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Sada Bahar Master Chander - Jukebox

Sada Bahar Master Chander - Jukebox, Master Chander in Modern Times. Legacy of Legend Continues... Audio CD. Lyrics: Master Chander, Parsram Zia, Music Arranged by: Jagdish Lalwani 1. Sika Mein Sika Mein, Arti Raj Chander 0:00 2. Rutha Hi Rahan , Mahesh Chander 3:45 3. Wah Wah Re Ghada, Harish Chander 8:50 4. Tuhinje Shahir Mein, Gope Chander 13:03 5. Hika Ghal Ta Budh, Anil Chander 18:05 6. Kahenkhe Soor Ta, Harish Chander 24:05 7. Kalejo Mihinjo Huje, Anil Chander Anil Chaner 28:35 8. Anya Ta Aita, Arti Raj Chander 33:25 9. Sijha Ubhur Na toon, Mahesh CHander 37:55 10. Malik Toon Dardh, Gope Chander 44:07

Keywords:Master Chander,Legend of Sindhi Music,Sindhi Songs,Mahesh Chander,Gope Chan,Harish Chander,Arti Raj,Arti Chander,Anil Chander

Radio Sindhi - Hoshiyar Sindhi #10 with Master Chander Complete Family

Get ready for the most awaited show of the week, Hoshiyar Sindhi, Episode #10 coming live on our FB page & YouTube on 8-Aug-2020, Saturday, 9pm IST. We will meet with Gope Chander, Mahesh Chander, Arti Raj Chander, Harish Chander, Anil Chander & many many more to know the complete details of Master Chander Sahib & legacy, with same host Deepak Keswani

Keywords:Sindhi Show,Master Chander,Mahesh Chander,Arti Raj,Harish Chander,Anil Chander,Hari Chander,Gope Chander,Sur Chander Ja Raat Chander Ji

06 Kahinkhe Soor - Harish Chander

06 Kahinkhe Soor - Harish Chander from the new Album "Sada Bahar Master Chander" released on 3-Jan-2015.

Keywords:Harish Chander,Sindhi Music,Master Chander,Sada Bahar Master Chander,Sangeet Acharya Master Chander,Sindhi Song

03 Wah Wah Re Gara - Harish Chander

03 Wah Wah Re Gara - Harish Chander from the new Album "Sada Bahar Master Chander" released on 3-Jan-2015.

Keywords:Master Chander,Harish Chander,Sada Bahar Master Chander,Sangeet Acharya Master Chander,Sindhi Music,Sindhi Song

"Aitbar Na Kaje" by Gope Chander and Harish Chander

Gope Chander (Son of Master Chander) Harish Chander (Grand Son of Master Chander) on the occasion of 103rd Birthday of Master Chander (Sur Chander Ja, Raat Chander Ji)

Keywords:Sindhi,Master Chander,Gope Chaner,Harish Chander,Birthday

Dil Tuhinji Muhinji Hik Aa - SSB 631th Show on 14-Feb-2021 at 12 noon

Dil Tuhinji Muhinji Hik Aa, Sita Sindhu Bhavan Show #631. Celebrating Valentine Day Sindhi Style with Love Songs by Harish Chander, Aarti Chander, Anil Chander. Friendly Appearance by Mukesh Ahuja. Dhuni by Ashok Jain and anchoring by Amrita Lal with Palav by Aarohi Lal, Shradanjali to Mr. Ramchand Ludhani & Mr. P B Chand. Don't forget to join us on 14-Feb-2021 Sunday at 12 Noon IST. Event supported by Mr. Murli Odhrani

Keywords:Sindhi,Dil Tuhinji Muhinji Hik Aa,Arti Chander,Harish Chander,Anil Chander,Master Chander,Parsram Zia,Amrita Lal,Aarohi Lal,Mukesh Ahuja,Radio Sindhi,Sita Sindhu Bhavan,Shobha Lalchandani,Barkha Khushalani

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