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Remembering Sindh Ain Sindhyat with Maya Rahi, Shobha Malhi

Remembering Sindh Ain Sindhyat with Maya Rahi, Shobha Malhi, Julie Tejwani & Deepak Keswani. We all recited Sindh Ain Sindhi Poem by Krishin Rahi.

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Chadienda Wanjan Tha - Dada Sugumal Keswani

Chadienda Wanjan Tha - Dada Sugumal Keswani, He is the inspiration behind He Loved to sing Master Chander songs Recorded in year 2001 on a webcam.

Keywords:Dada Sugumal Keswani,Master Chander,Radio Sindhi,Sindhi Song,migration song

Cheti Chand Jo Melo 2019 by Sindhyat Foundation

Cheti Chand Jo Melo 2019 - Suman Khemlani Sindhyat Foundation, Formerly known as Thane Sindhi Club invites you for Cheti Chand Jo Melo at Kid Pop Centre, Near Khewra Circle, Thane on 6-Apr-2019, 6pm. Main attractions are Behrana Sahib, Musical Program by Suman Khemlani and Group, Lucky Draw Prizes, Quiz for Kids, Langar Prasad & Lots of Fun & Entertainment. You will remember this event in your life for sure. Entry only with passes. Limited passes available at Arome, Near Prashant Corner & Haute Fashion in Swastik Plaza, Thane West - 400610.

Keywords:Cheti Chand,Sindhi New Year,Cheti Chand 2019,Deepak Keswani,Suman Khemlani,Sindhi Event,Jai Jhulelal

Type Happy Diwali in Sindhi at keyboard

Learn to type "Happy Diwali" in Sindhi at keyboard. "Tohankhey Diyari'a Joon Lakh Lakh Wadhayoon"

Keywords:Sindhi typing,Learn Sindhi,Happy Diwali,Diyari,Happy Deepavali,Deepavali

Je Ankhriyun Keena Atkan Ha by Arti Raj, Gope Chander

"Je Ankhriyun Keena Atkan Ha" - Arti Raj, Gope Chander, Sur Chander ja, Raat Chander Ji held on 12-Jan-2013 at St. Andrews Auditorium, Bandra, Mumbai, INDIA


Master Chander Sahib's 114th Birthday Celebrations

Master Chander Sahib's 114th Birthday Celebrations with Arti Raj Chander, Dada Gope Chander, Dadi Gopi from New York with Deepak Keswani on Sindhi Sadaeen Shahukar. 7th December, 2020 at 7pm. Master Chander Family did Seera cutting ceremony just like cake cutting as this khus khus ka seera with Badam was favorite sweet dish of Master Chander Sahib.

Keywords:Master Chander Birthday

Sindhi Sadaeen Shahukar ep #10 by Radio Sindhi

Sindhi Sadaeen Shahukar Ep #10 on 114th Birth Anniversary of Master Chander Sahib with Arti Raj, Roshni & Sunil Hotwani (Ho Jamaalo), Dr. Anju Motwani, Rajkumar Basantani & Host Deepak Keswani on 7th December, 2020 at 7pm IST. Secret of building infinite Wealth. Amazing Pension Schemes, Expert Suggestions on Mutual Fund, Lot of Fun & Entertainment.

Keywords:Sindhi Sadaeen Shahukar,Finance,Sindhi,Investment,Shares,Mutual Fund,Pension,Deepak Keswani,Anju Motwani,Rajkumar Basantani,Indore,Hojamaalo,Sunil Hotwani,Roshni Hotwani,Master Chander

Have you used VIRLE word in Sindhi ?

Have you used VIRLE word in Sindhi ? Have you noticed that we use VIRLE word very rarely in Sindhi - Deepak Keswani. Doston Tohan kadahin diyan dino aahe ke Sindhia mein jeko VIRLE akhar aahe uho aseen tamam rarely use kanda aahiyun. Radio Sindhi

Keywords:Virle,Sindhi Word,Sindhi Language,Rarely,Deepak Keswani,Viral Video,Radio Sindhi

Sindhi Sadaeen Shahukar ep #9 by Radio Sindhi

Sindhi Sadaeen Shahukar Ep #9 with Roshni & Sunil Hotwani (Ho Jamaalo) & Host Deepak Keswani on 30th November, 2020 at 7pm IST. Secret of building infinite Wealth. How Traffic update works in Maps ? Wealth Creation Stories, Tips N Tricks & Learn future Tech with Fun. Save money with Home Loan.

Keywords:Sindhi Sadeen Shahukar,Sindhi Show,Wealth,Finance,Sindhi,Deepak Keswani,Radio Sindhi,Roshni Hotwani,Sunil Hotwani,Hojamaalo,Google Maps,Crowdsourcing

Sindhi Sadaeen Shahukar ep #23by Radio Sindhi - Monday 8:10pm

Sindhi Sadaeen Shahukar Ep #23 with Dr Gayatri Vijay Kewalramani, Dr Sapna Ahuja Bajaj, Mohan Karamchandani, Arjan Nankani, Ramesh Keswani, Laxman Sajnani, Roshni & Sunil Hotwani (Ho Jamaalo Team) & Host Deepak Keswani on 8th March, 2021, Monday at 8:10pm IST. 2021. International Covid-19 Vaccination Update.

Keywords:Sindhi Sadaeen Shahukar,Deepak Keswani,Dr. Gayatri Vijay Kewalramani,Dr. Sapna Ahuja Bajaj,Mohan Karamchandani,Arjan Nankani,Ramesh Keswani,Laxman Sajnani,Roshni Hotwani,Sunil Hotwani,Hojamaalo,Covid19,Vaccine,Vaccination,Covishield,Covaxin,Sputnik,Azta Zeneca,Spain,USA,UK,Sindhi

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