chalisa recorded at montu studio gurmukh jethalal group 09822244307

Keywords:#jhulelal chalisa,#chalisa,#Gurmukh chughria

#sindhi# jhulelal jhulelal jhule jhule by #gurmukh chughria

t his song was sung by daler mahindi sahib and i had sung at chaliha sahib mandir live programme gurmukh jethalal group 9822244307/9022254222

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#sindhi# jhulelal ji katha by #gurmukh chughria

this is my live performance at puj chaliha sahib mandir ulhasnagar 5 gurmukh jethalal group for all types of function 09822244307


#sindhi# aaya jhulan ja dhin aaya by #gurmukh chughria

live programe at chaliha sahib mandir by gurmukh jethalal chughria and group 9822244307

Keywords:sindhi songs,sindhi bhajan,gurmukh chughria,chaliha sahib,jethalal party,bahrano sahib

#sindhi# aayo vari aa jhulelal jo melo by #gurmukh chughria

live programe at chaliha sahib mandir on chand by gurmukh jethalal group 09822244307

Keywords:sindhi song,jhulelal bhajan,gurmukh chughria,aayo vari aa

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