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Corona Caller Tune | Sindhi Comedy | Ho Jamaalo | Sunil & Roshni Hotwani

Effect of Corona Caller Tune - A comedy skit by Sunil & Roshni Hotwani from Ho Jamaalo Do Like, Comment & Share

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SUBUH'A JO SAPNO | Sindhi Comedy | Ho Jamaalo | Sunil & Roshni Hotwani

Subuh'a jo Sapno (Morning Dream) is said to come true. Roshni has a dream, will it become true. watch this Short Comedy video by Team Ho Jamaalo (Sunil & Roshni Hotwani).

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BLACKIE BABA | Sindhi Comedy | FB Live - Sindhi Sadaeen Shahukar | Ho Jamaalo | Radio Sindhi

Watch Sindhi Live Comedy in the Show "Sindhi Sadaeen Shahukar" presented by Radio Sindhi Hosted by Deepak Keswani. Sunil Hotwani as "Blackie Baba" visit home of Roshni Hotwani in act of play by Ho Jamaalo.

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