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Qeeme Jo Lolo (Vegetarian/Eggless recipe), first time ever on Youtube! قيمي جو لولو recipe!

Learn how to make Qeeme Jo Lolo made using Soya granules instead of minced meat and with an eggless substitute. It is a traditional Sindhi dish and could be made either by baking or steaming. I have shared all the details in my blog ( To check the text recipe with all the tips and variations or to take a printout of the recipe, please click on this link: Join me @ Instagram : Sindhirasoiofficial: @Facebook : SindhiRasoi For all the vegetarian and Vegan Sindhi recipes kindly check my website: #sindhirecipe #sindhirasoi #Nutrela

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Qeeme Jo Lolo (Veg.) for AlifBe Of Sindhi Food ~ 35

The 35th letter in Arabic Sindhi alphabet is ق i.e क़ in Devanagari and Q/K in Roman Sindhi. And the corresponding dish is Qeeme Jo Lolo but a vegetarian version (eggless).First time ever a complete vegetarian version of this recipe is shared on You tube! Do watch the video of the recipe coming up next in few moments! Join me @ Instagram : Sindhirasoiofficial: @Facebook : SindhiRasoi For all the vegetarian and Vegan Sindhi recipes kindly check my website:

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Phepho Mirch for AlifBe of Sindhi Food # 34

The 34th alphabet in Sindhi is ڦ  i.e फ in Devanagari and 'Ph', as in photo, in Roman Sindhi. AlifBe of Sindhi food is a food series of A-Z of Sindhi food. And we cover each alphabet of Arabic Sindhi script and discuss a dish that starts with that letter. So for ڦ (Ph) the dish is Phepho Mirch! For the text recipe of Phepho mirch click here: TO watch the video recipe of Phepho mirch, click here:

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ڦيڦو مِرچ! How to make Phepho Mirch? Recipe video of Sindhi style Shimla mirch!

We are now at the 34th Consonant in AlifBe of Sindhi food series i.e ڦ  in Sindhi, फ in Devanagari and 'Ph' in Roman Sindhi! And the corresponding dish is Phepho Mirch or Stuffed capsicum/bell pepper! Text recipe (that you can print as well) up on the blog along with some useful tips! #SuffedCapsicum #ShimlaMirch #SindhiRecipe

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How to make Faluda Sev at home~ Faluda Sev Recipe!!

Faludo/Faluso or فلُودو in Sindhi is a popular dessert made by layering Kulfi, Rabri, faluda sev, nuts, and rose syrup. Making Faluda sev at home is not a big deal. Just watch this video and follow the recipe to make delicious faluda sev at home, within minutes. For the text recipe (and Printable recipe too) just click on the blog link: Recipe to make Halwai style Danedar Rabri is shared here: Recipe to make Kesar (Zaeffrani) Kulfi is shared here: Recipe to make Rose Sherbet from Rose petals is shared here:

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Faludo for AlifBe Of Sindhi Food #33

Today's alphabet i.e ف in Arabic Sindhi, फ़ in Devanagari and 'F' in Roman. And a corresponding dish is Faludo also known as Faluso or Faaloda. Do check the recipe video of making Faluda Sev at home : Do like, comment, subscribe to the channel if you wish to see more recipe videos! Click on this link for text recipe and for the printable version of Recipe:

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Magaz Ladoo for AlifBe of Sindhi food~32

The AlifBe #32  is  غ i.e G̣ (some write it as Ġ) in Roman and some also use 'Ghh' to represent this alphabet since it may be challenging to give  a diacritic mark (dot)  above or below an alphabet while using regular Keyboard. In Devanagari it is ग़ as in ग़ालीचा (Carpet). The corresponding dish is Magaz Ja ladoo as the 'G' used in the word Magaz is G̣ or غ in Sindhi script. The recipe of Ladoo is on the blog.Please click on the link shared below:

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Sindhi Festival ' J^eth Ji Sesa'!

This festive food is actually an offering to the Mother Nature, seeking blessings for the safety of near and dear ones! To know more about this festival, the rituals and the food, please do check the link: The Song is a kind of Bhajan that is sang while offering a Bhog to the almighty! Source: Singer: Harshaa Talreja Album: Unan Sa Dil Lagi

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Arq for AlifBe of Sindhi Food ~31

The 31st consonant in Alif Be is ع in Arabic Sindhi, अ in Devanagari while in Roman Sindhi it is 'A' as in Aks (Image or Reflection). In Arabic Sindhi script there are 3 variants of 'A' and this one i.e ع is used in words that are of non Sindhi origin (eg. Ainak). Hence there is no Sindhi dish that I could think of with this A! So it is Arq, a Unani herbal distillate, also popular in Ayurveda, commonly consumed for its carminative properties!

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Ta'am for AlifBe of Sindhi food #30

In Arabic Sindhi there are two consonants that sound similar but are actually different; ت and ط , i.e 'T' as in Taiwan, Tahini, Tabla etc. ت as in Tosha was covered in the AlifBe~ 6 , while the 30th consonant i.e ط is what we are discussing today. Unlike the ت that is used for words of Sindhi origin, ط is used for words of Urdu/Persian/Arabic origin and hence there is no Sindhi dish name that starts with this consonant. But the word Ta'am, meaning a feast, starts with this 'T' hence here I am with, Ta'am! For recipes of the dishes, please check this link:

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