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Ruchi Chanchlani Appeal

Is it not the responsibility of youngsters to speak to their parents in Sindhi?What do you say? Ruchi Chanchlani expresses her views. Brought to you by Asha Chand.

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Sindhi Breakfast: Sindhi Neran aahe Mazedar

Sindhi Breakfast is very tasty and through this we are introducing these kind of Skits for our viewers to know about Sindhi food. If you can make skits like these, Contact Us. If you can think of introducing other items of daily life in this manner do let us know. Karishma and Chirag Lakhiani have played roles of mother and a son. Script by Moomal Punjabi Pics of Breakfasts courtesy by httpa//

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Honey Khilwani - Act 90 Percent

All the parents are interested in their children getting maximum percentage in their studies.Everybody feels that percentage of marks determines the success of their child. Listen to Honey Khilwani and most of the parents will feel that they also are expecting too much from their children. Why not ask your children to learn Sindhi as an extra curricular activity?

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'Bandhan' Audio Story of Sundri Uttamchandani

Smt. Sundri Uttamchandani was a leading Sindhi writer. She wrote many short stories and was a proud winner of the Sahitya Akademi Award. Bandhan story is from her book title 'Bandhan' which is a part of the Syllabus of IIS students. Bandhan and other stories are available on audio format on her website

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Constituion in Sindhi

Do you know how Sindhi Language was included in the Constitution? Listen to Shri. L. K. Advani's speech. Historical event. Indian Institute of Sindhology translated the Indian Constitution in Sindhi and Shri Atal Bihari Vajpaee ji [ PM] Released it on 27 July 1998. Shri K r Malkani, Shri Ram Jethmalani, Suresh Keswani, Dada Murij Manghnani, dr. Moti Prakash and others attended the ceremony in Delhi. SUBSCRIBE TO THIS CHANNEL. know more about Sindhology- brought to you by Asha Chand, Trustee. Promote Sindhyat . Pass the link to all Sindhis to become aware of the facts.

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Asha Chand Talks about Sindhi culture

What can make Sindhi a proud Sindhi? We should remember we are the inheritors of Indus Valley civilization. Mohen Jo Daro is our Sabhyata. Watch the Video and feel proud to be Sindhi. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND PROMOTE SINDHI SANGAT CHANNEL.

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Sindhi Comedy by Rup Gehani and Asha Chand

Rup Gehani performs a comedy set at Surahee Shaam Sangeet Jee in Dubai. Event organised by Asha Chand.

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Ashok Sundrani Comedy in Sindhi - 7

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Jokes Ashok Sundrani Comedy in Sindhi - 4 . اشوڪ سندراڻي چرچا دبئيءَ ۾

Program Jhankaar in Dubai on 2 Nov 2007. Ashok Sundrani performed and made Sindhi laugh on jokes. Share and Subscribe Event organised by Asha Chand

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Jokes by Ashok Sundrani - Comedy in Sindhi - 3 چرچا اشوڪ سندراڻي

Ashok Sundrani and Seema Motwani makes everyone laugh with their hilarious comedy punches in Jhankaar program in Dubai. Event Organised by Asha Chand

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