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Ahro Ju Murs Maryo Ghuman Natho De

WE HAVE UPLOADED THIS IN HD QUALITY - - PLS WATCH A comedy dance performance by a group of young people in Dubai in March 2006


Rano Chho Na Murke - Sindhi Laado

Very popular Laado [song] for all the Sindhi Weddings. Lyrics by Krishin Rahi remix music by Jagdish Lalwani. Dance performed in Dubai Programme HOJAMALO in 2008. Dada Ram Jethmalani was our chief guest for the programme. Sindhi Wedding Song. This song was produced by Sindhi Sangat and handed over to TIPS company to market the same. Event organised by Asha Chand 'Rano chho Na Murke'

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Anya Ta Ghot Mao Nandhri

Dance on a Remix Laado - Anya Ta Ghot Mao Nandhri- اچان ت گهوٽ ماءٌ ننڍڙي Program Sindhyat Ja Rang held in Dubai in 2013. Event by Asha Chand. Laado sung by Payal Bhatija - Remix music by Jagdish Lalwani.

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Pahinji Dil Khe keru Manai - Saral Roshan

Sindhyat Ja Rang Program, Saral Roshan and Shanila Ali performs on "Pahinji Dil Khe keru Manai" in Dubai Show. Event organised by Asha Chand. This sindhi song is from movie "Halyo AA Putt Actor Thiyan". Music Director Saral Roshan has sung in this movie.Lyrics by Ajan Hasid.

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Tuhinje Shehr Main Ayus

Saral Roshan Performs in Dubai Program SindhyatJa rang Organized by Asha Chand for Sindhi Sangat. This is the famous song of master Chander .

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Daal Chhola Dabal

Dance performed by Dubai youngsters on 16th April, 2004 at Sh. Rashid Auditorium

Keywords:Dubai Programme Sindhi,ASha Chand,Sindhi Sangat,Sindhi Music,Sindhi Songs,Sindhi Dance

Ahyaan Shaadi'a Lai Taiyaar

performance by Dhiraj, Poonam and others Event organised by Asha Chand music Jagdish Lalwani Dance performed by Young Sindhis of Dubai.. Spread the word !!!

Keywords:ASha Chand,Sindhi Sangat,Sindhi Music,Sindhi Songs,Sindhi Dance,آهيان شادي لاءَ تيار,سنڌي لاڏا,سنڌي گيت,سنڌي نچڻ,سنڌي ڪلام,آشا چاند,سنڌي سنگت

Barkart Ali- "Sindhiyat Jee Goonj" Sindhuri

Sindhi Sangat presents Barkat Ali in a program "Sindhyat Ji Goonj" held in Dubai. Buri Nazar khan bachey Sindhuri.... بري نظر کان بچي سنڌڙي Event Organised by Asha Chand.

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Nangda Nemani da By Shivani Vaswani

Programme Sindhyat ji Shaam Was Organised in Dubai By Asha Chand. Shivani Vaswani Sang Tradistional Folk Song Written By Sachal Sarmast - Nangda nemani da

Keywords:Sindhi sangat,Asha chand,Shivani Vaswani,Sindhi songs,Sindhi Kalam,,Sindhi music,sachal Sarmast,سچل سرمست,سنڌي گيت,سنڌي ڪلام,شواني واسواڻي,آشا چاند,سنڌي سنگت,نماڻي جا

Copy of Naeen aahe nitu نئين آهي نِتُ ناز وارن جي ٻولي

A Great Sindhi Poet Narayan Shyam - Gazal by him which will make you think about his lyrics again and again. Music by Ghansham Vaswani also Sung by Ghansham Vaswani. نئين آهي نت ناز وارن جي ٻولي، نگاهن ادائن اِشارن جي ٻولي We should make every effort to keep our identity intact. Promote Sindhi - Visit and become Sindhi Saathi This video is produced by Sindhi Sangat - Asha Chand

Keywords:Sindhi Gazal by Narayan Shyam,Narain Shyam,Sindhi Sangat,Asha chand,ghansham Vaswani,Sindhi Saathi,Sindhi songs,Sindhi Music,Naeen Aahe Nitu,sindhi gazal,نئين آهي نِتُ ناز وارن جي ٻولي

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