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Alije Cha Me Raazi Aa

Singer : Permanand Piyasi Lyrics : Kavi Master Ranjhan Sahib ji


#Alije #Alijy #Cha #Raazi #Ranjhan Alaije Cha Me Razi Aa Singers from SINDH

Alije Cha Me Raazi Aa,A world Famous Kalam, Very Popular in Sindh too, Here we will see Few Clippings from Singers of SINDH. Mumtaz Lashari Sahib, Begun Mumtaz,

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Veena Shirangi ji -Explain abt Master Ranjhan's Poetry.

Alije Cha me Razi Aa Celebrating 39th Varsi Utsav of Sufi Kavi Master Ranjhan Sahib ji on 16th December at Master Ranjhan Sindhu Bhavan YouTube Channel and Facebook page. In the Varsi Utsav we can meet Shree Mohandas Valecha and family ( Master Ranjhan's Son, Grand Doughter, Doughter in Law. And Great grand Children). Also will see the Popularity of world famous Kalam written by Master Ranjhan alije Cha Me Raazi aa in SINDH. Followed by the highlight on Ranjhan's Poetry by Madam Veena Shirangi ji. Veena Shirangi ji will Explain the Depth of Master Ranjhan's Poetry ,she will also give information on different shades of poetry in her Beautiful Research work. Finally Vote of Thanks by Sangeeta Sukhwani ji.

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Padamshre Professor Ram Panjwani ji - Short film.

Tribute to Dada. Padamshre Professor Ram Panjwani ji. Speach by MRSB Student Monishka Nand Jethani. Speach on Dada's Contribution to Sindhiyat, his life, his Meg, his Songs and His Partner Master Ranjhan A Diwali Special Show "Diyari Ja Diya" show Concept and Directed by Sangeeta Sukhwani.

Keywords:Padamshre,Professor Ram Panjwani,MRSB Student,Sindhubhavan,Ranjhan,Muhinji Bedi,Alije Cha Me Raazi Aa

Alaije Cha Me Raazi Aa - Jeetendra Mohandas Valecha

Alije Cha me Raazi Aa Lyrics: Sufi Kavi Master Ranjhan Singer: Jeetendra Valecha Music: Babu Dotry Master Ranjhan Sindhu Bhavan Ulhasnagar At Sindhi Sadai Aabad Raho programme - Tribute to Shree Mohandas Ranjhan Valecha ji


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