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Rehmat Waro Tuhinjo Dar Aa by Nikhil Ramchandani - Sindhi Jhulelal Song

Rehmat Waro Tuhinjo Dar Aa by Nikhil Ramchandani from Suman Khemlani Musical Group - Sindhi Jhulelal Song sung at Cheti Chand Jo Melo 2019 organized by Sindhyat Foundation, Thane on 6-April-2019, 6pm at Kidpop Center. Thane West.

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Kosa Kohar Khani Halyo | Bhagat Kanwarram Sahib | Cheti Chand 2017

Kosa Kohar Khani Halyo wyo, Bhagat Kanwarram Sahib song sung by Gurmukh Chughria at Cheti Chand melo of 2017. One in Bhagat Kanwarram costume is Shri Nandalal Chughria. Cheti Chand Melo 2017 organised by Thane Sindhi Club on 25-Mar-2017 at Kidpop School, Thane

Keywords:Gurmukh Chughria,Nandlal Chughria,JK Music,Bhagat Kanwarram,Bhagat Kanwarram Song,Sindhi Song,Cheti Chand,Cheti Chand 2017,Thane Sindhi Club,Kidpop

Cheti Chand Jo Melo 2018 | Thane Sindhi Club | Vijay Wadhwa, Neha Udasi

Thane Sindhi Club invites you to Cheti Chand Jo Melo on 18-Mar-2018, 6pm at Kidpop School. Cheti Chand is celebrated as Sindhi New Year. There will be Behrana Sahib, Sindhi Songs, Dances, Prasad and Langar. Entry only for pass holders. Collect your passes soon from The Papad Co, Arome, Hashtag or Haute Fashion from Thane

Keywords:Cheti Chand,Cheti Chand Jo Melo,Neha Udasi,Vijay Wadhwa,Kidpop School,Thane,Sindhi New Year.,Thane Sindhi Club,Behrana Sahib

Ajju Khili Moklayoon by Gurmukh Chughria | Sindhi Song | Thane Sindhi Club

Ajju Khili Moklayoon by Gurmukh Chughria Sindhi Song performance at Thane Sindhi Club during Cheti Chand on 25-Mar-2017 at KidPop center

Keywords:Sindhi Song,Cheti Chand,Gurmukh Chughria,Thane,Thane Sindhi Club,Kidpop School,JK Music,Sindhi Music,Sindhi Singer

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