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Dr. Moti Prakash talks about Promotion of Sindhi Language in India after partition

Dr. Moti Prakash, Sahitya Akademi awardee, is an eminent poet of Sindhi language.He is talking about promotion of Sindhi language after partition. He was a part of the movement of getting Sindhi language into 8th Schedule of Constititution. His song Aandhi'a Mein Jyot Jagain Wara Sindhi is our Sindhi National Anthem. Brought to you by Sindhi Sangat. Conceived and Produced by Asha Chand. Do visit us at

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Aandhia mein jyot 2012

Sindhi Qomi Tarano - Sindhi NAtional Anthem written by Dr. Moti Prakash- We always start our programmes with this song- all the associations should do this.Singers Saif Samejo and Shivani Vaswani Asha Chand

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Aandhi A Mein Jyot... ...آنڌيءَ ۾ جوت جڳائڻ وارا سنڌي by Mohit Lalwani

Mohit Lalwani sings "Aandhi'a mein jyot jagayaan waara Sindhi... " in Sindhyat Jo Jazbo programme in Dubai at Sheikh Rashid Auditorium on 30th January 2022. Sindhi Qomi Tarano - Sindhi National Anthem written by Dr. Moti Prakash- We always start our programmes with this song. Event Organised by Asha Chand Share with Others Promote Sindhyat Share with others & Do subscribe We promote Sindhi through the internet and media ie Television. visit to view all the content so far produced by us Pls watch our 'Sindhi Sangat Kids' channel on youtube and Subscribe. Enjoy and stay connected with us!! Subscribe to Sindhi Sangat channel for Sindhi Programmes You can also visit us at Sangat Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Download for Free 'LEARN SINDHI' app on Mobile - Android and IOS Links Below For Andriod : For IOS : Website of the most illustrious Sindhi short story writer

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Sindhi National Anthem- JIYO SINDHI produced by Sahyog Foundation

Sindhi National Anthem- JIYO SINDHI lyrics by Dholan Rahi, sung by 23 artists across the globe.


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