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Dil Dahiljy Thi - Sindhi Poem

Dil Dahiljy Thi Dil Dahiljy Thi is Poem written by Sangeeta Sukhwani . This Poem is a Sad Poem written on Covid and it's impact .This Poetry is a preyer to God.Every one is Sad and threaten from Covid.We prey God to Save all human beings, Let's hope everything gets back to normal. The Poetry is Performed very beautifully by artist Aanchal Sharma ji.


Jainh me disa tho

Singer: Sangeeta Sukhwani Music: Babu dotry & Makhan party Lyrics: Kavi Ranjhan Video: Classic Video Vision Venue: Master Ranjhan Sindhu Bhavan Ulhasnagar 421003

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Palav ( Ardaas) Singer: Raghni Tekwani, Roshni Tekwani & RenukaTekwani Music: Makhan & Babu Master Ranjhan Versi Utsav Master Ranjhan Sindhu Bhavan #Palav #Palaav#Sindhi#Preyer


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