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Dhaage Waara Karela for AlifBe of Sindhi food #19

The 19th letter of the AlifBe series is ڌ  in Arabic Sindhi, Dh~ in Roman and ध in Devanagari. Some words starting with this letter are Dharma, Dharamshala, Dholavira etc. And the corresponding dish is Dh~aag^e waara Karela (Dhaage waale Karele) or stuffed bitter gourds! For the recipe kindly check the blog post on!

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Dal Dimma, Sindhi Street Food

Assembling of Dal Dimma! Dal Dimma or Dal Mung is a popular Sindhi street food. Whole mung, chana dal and mung dal are slow cooked, separately and assembled while serving. In Mumbai the best places to relish Dal mung are in Ulhasnagar and Chembur. But if you need to make this healthy breakfast, just check the recipe on my blog! I have used Abana Brand Dal Pakwan Masala, Garam masala and Amchoor powder in this recipe. Abana is the first ever brand to curate unique Sindhi Spice mixes like Dal (of Dal Pakwan) masala, Sindhi Tuk Masala, Sindhi Kadhi masala, Sindhi Sanna Pakora Masala etc. You can order Abana's Box of Nostalgia, a mix of 14 Spices and spice blend at an introductory offer of just 499 INR. Here is the link for the same:

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Thab^ak Vadiyun For AlifBe of Sindhi Food ~ 9

AlifBe of Sindhi food is a series of videos where one can learn the Perso Arabic script used for Sindhi language! The video includes a consonant, its formation process, how it is represented in Devanagari and Roman Sindhi and a Sindhi Dish corresponding to that alphabet! The 9th Consonant of Sindhi Alphabet, the AlifBe, and it is ٺ  i.e 'Th' as in Thakur (ठाकुर) Thug (ठग)  or as in Thikana (ठिकाना) , ठ  in Hindi/Devanagari! Do Like, share and subscribe the channel if you find it to be useful! Check the website link for the recipe of Thab^ak Vadiyun and to know about Thathai Bhatia community!

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Thumaro for AlifBE Of Sindhi Food ~7

The 7th Consonant in AlifBe i.e the Perso-Arabic Sindhi script (Alphabet) is ٿ  which is थ in Devanagari while in Roman Sindhi it is written as Th~ i.e by using a Tilde (~) as suffix as we don't have a corresponding alphabet in English. It is pronounced as Th~ as in Thailand, Theory, Thaw, Theatre etc. And a Sindhi dish starting with this consonant is Thumaro! Thumaro is a Sindhi style kadhi that is different from the Shikarpuri Sindhi kadhi/Tamate ji kadhi or Besan ji kadhi! For the recipe of Thumaro please check the blog link....

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Alifbe Of Sindhi Food~5

AlifBe of Sindhi Food series is like A-Z series but here we follow the Arabic Sindhi Alphabet. 5th Alphabet of AlifBe is ڀ or Bh and the dish is Bheendi Khatti! Bheendi Khatti is a traditional Sindhi Pickle made from grated raw mangoes. For the recipe kindly check the blogpost!

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Bheendi Khatti For AlifBe Of Sindhi Food~5

Bheendi Khatti is a pickle made from grated raw mangoes, mixed with pickling spices and small portions are tied in a potli of muslin cloth. To know why mango pickle is called Bheendi Khatti, check the blog post on the website!


Pali for AlifBe of Sindhi Food~4

AlifBe of Sindhi Food series is like A-Z series but here we follow the Arabic Sindhi Alphabet. 4th Alphabet of AlifBe is پ or P and the dish is Pali. Pali is a saag made from tender leaves of Harabhara or Cholia i.e Chickpea leaves or even with tender leaves of peas. It is a winter delicacy and goes well with patted Jowar roti and some white butter. For recipe of Pali kindly check this link:



B^itto Lolo or Gudheli or Gur Ka paratha is a winter favourite of Sindhis. Crushed jaggery is stuffed in roti made from wholewheat flour and the delicious paratha is enjoyed with white butter and kadak chai (Tea) on chilly winter mornings! B^itoo lolo is also known as Busri! The jaggery used here is Patali Gur/ Khejur Gur i.e jaggery made from Date palm instead of sugar cane and this is one of the best I have ever tasted or cooked with. This jaggery is available for limited period in winters and in case you wish to buy, you may find some here: Trendy Taste, Irla Road, Vile Parle West, opp KVIC, Near Cooper Hospital, Mumbai - 400056


Juar Jo Dhodho - Patted Jawar Roti

Juar Jo Dhodho - Patted Jawar Roti

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Master Chef India 2 with Sanjeev Kapoor

Cook off challenge with Sanjeev Kapoor, Master Chef India 2 When I, along with few bloggers and Media people, was invited on the sets of Master Chef India for a Cook Off challenge!


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