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New JIO Phone in Sindhi Language for Rs.1500 FD

New Reliance JIO Phone has option of Sindhi Language menus. It comes only for Rs.1500. Also you get that money back after 3 years by returning the phone to Reliance. Reliance JIO phone works on latest 4G VoLTE technology offers unlimited calling free. You can also make video calls. It has 2 mega pixel rear camera and 0.3 mp front camera which performs very well. It has Jio TV with 450 channels. JIO Music with 1.4 crore songs. JIO Cinema app, NFC, Bluetooth, WiFi, FM Radio all only for Rs. 1500 Fixed Deposit. You can go to settings and change the language from English to Sindhi Devanagari and enjoy the Sindhi Menu options.

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Stellar Moon Setting Video Early Morning

Stellar Moon Setting Video Early Morning. Recorded on 25-Jan-2016 at 7:25am from Thane City. Moon Photography with 30x zoom.

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Four Moon Setting with Canon 550D

Four Times Moon Setting with Canon 550D and Tamron 70-300mm lens without Image Stabiliser.


Moon Setting with Canon 550D, Tamron 70-300 lens

Today was half moon, but bright and atmosphere looked clean. Took out Canon 550D camera and mounted that with Tamron 70-300 Non IS lens. I am sure you'll enjoy watching 3 video sets captured during moon setting.


Moon Setting with Canon 550D, Tamron 70-300mm lens

Video Camera shot with Canon 550D with Tamron AF 70-300 Lens without IS. To get perfect zoom I used Crop Mode with 640 by 480 / 50 fps. You can see the craters and shadows of Sunlight within, sometimes clouds covering the moon.


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Sindhi Radio Broadcast 24 hours,
24 hour Sindhi broadcast
With variety of 7 stations

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WIN the Sindhian Magazine

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