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Sada Bahar Master Chander - Jukebox

Sada Bahar Master Chander - Jukebox, Master Chander in Modern Times. Legacy of Legend Continues... Audio CD. Lyrics: Master Chander, Parsram Zia, Music Arranged by: Jagdish Lalwani 1. Sika Mein Sika Mein, Arti Raj Chander 0:00 2. Rutha Hi Rahan , Mahesh Chander 3:45 3. Wah Wah Re Ghada, Harish Chander 8:50 4. Tuhinje Shahir Mein, Gope Chander 13:03 5. Hika Ghal Ta Budh, Anil Chander 18:05 6. Kahenkhe Soor Ta, Harish Chander 24:05 7. Kalejo Mihinjo Huje, Anil Chander Anil Chaner 28:35 8. Anya Ta Aita, Arti Raj Chander 33:25 9. Sijha Ubhur Na toon, Mahesh CHander 37:55 10. Malik Toon Dardh, Gope Chander 44:07

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New JIO Phone in Sindhi Language for Rs.1500 FD

New Reliance JIO Phone has option of Sindhi Language menus. It comes only for Rs.1500. Also you get that money back after 3 years by returning the phone to Reliance. Reliance JIO phone works on latest 4G VoLTE technology offers unlimited calling free. You can also make video calls. It has 2 mega pixel rear camera and 0.3 mp front camera which performs very well. It has Jio TV with 450 channels. JIO Music with 1.4 crore songs. JIO Cinema app, NFC, Bluetooth, WiFi, FM Radio all only for Rs. 1500 Fixed Deposit. You can go to settings and change the language from English to Sindhi Devanagari and enjoy the Sindhi Menu options.

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45-Karan Khemani - Paar Pujjaindo, Jhulelal.

45-Karan Khemani - Paar Pujjaindo, Jhulelal. In Loving memory of our beloved Dada Thakur Chawla. Glimpses of Sindhi Sangeet at Sita Sindhu Bhavan. More here:

Keywords:Sita Sindhu Bhavan,Sindhi Music,Sindhi Song,Dada Thakur Chawla,Karan Khemani,Paar Pujjaindo Jhulelal

Book a FREE Vaccine near your home - Secret Tricks Explained

In case you're trying to book COVID19 vaccine and finding it difficult to do so, watch this short video. It will help you to book the vaccine using some simple steps. So much knowledge related to the vaccination process is shared only in 9 minutes. The objective behind this video is to help the Sindhi Community to learn the technical process involved in making a booking to get vaccinated in very simple layman's language. Get vaccinated to safeguard yourself and your family members. Once a majority of the population is vaccinated, we will have confidence to go out freely and carry out our business as usual. What is the Corona Virus situation currently? How has it affected the Sindhi Community? How can Vaccination help us to come out of this situation? How do we use Cowin Portal? The video comes with details and an on-screen guide. How many types of Vaccines are available in India? We have shared details about Covishield, Covaxin & Sputnik Vaccines. How do we use the Telegram app to instantly book desired vaccine at the desired location? link to Cowin portal : link to above 45 telegram channel : link to under 45 telegram channel : Thank you so much for viewing this video and sharing it with friends & Family. Thanks to Alka Keswani & Amrita Lal for reviewing the video so many times and giving feedback. Thanks to Sindhyat Foundation having trust & support. Presenter: Deepak Keswani/Radio Sindhi. Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License #Covid19 #Vaccination #Cowin

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Day4 - One Global Sindhi Utsav Grand Cheti Chand Virtual Mela

Day4 - One Global Sindhi Utsav Grand Cheti Chand Virtual Mela 0:00 Event begins 2:06 Kavita Israni’s entry 8:14 Simran Ahuja’s Chetichand wishes 22:05 Bhagat by 30:12 Dr Roshni Tolani asks 1st Quiz Question 39:06 Tuhinje Ganja mein/Saar sabhnin ji, by Kaajal Chandiramani 45:32 Kalangi Waara lal by Kajal C 51:44 Jhule Lal by Kajal C 57:20 Bedhi waara by Kajal C 1:10 Murli Adnani asks 2nd Quiz question 1:14: Sangeeta Bapuli talks about Supnin JI Sindh 1:15 Dr Ram Jawaharani shares his views on SJS’s trailer 1:24 Trailer of Supnin Ji Sindh 1:31 Deepak Keswani of Radio Sindhi talks about SJS 1:34:46 Divya Bajaj of Sindhi Heritage asks 3rd Quiz question 1:44 Comedy by Sunil and Roshni Hotwani of Hojamalo fame 1:56 Das Dhiraj Asks 3 more questions of Quiz 2:09:39 Priyanka Keswani’s entry 2:13:40 Naale Alakh Je by Priyanka Keswani 2:15:20 Paar Pujaeendo Jhulelal by Priyanka 2:24:00 Sindhin Ja mela and medley by Priyanka 2:41:00 Dr Gurumukh Jagwani talks about the show 2:58:40 Deepak Keswani of RadioSindhi Announces winners of Quiz 3:04 Jamo Paye by Kaajal C 3:07 Deepak Keswani shares about Radio Sindhi on its 10th Anniversary year and future plans 3:15 Palav by Kaajal Chandiramani

Keywords:Radio Sindhi,Kaajal Chandiramani,Kishan Ramnani,Sangeeta Jaisingh,Sangeeta Bapuli,Bhagat Sanju,Priyanka Keswani,Kavita Israni,Cheti Chand,Grand Cheti Chand,Cheti Chand Mela

Day3-One Global Sindhi Utsav Grand Cheti Chand Virtual Mela

One Global Sindhi Utsav Grand Cheti Chand Virtual Mela - DAY 1 17TH APRIL 7.30 PM IST Compering Kishin Ramnani, Heena Shahdadpuri Performances by Soumya Panjwani, Nachography, Saral Roshan, Seema Motwani, Palav by: Vishni Israni Bhagat Guests:Dr. Roshni Tolani, Poonam Kukreja, Deepak Keswani, Satish & Nisha Raisinghiani, Heena Shahdadpuri, Dr. Bharati Chhabria 00:00 Event begins 2:18 Heena Shahdadpuri’s entry 4:24 Kishin Ramnani’s entry 9:28 Dr Roshni Tolani’s entry 10:40 Jhulelal Ji Aarti 16:03 Shankar Lalwani’s Chetichand wishes and message 20:20 Poonam Kukreja’s entry 22:25 1st Quiz question 24:20 Soumya Panjwani’s entry 26:46 Sindhin Ja mela 34:50 Janam Manayo Mili Mauj machayo 37:00 Tuhinjee meher vasethi 38:59 Dulha Dariya shah muhinji bhedi paar lagaye jaan 41:00 Bhedi waara ada re mohana 42:30 Cheti chand jo deenh aayo 52:45 Amrita Lal asks 2nd Question 58:52 Dance performance on Alay Je chhame raazi aa by Naachography team from Manila Hik Son Jo Rupayo 1:02 Dance performance on Lal Meri Pat by Naachography team from Manila 1:04 Nisha Raisinghani asks 3rd Quiz Question 1:08 Prem Talks about Chej 1:20:49 Comedy by Seema Motwani 1:35:06 Deepak Keswani of RadioSindhi asks 4th quiz question 1:39:00 Saral Roshan’s entry 1:43:15 Shukar Jhulelal Tuhinjo By Saral Roshan 1:49:30 Tuhinje Sheher mein aayum Kismet saan by Saral Roshan 1:54:25 Sindhi Abani Boli by Saral Roshan 2:03:26 Jiyan Muhinja Sindhi by Saral Roshan 2:08:20 Lal Mukhe maalamaal kayoh by Saral Roshan 2:15:40 Wafai Ja putla Vafadaar Sindhi by Saral Roshan 2:25:00 Bharati Chhabria announces winners of quiz 2:33:36 Palav by Vishni Israni


DAY 2- One Global Sindhi Utsav Grand Cheti Chand Virtual Mela

One Global Sindhi Utsav Grand Cheti Chand Virtual Mela - DAY 1 16TH APRIL 7.30 PM IST Compering Mohit Shewani, Dr. Roshni Tolani Performances by Shubam Nathani, Sindh Jyot Kala Mandir, Kanchan Nihalani, Manjushree Assudani Tejwani, Guests: Dhiraj Saeen, Satish & Nisha Raisinghiani, Dr Ram Jawhrani, Narayan Bablani, Heena Shahdadpuri 0:00 Start of Program 2:04 Mohit Shewani Entry 4:38 Dr Roshni Entry 6:10 Satish Raghani and Dr Ram JAwhrani entry 6:30 Dr Ram’s wishes for Chetichand 12:10 Satish And Nisha’s Chetichand wishes 17:00 Shri Jhulelal Gaytri Mantra as revealed to Ma Archana Anand Ashram Indonesia 19:30 Roshni on screen for quiz 20:45 Heena Shahdadpuri for 1st Quiz question 24:10 Mohit and Roshni on Screen 25:10 Shubham Nathani 27:22 Shubham Nathani Chander Medley 34:30 Shubham NAthani Wah Wah re Rangi Tujha rang 37:34 Shubham Nathani Alay Je chhame Raazi aa 39:32 Sindhi Aahin Pyara Jhulelal khe 40:48 Jiyo SIndhi 42:00 Thar mata thar 46:24 Faqeer Ji muhabat 47:44 Na rahende toon na rahendis maan 48:20 Hath mathe kare 50:10 Jiye Muhuni Sindh 52:00 Mohit Shewani Talking About Pooja MOtwani Ajrak 54:00 Peter Dhalwani Entry 55:23 Quiz question 2 58:13 Dance performance on Bedhi waara song by Sindh Jyot Kalamandir, Thane 59:51 Dance performance on Jyotiyun Sahib by Sindh Jyot Kalamandir,Thane 1:00:02 Narayan Bablani Sindhi Heritage asking quiz question 3 1:00:05 Mohit Shewani Entry 1:07:51 Comedy Skit by Kanchan Nihalani 1:25:58 Sai Dhiraj Das Asking Quiz question 4 1:29:34 Manjushree Assudani 1:31:00 Manjushree Assudani singing Mashup:Jhulan Aayo Pale tey 1:34:31 Dil Laalan Laalan payi Kare 1:36:33 Oh Mujhinji Dimpy dear 1:40:00 Pere Pawandee saan 1:46:02 Jeeve Saaiyan 1:48:00 Sadke Sadke Laal 1:50:00 Alay Je chhame raazi aa 1:50:44 Muhinjee bedi athai 1:51:06 Aahi aayan Tuhinje dhar 1:52:39 Muhinja Man Kabootar 1:53:28 Mor tho Tiley 1:54:04 Sik mein o Sik mein 1:55:53 Jiyo Sindhi 1:56:33 Jiye Muhinjee Sindh 2:02:00 Nisha R announcing Quiz winners 2:08:00 Pala

Keywords:Dhiraj Saeen,Satish & Nisha Raisinghiani,Dr Ram Jawhrani,Narayan Bablani,Heena Shahdadpuri,Mohit Shewani,Dr. Roshni Tolani,Shubam Nathani,Sindh Jyot Kala Mandir,Kanchan Nihalani,Manjushree Assudani Tejwani,Cheti Chand,Grand Cheti Chand Mela,Cheti Chand 2021,Sindhi Show

GetBig AgroCare Seasonal Mango Offer

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Moving Clouds Time Lapse Photography, Thane City

Moving Clouds Time Lapse Thane City with Apple iPhone 4s Shot on 20-Aug-2015 evening at 6:45 pm.

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GetBig AgroCare Chikoo Offer

GetBig AgroCare Chikoo Offer Fresh Chikoo from Farm offer. Call to know launch price. 7045070459 or visit

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