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Sushi Ahuja Sindhi Kalam Dil Dije Dilwaran khe

Murk Publication Program in memory of Pushpa Malhi on 2 nd June 1999 at National College Bandra


Bhagwanti Navani Sindhi Kalam -Nangra Nimani Da

Bhagwanti Navani Sindhi Song - Nangra Nimani Da Dhohrio Shah Latif Kalaam : Sachal Sarmast Live Concert In Khandwa


Bhagwanti Navan Sindhi Kalam-JOGI JADO -LAYE VIYA -On Bhagwanti Navani Night at Jai Hind College

Bhagwanti Navani and other artist of Kalakar Mandal on the occasion of Bhagwanti Navani Night at Jai Hind College


Sindhuri Muhinji Amar - Girish Sadhwani

Girish Sadhwani Sings 'Sindhuri Muhinji Amar tosan nato shall nibhayan..' Every Sindhi's desire. Sindhyat Jee Mauj programme in Dubai in 2010, organised by Asha Chand for Sindhi Sangat. Lyrics by Tajal Bewas.

Keywords:sindhyat Ji Mauj,Asha Chand,Gireesh Sadhwani,Sindhi kalam,sindhi Kalaam,Sindhi programme,Sindhi programme in Dubai,Sindhi Sangat,Tajal Bewas,Sindhya Jee MAuj,Sindhuri Muhinji Amar

Bhagwanti Navani

Sadaa Hayat Bhagwanti Navani was born on 01, Febuary,1940, in Nasarpur Sindh, British India (now in Pakistan) and was a Sindhi Folk Singer. - Shri Gobind Malhi took her around whole of India where Sindhis were settled. She was a singer of masses.She popularized Sindhi sangeet by singing geet, kalams, doha, ladas etc, with an ease. She was felicitated and received many awards and trophies for her singing. She also received the ‘Best Actress’ Award for her performance in Sindhi One Act Plays & Sindhi film ‘Sindhu a Je Kinare’. During her singing career, spread over 25 years, she gave around 3000 performances. She died on 22nd October,1986. Ms. Shobha Chandnani and Shri Madan Jumani have talked about her. This episode is anchored by Moomal Punjabi.

Keywords:Sndhi Geet,Sindhi kalam,Sindhi Dohira,Bhagwanti Navani,Sindhi Sangat,Asha Chand,Moomal Punjabi

Dr. Pandit Askaran Sharma - Interview

Dr. Pandit Askaran Sharma- Sindhi- is PHD in Music. He runs his music classes in Mumbai. He was heading All India Radio. Sation Director. He composed many Sindhi songs.Interviewed by Asha Chand. This was telecast in "Sindhi Surhaan" Programme on Doordrshan produced by Sindhi SUBSCRIBE NOW - Promote Sindhyat

Keywords:Pandit Askarn Sharma,Sindhi Sangat,Classical Sindhi Music,Asha Chand,Sindhi,Sindhi Kalam,Sindhi Music,sindhi folk Songs,,pandit askaran sharma,Pandit (Ethnicity)

Vinod Bachani SJS12

'Tuhinji Bi Kujh Dil Aahe' by Vinod Bachani in Dubai 'Sindhyat Jee Sham' Program organised by Asha Chand. Do subscribe to this channel 'We Sindhi ' and Promote Sindhyat. تنهنجي ب ڪجه دل آهي

Keywords:Sindhi Kalam,Sindhi Sangat,asha Chand,vinod bachani,sindhi geet,sindhi music,sindhi sangeet,sindhyat Jee Sham,Dubai Sindhi Program,Master chander Songs,Sindhi language

Majboor Aa Ashik Majboor Aa

Saral Roshan Performs in ' Sindhyat Ja Rang' Programme in Dubai 2013 - Event organised by Asha Chand - DO SUBSCRIBE & inform others about Sindhi Sangat's this Channel 'We Sindhi' Promoting Sindhi for past 14 years.

Keywords:Asha Chand,Sindhi Sangat,sindhi kalam,sindhi music,Sindhi sangeet,Sindhi,Saral Roshan,Sindhyat Ja Rang,Dubai Sindhi Program,Sindhi saathi,Majboor Aa,Majbur Aa,Ashik Majboor Aa,Ashik,sindhi songs

Naeen aahe nituHD

Subscribe to our channel. Narayan Shyam - A Great Sindhi Poet- Gazal by him which will make you think about his lines again and again. Music by Bulo C. Rani, Sung by Ghansham Vaswani. نئين آهي نت ناز وارن جي ٻولي، نگاهن ادائن اِشارن جي ٻولي We should make every effort to keep our identity intact. Prوmote Sindhi - Visit and become Sindhi Saathi This video is produced by Sindhi Sangat - Asha Chand

Keywords:Sindhi Gazal by Narayan Shyam,Narain Shyam,Sindhi Sangat,Asha chand,ghansham Vaswani,Bulo c Rani,Sindhi Saathi,Sindhi Kalam,Sindhi songs,Sindhi Music

Hidki Mathan Aye Hidki by Sanam Marvi

Sindhi Folk Song Sung by Sanam Marvi in Dubai Sindhyat Ji Mauj. Asha Chand organised this event for Sindhi Sangat. We Promote Sindhi Music through Such programmes. SUBSCRIBE to this Channel of Sindhi Sangat.

Keywords:Sindhi,Sindhi Sangat,Sanam Marvi (Musical Artist),asha chand,Asha Chand,Sindhi Music,Sindhi Kalam,Program in Dubai,Sindhyat Ji Mauj,Hidki Mathan Munkhe aye Hidki

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