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Sindhi Abaani Boli | Aarohi Lal | Sita Sindhu Bhavan

Sindhi Abaani Boli sung by Aarohi Lal at Sita Sindhu Bhavan, Santacruz East recorded on 13 - January - 2019 Website:

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Sindhi Abaani Boli | Harshita Khemani | Sita Sindhu Bhavan

Sindhi Abaani Boli sung by Harshita Khemani at Sita Sindhu Bhavan,Santacruz East at Sita Sindhu Bhavan recorded on 13th May-2018 Website:

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Sindhi Abaani Boli sung by Zamin Ali Sindhi Hojamalo event organised in Dubai on 1st Dec 2008 Dubai youngstars perform on song Sindhi Abani Boli- Sindhi Abaani Boli - Singers Zamin Ali and Renu Gidoomal, Choreography Moomal Punjabi, Sindhi Dance Direction,

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Sindhi Abaani Boli - Vandana Nirankari

It's all about valuing your Mother tongue, Culture and Heritage. This Song is dedicated to my entire Sindhi community and this song is my sincere effort to promote and preserve my Language and culture. Do Share this Song with every Sindhi you know Let's all come together and accomplish this goal. FaceBook: Email: MP3 Download link :-

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Sindhi Mashup - Jatin Udasi & Jyotsna Pahlajani | Official Sindhi Video

1st Official Sindhi Mashup Of 3 Famous Sindhi Folk Songs. Sindhi Abaani Boli Aandhiya me Jot Ho Jamalo Song - Sindhi Mashup Producer - Balak Mandli Katni Singer - Jatin Udasi, Jyotsna Pahlajani Music - Jatin Vaswani Sound Mixing - Dony Hazarika Editing - Amit Parmar Direction & DOP - Arindam Debnath "If you like the Video, Don't forget to Share and leave your comments” For Latest Updates: Subscribe Here: Like Us on Facebook: Follow Us On twitter: Follow us On Insta: e mail :

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Sindhi abaani boli live by Jatin Udasi

It's not only a song, It's a beautiful ???????????????????????????? for us... Always feel ???????????????????? to sing these lines


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