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Sindhi Comedy by Ashok Sundrani 2

Ashok Sundrani from Laughter Challenge in Sindhi in Dubai on 2 Nov 2007

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Ashok Sundrani Comedy in Sindhi - 1

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Mizman - April Fool Skit

April Fools' Day is celebrated every year on April 1 by playing practical jokes and spreading hoaxes. Today on April Fools' Day, here is a Comedy Sindhi Skit , for you to watch, laugh, and enjoy. Artists are Srichand Makhija, Geeta Khiani Ms. Makhija and others. Produced by Sindhi Sangat.

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Group Dance on Halu Marya Ghot Peeu..

Group Dance on famous song 'Hal Marya Ghot Peeu Ghuman Bazaar...' in Jhalak Sindhyaat Jee Programme held in Dubai. Event Organised by Asha Chand. Share with others & Do subscribe We promote Sindhi through internet and media ie Television. Pls watch our 'Sindhi Sangat Kids' channel on youtube and Subscribe. Enjoy and stay connected with us!! Subscribe to Sindhi Sangat channel for Sindhi Programmes You can also visit us at Sangat Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Download for Free 'LEARN SINDHI' app on Mobile- and Learn Sindhi Website of the most illustrious Sindhi short story writer

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Ahro Ju Murs Maryo Ghuman Natho De

WE HAVE UPLOADED THIS IN HD QUALITY - - PLS WATCH A comedy dance performance by a group of young people in Dubai in March 2006


Lal Muhinji Pat (Singer-Shahnila Ali)

Sindhi Sangat Presents Programme Held In Dubai Sindhyat Ja Rang Song By Shahnila Ali Event Organised By Asha Chand

Keywords:Sindhi Sangat,Sindhi,Jhulelal,Sindhi songs,Sindhi Language (Human Language)

Chhokar Nandhiro - Sindhi Sangat

Chhokar Nandhiro - Sindhi nursery rhyme for children. LYRICS R BELOW. Video made specially for kids to learn with actions and also for performing in school or public programs. Video directed by Prakash Vaswani. Singer Honey Khilwani. Bought to you by Asha Chand. A Sindhi Sangat Presentation. Subscribe to this channel. Share with others. Promote Sindhyat. LYRICS; Chhokar Nandhro Chhokar Nandhro, Chhokar Nandhro Nikto ghar maa khaa takdo takdo Hatha sandas mei chhatee pyaaree Tik tik tik tik tik Sir te topee kaaree Ghumando aayo, ghumando aayo nadi'a kinaare ghumando aayo Ute dithayee waaghu hikdo Arre arre waaghu! Ute dithayee waaghu hikdo Sandas puthya te aayo takdo Bijli'a waangur chhokar dordyo Ijho the waaghu khes nihordyo Sehki'a mei ute aayo neengar Sheehn dithaayee saamhu kehar Sheehn mathas aayo tapu deyi Para chhokar chhalaki kayi Hikdum leti pyo, dharti'aa te mathaa kayayee ot chhati'a te Sheehn chhati'a je waat me tapee pyo Wanyee waaghu'a je waat mei pyo Sheehn phatyo ain waaghu zakhmee Bhajan lago poi chhokar jaldi Chhade chhatee ain topee aayo Arre arre muhinjee chhatee! muhinji topee! Chhade chhatee ain topee aayo Keen zaro huna waqt winaayo Ghar de dordyo takdo takdo takdo takdo takdo takdo Chhokar Nandhro, Chhokar Nandhro Singer- Honey Khilwani Music- Jagdish Lalwani Writer- Hari Daryani Dilgir LYRICS IN SINDHI مُنهنجيِ نانيِ مُنهنجيِ نانيِ، گهَر جيِ راڻيِ روزُ ٻُڌائي نَئيِن ڪَهاڻيِ صُبوحَ سَويرو اُٿنديِ آهي نانءُ ڌڻيءَ جو وَٺنديِ آهي آهي سٻاجهيِ هيءَ نِماڻيِ سڀَ سان مِٺڙو ٻولي ٿيِ رازَ اَندَرَ جا کولي ٿيِ آهي سَڀِنِ ۾ هيِءَ سياڻيِ هَرِڪو هِنَ کي چاهي ٿو سُکُ اَندَرَ جو پائي ٿو ماکيءَ جهَڙيِ هِنَ جيِ واڻيِ مُنهنجيِ نانيِ، گهر جيِ راڻيِ روزُ ٻُڌائي نَئيِن ڪَهاڻيِ مُنهنجيِ نانيِ Poet: Sunder Jagwani ‘Mujram’ Singer: Ritu Ahuja Music Director: Jagdish Lalwani


Tuhi Nirankar - Vandana Nirankari || Juggy Gill

Some call it God; Some have named it Energy; While some think of it as the Supreme power... An ode, filled with gratitude towards our Gurus, for reacquainting us with the Occult power, the nurturant of the entire universe, the keeper of humans, that surrounds us all. May the realisation of his presence fill us with peace and love ❤️ Lyrics: tuhi tuhi tuhi nirankar- 2 One thou formless Roop rang khaan aahin niyaaro (You are the Occult power) Seejhu chandru taara, tuhinjo pasaaro (The Sun,The moon and the stars are your extension) Saaria vees jo tu paalanhaaro (You are the Nurturant of the entire universe) bhagtan jo tu sadaa rakhwalo (You are the keeper of humans) aahyun sharan tuinjia datar (We surrender ourselves to you) tuhi tuhi tuhi nirankar-4 (One thou formless) Jalla thalla me tuinji jyot jagey thi (Your light illuminates from earth to the waters) madhur madhur tuhinji murali wadye thi (The melodious tune on your flute is heard all over) gagan mandal nav khanda me tuhi (You are present in the sky, the cosmos and the 9 planets) zarre zarre pattey pattey me tuhi (In each and every particle, you reside in each and every leaf) aahin, chaini kundhan choudhaar (You are present in all the corners, everywhere) tuhi tuhi tuhi nirankari-2 (One thou formless) Aeba gunaah data keena tu disjaayein (Please overlook our flaws and error) sharan aaye ji data laaaj tu rakhjayein (Please bestow the ones who bow to you) Ma nimaney jo pardo tu dhak jayein (Please put your sacred veil on me) beda asanja paar lagayejayein (Take my boat to it’s shore from the middle of the ocean) aahyun, nandhda tuhinja baar (We are your innocent children) tuhi tuhi tuhi nirankar-2 One thou formless sangi saathi ghatta ghatta waasi (Friend, companion, residing in all the hearts) tu jeevan data purkh avinashi (You are the life, O giver, the indestructible primogenitor) sharan aaaayeji katti jammaji phaasi (When we come to your holy feet, we are liberated from the cycle of rebirth) patitta


Mera wajood - Vandana Nirankari

Baba Hardev Singh was an Indian spiritual guru and chief leader of the Sant Nirankari Mission. Wikipedia :- His Holiness touched and changed many lives through his teachings of Compassion, Kindness, Humanity, Peace, Oneness and LOVE.

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Lal Muhinji Pat- Roxygen Ft. Vandana Nirankari

Keywords:Sindhi People (Ethnicity),Jhulelal (Deity),Sindhi Language (Human Language),Drums (Musical Instrument),Soulful Dynamics (Musical Group),sindhisong

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