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Remembering Sindh Ain Sindhyat with Maya Rahi, Shobha Malhi

Remembering Sindh Ain Sindhyat with Maya Rahi, Shobha Malhi, Julie Tejwani & Deepak Keswani. We all recited Sindh Ain Sindhi Poem by Krishin Rahi.

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Pyaree Jhirkee by Mehkoo & Nimo | Poet Parsram Zia

Pyaree Jhirkee, Poem sung by two little girls Mehkoo & Nimo. Must Listen to them for 2 minutes. Mazo Achan jee Guarantee. Thanks to Asha Chand for organising Sindhi Nursery Rhymes competitions in Schools. That's how they learned this. This video was shot without any preparation but turned out to be exciting & funny :) Poet Parsram Zia

Keywords:Sindhi Baet,Parsram Zia,Sindhi Nursery Rhymes,Mehkoo,Nimo,Jhirkee

Muhinjee Ammar, Muhinjee Ammar - Sindhi Poem

Muhinjee Amar, Muhinjee Amar - Sindhi Poem by Namrata Kataria

Keywords:Sindhi Poem,Sindhi Baet,Nursary Rhymes,Sindhi Nursary Rhyme,Muhinjee Amar,Namrata Kataria

Wah Re Tara Gol Tara - Sindhi Poem

Wah Re Tara Gol Tara - Sindhi Poem by Namrata Kataria Wah Re Tara, Gol Tara Sindhi Poem Lyrics Wah Re Tara, Gol Tara Roshan Tara, Chimke Wara Sanjhee’a Taane Nikro Tha Ubh Saje Mei Pakhiryo Tha Chilko Chimko Saari Raat Kaje Awhaanji Kehdi Baat Raat Langhe Weyi Baaki Chha Awheen Bataayo Waat Iha Jot Awhaanji Je Na Huje Watehrdu Kar Waat Munjhe

Keywords:Sindhi Poem,Nursary Rhymes,Sindhi Baet,Namrata Kataria,Sindhi Nursary Rhymes,Wah Re Tara Gol Tara

Paiso Ladhum Pat Taan - Sindhi Poem

Paiso Ladhum Pat Taan - Sindhi Poem by Namrata Kataria Paiso Ladhum Pat Taan Lyrics === Paiso Ladhum Pata Taa Paise Wartum Gaahu Gaahu Dinum Gaayen Khe, Gaayen Dino Kheeru, Kheeru Dinum Amma Khe, Amma Dino Lolo, Lolo Dinum Kaanwa Khe, Kaanwa Dino Khambhu, Khambhu Dinum Raja Khe, Raja Dino Ghodo, Chadhi Ghum, Chadhi Ghum, Chandan Phatako, Jeeyo Muhinjo Kako, Kako Wetho Maadi’a Te, Dembhu Sandas Darhee’a te. Babii Wethi Kothe Te, Gul Hanas Chote Tey Amma wethi Moore te Gul Hanas Chure Tey

Keywords:Sindhi Poem,Sindhi Nursary Rhymes,Nursary Rhymes,Sindhi Baet,Paiso Ladhum Pat Taan,Namrata Kataria

Little Kids reciting English Poems

Little Sindhi Kids reciting English Poems... Chubby Cheeks, Dimple Chin Rosy lips, Teeth within Curly hair, Very fair Eyes are blue, Lovely too. Teachers pet, Is that you? Yes, Yes, Yes! ===== Twinkle, twinkle, little star How I wonder what you are Up above the world so high Like a diamond in the sky

Keywords:English Poem,Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Poem),Chubby Cheeks Poem

Poem | Sunita Vaswani | Sita Sindhu Bhavan

Poem sung by Sunita Vaswani at Sita Sindhu Bhavan, Santacruz East. at Sita Sindhu Bhavan Show 584 recorded on 8th October-2017 Website:

Keywords:Poem,Sunita Vaswani,Sita Sindhu Bhavan,Sindhi Programs,Sindhi Songs

Malik Toon Dard Kateendein, SSB 643rd Show on 12-Dec-2021 at 12 Noon IST

In memory of Smt. Mohini Devi & Shri Gulabrai Badlani Smt. Jai Devi & Shri Nebhandas Budhwani brings "Malik Toon Dard Kateendein", SSB 643rd Show on 12-Dec-2021 at 12 Noon IST. Soonha Sindhyun Ji Sapna Jeswani, Ashok Jain, Nandita Bhavnani, Amrita Lal, Jagdish Lachhani, Aarohi Lal. Amazing music performances by Lata Bhagtani & Shubam Nathani. New Book Launch by youngest penned by Ms. Aarohi Lal, THE SIXTH ELEMENT (Collection of Poems)


Ladharam Promotes NR لڌارام ناگواڻيءَ جو نياپو

The National President of Bhartiya Sindhu Sabha Shri Ladharam Nagwani has a message for you to promote the Sindhi Language Jointly. Promote Sindhi speaking – among our small kids. Jointly PROMOTE VOCAL CULTURE and TEACH OUR CHILDREN TO SPEAK IN SINDHI. . Get your children to prepare one Nursery Rhyme and participate in the 5th International Nursery Rhymes competition and win prizes.Good chance to Win a Computer Tablet. Children have to memorize one poem. while reciting parents are to take their videos and send them to us. All poems are available on or our LearnSindhi App All the children will receive a certificate of appreciation and participation. Video of all the children will be uploaded on our dedicated youtube channel - Dada Ladharam has recorded this video at our request to promote “Sindhi speaking among children”. We are thankful to him. BROUGHT TO YOU BY ASHA CHAND Share with others & Do subscribe We promote Sindhi through the internet and media ie Television. Pls watch our 'Sindhi Sangat Kids' channel on youtube and Subscribe. Enjoy and stay connected with us!! Subscribe to Sindhi Sangat channel for Sindhi Programmes You can also visit us at Sangat Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Download for Free 'LEARN SINDHI' app on Mobile- and Learn Sindhi Website of the most illustrious Sindhi short story writer

13-Nov-2020,promote Sindhi,Ladharam Nagwani,,Asha Chand,sindhi,Nursery Rhymes Competition

Vasdev Mohi, Sindhi well known Poet

This Documentary - Vasdev Mohi - was made 5 years ago with the assitance of NCPSL. Produced by Asha Chand for Sindhi Sangat. Vasdev Mohi is a great Sindhi Poet who has following books to his credit. Vasdev Mohi i s an eminent Sindhi poet and short story writer. He has enriched Sindhi poetry with sheer clarity of expression, lucidity of diction, and profundity of thought. Vasdev Mohi was born at Mirpur Khas, Sindh (Undivided India). His full name is Vasdev Vensimal Sidhnani.Having acquired his Masters degree in English literature from Gujarat University, he joined the Central Government but after a short stint he joined the academic profession to teach English in Indian High School, Dubai, from where he retired as lecturer and Head of English department. Vasdev Mohi emerged as an icon of first generation of modern Sindhi poetry, with sharpness of content and perspicuity of elocution, which is a rare combination in poetics of any language. Mohi has a powerful grip on all genres and forms of poetry - be it traditional prosodic treatise or modern sensibility of new poetry (Nai Kavita), which is far from pedantry. In new poetry his poignant imagery, coupled with a distinct diction and vocabulary has uplifted Mohi to the stature of a pinnacle of modern Sindhi poetry. With his very first collection of poems Tazad (Contradiction) Mohi made a mark in Sindhi literary world on both sides of the border. After that he has walked steadfastly on the path of literature in all the genres of poetry, story, playwriting and creative criticism. In Mohi's poetry elocution of satirical approach and sarcastic observations on sociopolitical topics resulted into the emergence of the mind pouring out in the shape of verses, which could simultaneously move a lay reader as much as these could stir an intellectual reader with their impact and intensity. Tazad was followed by yet another collection of Mohi's sensitive poems Subah Kithe Ahe (Where is the Morning?). Intrepid nature of poems inclu

Keywords:sindhi Asha Chand,promote Sindhi

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