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Shaheed Hemu Kalani by Jagdish Shahdadpuri

Shaheed Hemu Kalani by Jagdish Shahdadpuri, Sindhi Freedom Fighter 23-March-1923 - 21-January-1943 Writing and voice by Jagdish Shahdadpuri, Ahmedabad Subscribe to Radio Sindhi to get more updates like this Visit to listen to Sindhi Radio Stations == Background Music by

Keywords:Jagdish Shahdadpuri,Hemu Kalani,Shaheed Hemu Kalani,Hemu,Sindhi Freedom FIghter

Book a FREE Vaccine near your home - Secret Tricks Explained

In case you're trying to book COVID19 vaccine and finding it difficult to do so, watch this short video. It will help you to book the vaccine using some simple steps. So much knowledge related to the vaccination process is shared only in 9 minutes. The objective behind this video is to help the Sindhi Community to learn the technical process involved in making a booking to get vaccinated in very simple layman's language. Get vaccinated to safeguard yourself and your family members. Once a majority of the population is vaccinated, we will have confidence to go out freely and carry out our business as usual. What is the Corona Virus situation currently? How has it affected the Sindhi Community? How can Vaccination help us to come out of this situation? How do we use Cowin Portal? The video comes with details and an on-screen guide. How many types of Vaccines are available in India? We have shared details about Covishield, Covaxin & Sputnik Vaccines. How do we use the Telegram app to instantly book desired vaccine at the desired location? link to Cowin portal : link to above 45 telegram channel : link to under 45 telegram channel : Thank you so much for viewing this video and sharing it with friends & Family. Thanks to Alka Keswani & Amrita Lal for reviewing the video so many times and giving feedback. Thanks to Sindhyat Foundation having trust & support. Presenter: Deepak Keswani/Radio Sindhi. Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License #Covid19 #Vaccination #Cowin

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Muhinje Ankh Mein | Sindhi Item Song | Halyo Aa Putt Actor Thiyan | Sindhi Film

Muhinje Ankh Mein Singer: Kaajal Chandiramani & Mohit Lalwani Movie: Halyo Aa Putt Actor Thiyan Lyrics: Arjan Hasid Music: Saral Roshan Murpani Actors: Jai Hero, Aarti Jadhwani & others Choreography : Sonu Motwani & Narayan Vasdev (NV) Director: Gopal Raghani Story Writer: P.B. Chand Producer: B Kandhari properties #SindhiMovie #SindhiSong #GopalRaghani

Keywords:Halya Aa Putt Actor Thiyan,Sindhi Film,Sindhi Item Song,Item Number,Sindhi Song,Gopal Raghani,Kaajal Chandiramani,Jai Hero,Aarti Jadhwani,PB Chand,B Kandhari,Mohit Lalwani

Ramzun Saan Ghulam Kayo Thav | Sindhi Kalaam | Pooja Vazirani

Ramzun Saan Ghulam Kayo Thav Saajan Asaan Khey - Pooja Vazirani is presenting this beautiful kalaam in her unique classical style. This is inspired and adaptation from the version sung by Kamla Keswani ji & Parvati Chawla Ji Lyrics: Shah Naseer Sahab Harmonium: Shridhar Bhat Tabla: Dhaivat Mehta Keyboard: Sandeep Thadani Dholak: Sunil Bhardwaj Engineer: Nirmal Rathod Recording Studio: Compass Box Studio, Ahmedabad Mix & Master/ Video Edit : Raag Sethi Videography: Yuvan Seth Producer: Mahesh Israni Pooja Vazirani learned Music from Gurus Smt. Shubha Mudgal, Dr. Andesh Pradhan & Shri Sudhir Nayak who provided invaluable constant guidance. #poojavazirani #sindhikalam #sindhisong

Keywords:Pooja Vazirani,Sindhi Kalaam,Kalaam,Sindhi Song,Pooja Sindhi,Compas Box Studeio,Ahmedabad Sindhi,Kamla Keswani,Parvati Chawla,Shah Naseer Sahab,Shridhar Bhat,Dhaivat Mehta,Sandeep Thadani,Sunil Bhardwaj,Classical,Sindhi Classic,Ramzun Saan Ghulam

36-Madhukar - Khushi deendi ta Khush Rahbo

36-Madhukar - Khushi deendi ta Khush Rahbo In Loving memory of our beloved Dada Thakur Chawla. Glimpses of Sindhi Sangeet at Sita Sindhu Bhavan. More here:

Keywords:Sita Sindhu Bhavan,Sindhi Music,Sindhi Song,Dada Thakur Chawla,Madhukar,Khushi Deendi ta Kush Rahbo

Kosa Kohar Khani Hali Vayo - Sindhi Bhagat - Sanju Bhagat Party

Kosa Kohar Khani Hali Vayo, Bhag Khulya Sai Kanwarram Ja - Sindhi Bhagat - Sanju Bhagat Party Jhulan Pale Waro - SSB 634th Musical Show on 11-Apr-2021. Celebrating Cheti Chand & Birthday of our beloved Saint Sain Kanwarram Sanju Bhagat

Keywords:Sindhi Bhagat,Sanju Bhagat,Kosa Kohar,Bhagat Kanwarram,Sita Sindhu Bhavan,Radio Sindhi,Mukesh Bhagat,Cheti Chand,Sindhi Song,Jhulelal Sain,Bhagat Kanwarram Sahib Birthday

New song by Pooja Vazirani. Watch full song in 4K quality on RadioSindhi YouTube channel

New song by Pooja Vazirani. Watch full song in 4K quality on Radio Sindhi YouTube channel #poojavazirani #sindhikalam #sindhisong #sindhiclassic

Keywords:Sindhi Song,Sindhi Kalaam,Sindhi Kalam,Pooja Vazirani,Ramzun Saan Ghulam

#Call2Catchup - Chaa Tohan Pahinjan Khey Call kayo ? Amrita Lal

#Call2Catchup is a campaign started by Amrita Lal to check that all of your loved ones are doing fine. Calling and speaking makes the difference. Don't rely on SMS or whatsapp messages. In today's COVID / Corona time we can not visit each other's homes, but when you make a phone call it is an instant two way communication where person likes to share the good and bad experiences. Truly a healing exercise for many who are stuck up in their homes. So don't wait, pickup the phone and Call to Catch Up #Call2Catchup #amritalal #COVID19

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The only Sindhi Tiramuri Song / Makar Sankranti

The only Sindhi Tiramuri Song / Makar Sankranti Lyrics by M Kamal Singer: C Lakhmichand, Chetan Music: C Lakhmichand Ballet Dance on these songs has been performed in India & abroad by Smt. Anila Sunder and her group. #makarsankranti #tiramuri #sindhifestival

Keywords:Tiramuri,Makar Sankranti,M Kamal,Utraain,Anila Sunder,Sindhi Song,Sindhi Seasons,C Lakhmichand

Sindhi Sadaeen Shahukar Ep #30 (final episode) - Monday, 8:10pm

Sindhi Sadaeen Shahukar Ep #30 with Rajkumar Basantani (Investment Consultant), Dr. Anju Motwani (Financial Advisor), Asha Chand (Co-founder of Sindhi Sangat), Roshni & Sunil Hotwani (Ho Jamaalo Team) & Host Deepak Keswani on 26th April, 2021, Monday at 8:10pm IST. Investment Opportunities, New Ideas for Online Sindhi Shows & How to use Apple AirTags ?

Keywords:Sindhi Sadaeen Shahukar,Deepak Keswani,Asha Chand,Anil Kukreja,Sindhyat Foundation,Sunil Hotwani,Roshni Hotwani,Anju Motwani,Apple Airtag,Sindhi,Kharchi

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