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38 th Alphabet of Sindhi AlifBe

The 38th alphabet in Persio Arabic script is گ in Sindhi, ग in Devanagari and 'G' as in Ganga, in Roman Sindhi. Learn how to write it in Arabic Sindhi by watching this video. For the recipe video of Gyarsi (Ekadashi) food, click on the following link: For the text and printable recipe, click on this link:

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Kokum Wari Dal - Sindhi Recipe | Sindhi Rasoi #khattidal #Kokumdal #Dalrecipe

How to make Sindhi Kokum Wari Dal? To know more about kokum fruit do check the blog post. You can find the text recipe (that you can print as well) here:

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ڦيڦو مِرچ! How to make Phepho Mirch? Recipe video of Sindhi style Shimla mirch!

We are now at the 34th Consonant in AlifBe of Sindhi food series i.e ڦ  in Sindhi, फ in Devanagari and 'Ph' in Roman Sindhi! And the corresponding dish is Phepho Mirch or Stuffed capsicum/bell pepper! Text recipe (that you can print as well) up on the blog along with some useful tips! #SuffedCapsicum #ShimlaMirch #SindhiRecipe

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How to make Faluda Sev at home~ Faluda Sev Recipe!!

Faludo/Faluso or فلُودو in Sindhi is a popular dessert made by layering Kulfi, Rabri, faluda sev, nuts, and rose syrup. Making Faluda sev at home is not a big deal. Just watch this video and follow the recipe to make delicious faluda sev at home, within minutes. For the text recipe (and Printable recipe too) just click on the blog link: Recipe to make Halwai style Danedar Rabri is shared here: Recipe to make Kesar (Zaeffrani) Kulfi is shared here: Recipe to make Rose Sherbet from Rose petals is shared here:

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How many of these can you identify/name?

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Misri for AlifBe of Sindhi Food#28

The next consonant in AlifBe (Sindhi 'alphabet') is ص in Arabic Sindhi, स in Devanagari and in Roman Sindhi it is 'S', as in 'sandook'. There is no Sindhi dish starting with this ص. But it is used in the term 'Misri' and since Misri (Rock candy) is an important part of many auspicious occasions/rituals in Sindhi culture hence I picked 'Misri' for AlifBe of Sindhi food #28 To know about Sindhi customs, traditions and rituals where Mishri is used, please check my latest blog post

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13 Sindhi Pickles that you can easily make at home !

Want to learn the most unique, most popular as well as the most loved Sindhi Pickles? Want recipes of Zero Oil Pickles or of the jaw dropping exotic Potli pickle? Then just click on the following link to get 13 tried and tested Pickle recipes from Sindhi Cuisine:

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Kagzi Lemon Pickle for AlifBe#23

The 23rd letter in Sindhi Alphabet (AlifBe) is  ذ   i.e  ज़  in Devanagari and in Roman Sindhi it is Z as in  Zebra ! Ideally this Z i.e ذ is used in words that are not of Sindhi Origin. This Z is known as 'Zaal' and is used in words like 'Zaro' (means 'little') or as in Kaagaz (Paper). And since there is no Sindhi Veg dish that starts with this letter, I have picked Kagzi Leemun Ji khatain~ i.e Pickle made from Kagzi lemon for this alphabet since this ذ is used in the word Kagzi!

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Dhodho Chatni for Alifbe of Sindhi food#22

The 22nd letter of the AlifBe series is ڍ in Arabic Sindhi, ढ in Devanagari and in Roman Sindhi it is Dh as in Dhaka/ or Dhokla. And the corresponding Sindhi dish is Dhodho Chatni or chutney served with patted jowar roti, a revered Prasad at the Sadhu Bella Ashram in Mumbai. For the recipe kindly click on the following link:

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Dothiyun for AlifBe #20

The 20th letter (consonant) is ڏ in Arabic Sindhi, ड in Devanagari and D^ in Roman Sindhi. And the corresponding dish is Dothiyun or Saata/Saatta, fried cookies coated with thick sugar glaze and garnished with nuts and dried rose petals For the recipe kindly click on the following link:

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