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Zaroori Masalha for AlifBe of Sindhi Food #29

The 29th Consonant in Sindhi AlifBe is ض in Arabic Sindhi, ज़ in Devanagari and 'Z' in Roman Sindhi. 'Z' as in 'Zaroor' or 'Zaroori'! And since there is no Sindhi dish with a name starting with this particular Z, I have covered 'Zaroori Masalha' or essential spices in the post. Do read about the essential Sindhi spices here:

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How many of these can you identify/name?

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Misri for AlifBe of Sindhi Food#28

The next consonant in AlifBe (Sindhi 'alphabet') is ص in Arabic Sindhi, स in Devanagari and in Roman Sindhi it is 'S', as in 'sandook'. There is no Sindhi dish starting with this ص. But it is used in the term 'Misri' and since Misri (Rock candy) is an important part of many auspicious occasions/rituals in Sindhi culture hence I picked 'Misri' for AlifBe of Sindhi food #28 To know about Sindhi customs, traditions and rituals where Mishri is used, please check my latest blog post

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Sharbat for AlifBe of Sindhi Food #27

The 27th one which is ش in Arabic Sindhi, श in Devanagari and in Roman Sindhi it is 'Sh' as in Shimla! And the corresponding dish is Sharbat! Do you know the History of Sharbat? Want to know the traditional way of making Rose sharbat (syrup) using rose petals? Then do check the blog post:

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13 Sindhi Pickles that you can easily make at home !

Want to learn the most unique, most popular as well as the most loved Sindhi Pickles? Want recipes of Zero Oil Pickles or of the jaw dropping exotic Potli pickle? Then just click on the following link to get 13 tried and tested Pickle recipes from Sindhi Cuisine:

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Zaefrani Kulfi! Recipe :

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Zaefrani Kulfi for AlifBe of Sindhi Food ~26

The 26th Consonant in Sindhi AlifBe is ز i.e Z in Roman Sindhi and ज़ in Devanagari. And the corresponding dish is Zaefrani or Zaeffrani Kulfi! For the recipe of Kulfi for for interesting facts on Saffron and Kulfi, do check this link:

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Rabri for AlifBe of Sindhi Food#25

The 25th letter in the AlifBe of Sindhi food is ڙ in Sindhi, ड़ in Devanagari and is represented by R^ in Roman Sindhi. No word starts with ड़ in Devanagari and so is the case with Arabic Sindhi too and hence ڙ  never comes in the beginning of any Sindhi word. The corresponding Sindhi dish is Rab^r^i or Rabdi/Rabri and many Sindhis also call it as Reb^r^i! For the recipe and tips on making Rabri kindly do click on the following link:

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Raanh for Alifbe of Sindhi food #24

The 24 th consonant in AlifBe i.e the Sindhi Alphabet is ر  in Arabic Sindhi, र in Devanagari, while in Roman Sindhi it is R as in Ratnagiri/Rajasthan etc. And the corresponding Sindhi dish is Raanh, also called Chauran and Chawli! Recipe of the Raanh is on the blog!

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Kagzi Lemon Pickle for AlifBe#23

The 23rd letter in Sindhi Alphabet (AlifBe) is  ذ   i.e  ज़  in Devanagari and in Roman Sindhi it is Z as in  Zebra ! Ideally this Z i.e ذ is used in words that are not of Sindhi Origin. This Z is known as 'Zaal' and is used in words like 'Zaro' (means 'little') or as in Kaagaz (Paper). And since there is no Sindhi Veg dish that starts with this letter, I have picked Kagzi Leemun Ji khatain~ i.e Pickle made from Kagzi lemon for this alphabet since this ذ is used in the word Kagzi!

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