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Junior Sindhi IDOL - Anu Malik on stage - Part 1

Junior Sindhi IDOL - Anu Malik on stage - Part 1 Junior Sindhi IDOL Season II was performed at Balgandharva Auditorium, Bandra West on 8-Dec-2018 - 6:30pm. Anu Malikji blessed the occasion by visiting the event and singing shayari in his style for Sindhi community. More parts about the event will be added soon. Please subscribe to our channel to receive the notification.

Keywords:Junior Sindhi Idol,BK Kandhari,Niroo Asrani,Bihari Kandhari,Shobha Lalchandani,Amrita Lalchandani,Barkha Khushalani,Anu Malik,Balgandharva Auditorium,Bandra,Sandeep aur Pinky Faraar

Sada Bahar Master Chander - Jukebox

Sada Bahar Master Chander - Jukebox, Master Chander in Modern Times. Legacy of Legend Continues... Audio CD. Lyrics: Master Chander, Parsram Zia, Music Arranged by: Jagdish Lalwani 1. Sika Mein Sika Mein, Arti Raj Chander 0:00 2. Rutha Hi Rahan , Mahesh Chander 3:45 3. Wah Wah Re Ghada, Harish Chander 8:50 4. Tuhinje Shahir Mein, Gope Chander 13:03 5. Hika Ghal Ta Budh, Anil Chander 18:05 6. Kahenkhe Soor Ta, Harish Chander 24:05 7. Kalejo Mihinjo Huje, Anil Chander Anil Chaner 28:35 8. Anya Ta Aita, Arti Raj Chander 33:25 9. Sijha Ubhur Na toon, Mahesh CHander 37:55 10. Malik Toon Dardh, Gope Chander 44:07

Keywords:Master Chander,Legend of Sindhi Music,Sindhi Songs,Mahesh Chander,Gope Chan,Harish Chander,Arti Raj,Arti Chander,Anil Chander

Radio Sindhi - Hoshiyar Sindhi #13 with Kamlesh Kapoor & Mala Mansukhani

Get ready for the most awaited show of the week, Hoshiyar Sindhi, Episode #13 coming live on our FB page & YouTube on 29-Aug-2020, Saturday, 9pm IST. We will meet with Kamlesh Kapoor, Veteran Sindhi Singer with albums on T-Series, Mala Mansukhani, Founder & Author of Grow Younger (Beautiful Grandmother at 60) with the same host Deepak Keswani

Keywords:Sindhi Program,Kamlesh Kapoor,Deepak Keswani,Hoshiyar Sindhi,Radio Sindhi,Mala Mansukhani,Grow Younger,Grow Younger Book

Fast Completion Palav at Puj Chaliha Sahib Jhulelal Mandir 26-Aug-20

Ayo Lal Sabai Chavo, Jhulelal

Keywords:Sindhi Palav,Chaliha Sahib,Kali Sain,Kaliram,Sai Kaliram,Sai Parmanand Sahib,Jhulelal Mandir

Ranveer Deepika Wedding - Sindhi Lado Song | Sindhi Lada

Ranveer Deepika Wedding - Sindhi Lado Song Sindhi Lada Songs - Muhinjee Shehzadi - Lado Ladi Aareindo, Shehzadi Areindo. Sindhi Lada Songs are commonly played during Sindhi Shaadi, Sindhi Wedding, Sindhi Vivah. Some people also organise Sindhi Lada in DJ format. This is one such song which will make everyone happy. Heartiest Congratulations to newly wed couple Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone Bhavnani

Keywords:Ranveer,Deepika,Sindhi Lado,Sindhi Lada,Sindhi Song,Sindhi Wedding Sindhi Shaadi,Sindhi Dance,Ranveer Singh,Deepika Padukone,Sindhi Shadi,Sindhi Vivah,Sindhi Wedding Music,Ranveer Singh Bhavnani,Deepika Bhavnani

Salim Merchant invites you for Junior Sindhi IDOL

Salim Merchant Bollywood Music Composer & Singer invites you for Junior Sindhi IDOL on 8th December-2018, 6:30pm at Balgandharva Auditorium, Bandra West, Mumbai-50. Passes available after 25-November-2018.

Keywords:Salim Merchant,Salim Sulaiman,Sindhi IDOL,Junior Sindhi IDOL,Amrita Lal,Niroo Asrani,Suman & Ramesh Tulsiani,B Kandhari Properties

Sindhi Junior IDOL invitation by Drshika Advani

Junior Sindhi IDOL invitation by Drshika Advani 8th December, 2018, 6:30pm at Balghandarva Auditorium, Bandra West.

Keywords:Sindhi IDOL,Junior Sindhi IDOL,Sindhi Song,Sindhi Contest,Drshika Advani,Balghandarva Auditorium,Khar,Mumbai,Sindhi Music

Radio Sindhi - Hoshiyar Sindhi #12 with Vipin Shewani & Kavita Sukheja

Get ready for the most awaited show of the week, Hoshiyar Sindhi, Episode #12 coming live on our FB page & YouTube on 22-Aug-2020, Saturday, 9pm IST. We will meet with Vipin Shewani, Sindhi Sufi Singer & Music Composer Kavita Sukheja, Motivational Speaker & Happiness Coach with same host Deepak Keswani

Keywords:Vipin Shewani,Kavita Sukheja,Hoshiyar Sindhi,Deepak Keswani,Thalassemia,Motivational Speaker,Sindhi Music,Suresh Shewani

Kosa Kohar Khani Halyo | Bhagat Kanwarram Sahib | Cheti Chand 2017

Kosa Kohar Khani Halyo wyo, Bhagat Kanwarram Sahib song sung by Gurmukh Chughria at Cheti Chand melo of 2017. One in Bhagat Kanwarram costume is Shri Nandalal Chughria. Cheti Chand Melo 2017 organised by Thane Sindhi Club on 25-Mar-2017 at Kidpop School, Thane

Keywords:Gurmukh Chughria,Nandlal Chughria,JK Music,Bhagat Kanwarram,Bhagat Kanwarram Song,Sindhi Song,Cheti Chand,Cheti Chand 2017,Thane Sindhi Club,Kidpop

Muhinja Kaamil Yaar Malah - Ragini Musical Group, Sindhi Song

Muhinja Kaamil Yaar Malah by Ragini Musical Group. Lyrics: Prabhu Wafa Artists: Anand Tekwani Renuka Tekwani Roshni Tekwani Ragini Tekwani Jaikishan Tekwani performed during Lockdown from home. #SindhiSong #RadioSindhi #SindhiMusic

Keywords:Sindhi Song,Sindhi Kalam,Roshni Tekwani,Ragini Tekwani,Ragini Musical Group,Ananad Tekwani,Renuka Tekwani,Jai Tekwani,Lockdown Song

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