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#sindhi# jhulelal jhulelal jhule jhule by #gurmukh chughria

t his song was sung by daler mahindi sahib and i had sung at chaliha sahib mandir live programme gurmukh jethalal group 9822244307/9022254222

Keywords:jhulelal songs,sindhi new bhajan,gurmukh,jethalal group,bahrano sahib

#sindhi# Jhulan Ji Mahima by #gurmukh chughria

i like this tune very much so i have written this sindhi jhulelal bhajan on this tune & we are doing all type of programmes like behrana sahib, mata ki jyot, sindhi laada & all related wedding functions. ( gurmukh jethalal musical group - 9822244307 / 9022254222

Keywords:gurmukh chugria,jethalal musical group,jhulelal bhajan,chaliha sahib,jhulan ji mahima

#sindhi# Achjain Aamrlal Achjain by #gurmukh chughria

this is my first album which was recorded about 15 years ago gurmukh jethalal chughria group for all types of function 09822244307/09022254222

Keywords:gurmukh chughria,jethalal group,jhulelal bhajans,bahrano sahib,aarti jhulelal ki,sindhi bhajans

#sindhi# jhulelal jo melo by #gurmukh chughria

this is one of best album of my team gurmukh jethalal group in this 9 songs and palav in my voice 09822244307/09022254222

Keywords:gurmukh chughria,sindhi bhajan,jhulelal songs,aayo vary aa jhulelal jo melo,sadke sadke lal jhulan,munhinji bedi athayi,sadke vanya,haiya haiya,muhinje ghar mein jhulan aayo,jhule jhule,lal

#sindhi# Jhulan Tho Chamke audio songs by #gurmukh chughria#

for chaliha sahib mela new songs for all public gurmukh jethalal chughria and group has composed these song for you pls listen and subscribe and share my link with friends my mob numbers 09822244307/09022254222

Keywords:gurmukh chughria,jhulelal bhajan,lal aayo,asaan lal je mandir mein,chha tha socho,jhulelal bedapar,jotiyun jo noor aayo aa,chamkiyo sitaro,aayo aayo,jhulan tho chamke

#sindhi# Jhulan tho chamke #gurmukh chughria.

I Iike this lovely tune so thats why i written a sindhi song of our jhulelal saheb on this tune. Gurmukh jethalal chughria. co. 09822244307 /09022254222.

Keywords:gurmukh chughria,jhulelal bhajan,latest sindhi song

#sai baba# sai sandhya 5 by #gurmukh

jethalal party 9822244307 /9022254222 /9323656440

Keywords:gurmuh chughria,sai bhajan

#sai baba# sai sandhya by #gurmukh chughria#

jethalal party 9822244307/9022254222/9323656440 this is live prg kept by mohan jyot building ambernath east

Keywords:gurmukh chughria,jethalal party

#sindhi# #mata rani# thar mata thar by #gurmukh chughria

thar mata thar i had sung on this beutiful tune jethalal party 09822244307/09323656440/09022254222 this song shoot at mata mai rajain mandir unr 5

Keywords:thar mata thar,gurmukh chughria

#sindhi# o bhau by #gurmukh chughria

this song i had written on marathi tune jethalal party 09822244307/09323656440/09022254222

Keywords:jhulelal bhajan gurmukh chughria

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